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General english project

  1. 1. Budhbhatti Hency M. 1BBA010
  2. 2.  R.K. Narayan is among the best known and most widely read Indian novelists writing in English. He was born in Madras on 10th Oct, 1906. After completing eight years of education at the Lutheran Mission School, he studied for a short time at the CRC High School. He obtained his bachelors degree from the University of Mysore.
  3. 3.  His writing career began with Swami and Friends in 1935. His other books are: The Bachelor of Arts (1937), The Dark Room (1938), The English Teacher (1945), The Financial Expert (1952), The Guide (1958), The Man-Eater of Malgudi (1961), The Vendor of Sweets (1967), Malgudi Days (1982), The Grandmothers Tale (1993).
  4. 4.  Mr. Narayan won numerous awards and honours for his works: Sahitya academy in 1958. Padma Bhushan in 1964. AC Benson in 1980 by Royal Society of Literature. Padma Vibhusan in 2000. Then he passed away in 13th May, 2001 when he was 94.
  5. 5. • Malgudi is a fictional, semi-urban town insouthern India, conjured by Narayan.• He created the town in September 1930, onVijayadashami.• He first saw a railway station, and slowly thename Malgudi came to him.• Malgudi Days is an Indian television seriesbased on the works of R.K. Narayan.
  6. 6. Introduction of Main Characters:• Leela: Leela is 5 years old cute and sweet girl. Her mother’s name was Kamala and her father’s name was Sivasanker. She was obstinate. She liked to listen stories at her sleeping time. She liked to play with her servant Sidda.
  7. 7. • sidda: Sidda was servant but he was a tidy and honest person. He was given two meals a day and four rupees a month, in return for which he washed clothes, tended a garden and chopped a wood at Leela’s house.
  8. 8. About Leela’s Friend Leela’s friend is a story about a 5 years old girl-Leela and her servant-Sidda. Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker wanted a servant for their house hold work. • Suddenly Sidda was hanging out of their gate at a moment When Mr. Sivasanker was standing in front of the Veranda.
  9. 9. Sidda approached Mr. Sivasanker and Siddalater after many queries was kept as a servant intheir house. He used to do each and everyhouse hold work in a very nice way and alsobecome a very good friend of Leela. One dayLeela and Sidda went to the market where Leelalost her Gold Chain and later on after thisincident they return back to home. Where Leelawas questioned by her Mother that where didshe lost her Chain?
  10. 10. Leela’s answer was that she never knew wherethe Chain has gone but her Mother blames Siddathat he has stolen her Chain. Sidda then one day without tellinganyone goes away from Leela’s house and thenLeela’s parents complains to the Police aboutSidda and then later on Sidda was caught holdby the police and put into jail.
  11. 11. One day Leela’s Mother was putting herhand into the Tamarind pot in the kitchen,shePicked up the chain. Then Leela’s Mother askedLeela that why didn’t she told her mother thatthe chain was inside the pot but Leela’s answerwas that she never knew about this. Leela’s parents were very sorry about allThis incident and they decided that they will tellthe inspector….
  12. 12. MORAL One should never blame others withoutknowing anything……….
  13. 13. THANK YOU