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  • Location is one of the main enablers that deliver services to users based on their context The total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. Location-based services strive to deliver features and functionalities in tune with the user's context, taking into account the user's location, personal preference, gender, age, profession, intention and so on, Thus offering a more-intelligent user experience than basic location services can. Technical analysts believe context-aware services are a key trend for mobile apps, and location is a key enabler of that.
  • Fastest-growing consumer mobile app category.Social network platforms are sucking in increasing amounts of network traffic. They are becoming portals, transit hubs and cloud storage for increasing amounts of messaging and e-mail traffic, videos, photos, games and commerce. As mainstream adoption progresses, global social sites will be driven toward providing services in partnership with third parties using open APIs, and are likely to evolve to a role as infrastructure providers acting as data warehouses and providing user data and access to the more-consumer-facing brands.
  • Visual search is usually related with product search to enable price comparisons or to check product information. To bring mobile search to the next level, the app would allow users to take actions based on the result, such as making a call or reservation, buying a ticket, placing an order, and so on. Techies advises search providers to build the experience around mobile to allow users access to immediate results and to take actions, given the short time span users have. Mobile device vendors should partner with or acquire promising search providers to integrate the technology, preferably at the platform layer, to offer a differentiated user experience.
  • Although near field communication (NFC) payment will be included in high-end phones from 2011, Gartner does not believe that it will become mainstream before 2015. In order to get consumers on board, payment solution providers need to address ease-of-use for users and ease-of-implementation for customers without compromising security. They also need to increase user awareness, extend the service coverage and address ease-of-use to appeal to end users.
  • Context-aware applications provide improved user experiences by using the information about a person's interests, intentions, history, environment, activities, schedule, priorities, connections and preferences to anticipate their needs and proactively serve up the most appropriate content, product or service. Mobile carriers, along with handset manufacturers, should provide expanded location services to include, among others, directory assistance, mapping, advertising and privacy controls.
  • High-end devices have an increased sensor and processing capability that enable sophisticated applications to recognize the user's surroundings, including specific objects of interest. Because OR provides an easy-to-use interface, more apps will come to the market with enhanced capabilities by 2012. Users will rely on the camera, as well as other device sensors as a communication tool when OR capabilities are combined with more-traditional app functions, giving users advanced search capabilities and a plethora of entertainment and productivity functionality.
  • Gartner expects MIM to attract consumers to new types of unified communication (UC) clients, provided by over the top (OTT) service providers such as Skype. These service providers are threatening traditional communications service provider voice revenue. Companies that consider including MIM into new products should consider integrating it with other communications types, such as location and presence, but be cautious about developing other functionality, such as federation of social network activity.
  • Smartphones have begun to drive the mainstream adoption of mobile e-mail through a series of technology enhancements enabling low-cost mobile extensions to existing e-mail service. Gartner expects mobile e-mail users worldwide to increase from 354 million in 2009 to 713 million in 2014, to account for 10.6 percent of the global mobile user base. E-mail addresses are personal and potentially extremely sticky, thus provide carriers, e-mail service providers and OTT players with an opportunity to lock in consumers. Technology and service providers should consider how they can make it easier for consumers to use their affiliated mobile e-mail services as a way of ensuring long-term engagement with customers.Technology and service providers should consider how they can make it easier for consumers to use their affiliated mobile e-mail services as a way of ensuring long-term engagement with customers.
  • Mobile phones with larger screens and media tablets offer the ideal platform for video consumption and with careful marketing and consumer education, Gartner believes that carriers and content providers would be able to drive mobile video usage in the coming years. Mobile carriers should partner with YouTube and other popular video providers, so that users can replicate their Internet behavior on their mobile phones, while mobile device manufacturers should integrate HD and 3D capabilities in their high-end devices and look to bundle content either as pre-loaded or as free downloads through an app store.
  • The Viadeo app connects you to 30 million other professionals wherever you are.Cost: Free
  • 12 Hot Productivity Apps for Your iPhone and iPad
  • Project trends 2013

    1. 1. Department of CSE,NMAMIT, NitteCS PROJECT WORK 2012-13
    2. 2. ACTIVITIES FOR AUGUST 2012 Projects are team efforts, performed in groups of four people. The deadline to form these groups is August 15, 2012. Group Reporting:  A„ Section - M/s. Reeja  B„ Section - Mr. Hemanth Kumar G and  C„ Section - Mr. Vijay Murari . Students not belonging to a group will be assigned one by alphabetical order. From past experience, things seem to work out better when you form your own group, rather than being assigned to one.
    3. 3. ACTIVITIES FOR AUGUST 2012 The group is instructed to approach all the faculties to know their interests, expertize and to get some project ideas from them. This means you have to take the initiative to introduce yourself to someone you dont know. For some reason, working in assigned groups for the projects seems to be a considerable source at angst each semester. Please heed our call, and make a serious effort to put your own teams together. So guide selection has to be done on or before August 20, 2012.
    4. 4. GUIDELINES The names of the group members with USN, Guide name, Project Title, brief explanation of your intended work, has to be submitted on or before August 28, 2012. Assign roles among yourselves, divide the work equally, be supportive to each other. Use the open source tools, journals & books from NMAMIT library, Google as much as you can to get a clear picture of existing work and the work you are going to carry out.
    5. 5. SOFTWARE TRENDS Survey: Android Tablets To Overtake the iPad Rackspace Expands Support for the OpenStack Platform HP Releases Cloud Object Storage to Public Microsoft: Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Coming to Devs Aug. 15 Amazon Releases AWS Cloud Security Practices SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 Available for Download Sun Veterans Create SDK for Native Java on the iPhone Tool Analyzes Open Source Components in Your Java Apps Dev-Centric Build Conference Scheduled for October
    6. 6. SOFTWARE TRENDS Agile Humor: 5 Radio Ads and Announcements Well Never Hear SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Updated, Service Pack Announced Rackspace Launches SaaS Marketplace DevOps Automation Provider Adds Auto Deployment Acunote Releases Analytics Tool New Component Marketplace for Mobile App Dev Opens NetBeans 7.2 Release Candidate Available for Download Java Exploit Added to BlackHole Toolkit Google Announces IaaS Cloud Offering Eclipse Juno Release Train Biggest to Date
    7. 7. APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT (ALM) CollabNet Launches ALM Platform CloudForge New Open Source Mobile Testing Platform for iOS and Android Apps Manager Supports Oracle and IBM JVMs Cloudify Deploys Java on Azure Microsoft Touts Agile in Visual Studio vNext Microsoft Previews Visual Studio vNext at Tech-Ed
    8. 8. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT NEWS & ARTICLES Tool Analyzes Open Source Components in Your Java Apps Sun Veterans Create SDK for Native Java on the iPhone Publish to the Cloud Plugin Available for Java Devs Deploying on Azure Red Hat Unveils Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Oracles Public Cloud Launch Set for June 6 GitHub App for Windows Devs Released Facebook To Open App Store XobotOS Replaces Java With C# Google Launches Authentication Service for Servers and APIs Spring Framework Extensions Now Compatible with Spring 3.1 Google, Microsoft, Apple Agree on Mobile Privacy Accord EclipseSource Launches Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) Mobile Mono for Android 4.0 Released
    9. 9. 5 TRENDS IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR 20121. Mobility: focus on serious business apps, gaining visibility in app stores  Strong demand for more serious business apps  Build apps that dont get lost in the crowd‘2. Cloud computing: make apps ready for public, private, & hybrid Clouds3. Business intelligence: big data and web analytics will take center stage4. Social networking: building more location aware apps5. Software testing: testing for the Cloud automated testing and in agile environment
    10. 10.  This application translates phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs of text or simple words between 35 languages. Cost: Free
    11. 11. The Viadeo app connects you to 30 million other professionals wherever youare.Cost: Free
    12. 12. Upvise provides a complete suite of mobile collaboration applications forsmall and medium-sized businesses.Cost: Free
    13. 13.  Mobile Insight is a real-time field team support, reporting and intelligence application that instantly communicates store visit updates and issues between field and corporate team members, provides scheduling and analysis capabilities, and enables field teams to be more productive.
    14. 14.  An intuitive mobile timesheet application that tracks activities, costs and billable time. Cost: Free
    15. 15.  Provides a convenient way to access your legal transactions on the move.
    16. 16.  Business Auto Tracker helps keep adequate records for professionals who use their cars for business. This application utilizes GPS to track and record your trips. Money spent on vehicle maintenance is easily recorded. You can create on-screen reports and e-mailable Excel spreadsheet records of trips, expenses and reimbursements. Cost: $4.99
    17. 17.  Coresuite Mobile brings your SAP reports, business partners, contacts and addresses to your phone. Cost: Free
    18. 18.  Allows you to create on-phone reports and e-mailable Excel spreadsheet records of your various business expenses. You can also view captures of your receipts on-phone or in e-mail receipt copies. “Off-Phone” back-up and retrieval for all your data is provided to protect you from a lost, stolen or damaged phone.
    19. 19.  90KiN is a business intelligence visualization tool that allows you to access the most relevant information about your company. Cost: Free
    20. 20.  Root Explorer allows root users to access the whole of Androids file system (including the elusive data folder). Features include SQLite database viewer, text editor, create/extract zip files, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via e-mail, bluetooth, etc.), image thumbnails, and APK binary XML viewer.
    21. 21.  ezPDF Reader is a PDF viewer with features that include playing embedded video and audio, text reflow, auto fit zoom, trackball support, active links and password protection.
    22. 22.  ASTRO File Manager helps your phone reach its full potential by giving you the tools to manage your phone. You can manage all files on your SD card, back up applications, send file attachments, view thumbnails and images, and browse and create compressed files like zip and tar.
    23. 23.  PrinterShare Mobile Print allows you to print documents including Google Docs, Gmail, photos, contacts, agendas, SMS/MMS, call log and Web pages directly from your phone to a printer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
    24. 24.  With JuiceDefender - Battery Saver, you can easily manage your mobile data, Wi-Fi and CPU speed. You can also keep power consumption under control (e.g., disabling connectivity when the battery runs low), schedule regular synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for specific apps, auto-toggle Wi-Fi depending on
    25. 25.  Use Thinking Space to create visual thought maps that help organize and plan your activities and ideas. Mind maps are great for summarizing meeting minutes, planning new business ventures, organizing your study notes, planning holidays, and more.
    26. 26.  CalenGoo is a calendar app that can sync with Android calendar and Google Calendar. It is designed to make it easier and faster to work with your calendar on your phone. Five different calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, landscape day) give you a good overview of your upcoming events. To make rescheduling events easy, calendar items can be moved or copied via drag and drop in the day, week, month and landscape day view.
    27. 27.  Advanced Task Killer, also known as ATK, allows you to kill applications that are running.
    28. 28.  CamScanner allows you to turn your phone into a document scanner to easily scan and manage your documents, whiteboard discussions and receipts. The smart image cropping and enhancement algorithm ensures the scanned images are clear and recognizable.
    29. 29.  Touch Calendar makes viewing your calendar as easy as using Google Maps. No more flipping between different calendar views. Touch Calendar does it all from one zoomable and scrollable view. The app also features calendar search and custom
    30. 30.  LogMeIn Ignition allows you to access your computer from your Android phone. If it‟s on your computer, it‟s in the palm of your hand. Directly control your Mac or PC, all your programs and all your files with a simple click.
    31. 31. Checkmark ToDo List Pro is a leading task and to-do list manager in theAndroid market and a complete solution for your to-do list management, fromsimple task to complex hierarchical checklist. Checkmark is ideal for packinglists, shopping lists, project management, inventory management and much
    32. 32. DroidAnalytics was built to give you a fast and intuitive way to visualizeyour Google Analytics data. Not only will you be able to see daily,weekly and yearly stats for your pages views, visitors, visits, bouncerate, time, and page per visits, the app also includes graphs to make
    33. 33. Seal allows you to easily protect any application with apassword or a pattern, preventing unauthorized users fromopening them.
    34. 34. The Pure Messenger Widget will aggregate yourGmail, e-mail, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
    35. 35. Pages, the powerful word processor for Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad.Pages has everything you need to create and share documents, including Apple-designed templates, easy-to-use formatting options, and advanced layout tools. Startwith the perfect template, create your document from scratch using your choice ofcolors, fonts, and textures, or import a Pages ‟09, Microsoft Word or text file.
    36. 36. GoodReader is a robust PDF reader for iPad that allows you to read virtually anything,anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. GoodReader has earned accolades for theway it handles huge PDF and TXT files, navigating manuals, large books, magazines,and renderings of 100 mb and more with great speed. Users can also now add stickynotes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file.
    37. 37. Keynote, the powerful presentation application for Mac, has been completelyredesigned for iPad. Keynote has everything you need to create amazingpresentations, including Apple-designed themes, custom graphic styles,animations and effects. Start quickly with a theme and add the slides you needwith just a few taps, selecting any of eight slide masters. You can also open aKeynote ‟09 or Microsoft PowerPoint file.
    38. 38. Things is an intuitive task manager that allows you to manage to-dos,notes, due dates, and projects. A smart today list and the schedulingfeature allow you to work as effectively as possible - every day. You canalso sync wirelessly with the desktop version of Things (sold separately)
    39. 39. Attend WebEx meetings on your iPad, wherever you are. Enjoythe full meeting experience with simultaneous data and audio.Plus, get great new features like high-quality, streaming videothat takes mobile Web conferencing to a whole new level.
    40. 40. SketchBook Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawingapplication. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart,SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through astreamlined and intuitive user interface designed exclusively for the iPadexperience.
    41. 41. Air Sharing HD allows you to mount your iPad as a wireless drive on a Mac,Windows, or Linux computer and upload files. You can then view documents,download e-mail attachments, perform advanced file operations, and print filesas needed with Printer Sharing (Mac OS X 10.5+ or Linux).
    42. 42. PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad has been optimized specially for theiPad. You can download PDF files from your computer, e-mail or directlyfrom the Web. It now includes full annotation, highlighting and formssupport, and includes features such as bookmarking, search, full screenmode, and night reading mode.
    43. 43. Todo for iPad is a sophisticated todo list app that allows you to make taskmanagement simple. You are able to create multiple task reminder alerts,group related tasks together in a project, create repeating rules for recurringitems, and synch tasks over the air with the Todo Online service, iCal, Outlook,and
    44. 44. With Penultimate, you get the fast, tactile gratification of writing onpaper with the digital power and flexibility of you iPad. Take notes, keepsketches, or share your next breakthrough idea — in the office, on thego, or home on the sofa.
    45. 45. With Voice Memos for iPad, you can now record high quality audio onyour using the built-in microphone, your headset, or an external mic. Featuresinclude multitasking while recording, unlimited recording time, text notes andtag memos. You can trim, e-mail or export memos to your computer via USB.
    46. 46. The Calculator HD features a realistic design and provides fourdifferent types of calculator in one easy to use package. BasicCalculator, Tape Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Note Calculator with ablank sheet of paper for your hand-drawn notes and sketches.
    47. 47. PrintCentral allows you to print to all printers fromyou iPad via WiFi/3G or through you Mac/PC.
    48. 48. Numbers, a powerful spreadsheet application madefor the Mac, has been completely redesigned for
    49. 49. Zendesk is a Web-based help desk software that brings all thefunctionality of the Zendesk agent workflow to the popular iPad screen.With Zendesk for iPad, customer support agents can easily view,update, and manage their mobile help desk on the go.
    50. 50.  With Skype, you are able to make and receive calls and instant message anyone else on Skype from your iPhone or iPad. The latest version allows you to call over 3G and keep Skype running in the background. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
    51. 51.  With LogMeIn Ignition, you‟re able to directly control your Mac or PC, including all your programs and files, from anywhere, anytime. With the simple touch of a button, you‟re able to run business applications such as CRM, ERP, Salesforce and Microsoft Office.
    52. 52.  ITranslate allows you to translate words, phrases and sentences in over 50 languages. Additional capabilities include text-to-speech, sending translations through e- mail and creating a favorites list.
    53. 53.  Need help remembering? With Evernote, you can create text, photo and audio notes on your iPhone or iPad, and sync them with your Mac or PC. All notes include geo-location information for mapping
    54. 54. THANK YOU