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  • 1. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd2012 1 Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd India’s largest licensed content syndication company Athena specializes in generating additional revenue for content publishers from licensed content syndication, without any additional investments and without interfering with their existing businesses. Hemanta Panigrahi Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd 21. About Athena’sAthena is a leading content aggregation and an emerging business information companybased in India. Founded in April 2009, the company now has partnerships with over 300leading and niche publications of the country, and distributes over 4,000 business newsstories to global information databases like Dow Jones Factiva, Thomson Reuters,LexisNexis and Bloomberg on a daily basis.Athena also has an information product for Indian market,, is India’s first-of-its-kind news and information database, which gives users access to unique businesscontent otherwise not available on internet, and helps them find it with minimal efforts withits smart ‘filter-based’ search platform.2. Athena’s content distribution networkMost content consumers access information from newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.Search engines like Google are preferred starting point for casual information users.However, professionals like Consultants, Sales and Marketing Executives, CorporateCommunication Professionals and Research Analysts, who need information to takeimportant business decisions subscribe to the other information products and services. Theseprofessionals subscribe the products & services of information databases, such as Factiva,LexisNexis, etc. These databases build information repository by sourcing content that iseditorially reviewed and published by quality publishers. Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Confidential
  • 3. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd 3 Typical break-up of subscribers of information databases:2.1 By Industry More than 50% of subscribed content consumers are from services industry such as accounting, consulting, banking and finance. Professionals in such industries need to take fast decisions to serve their clients in diverse industries. Therefore, they cannot afford to rely on almost infinite and sometimes unreliable free information on internet made accessible by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.2.2 By Departments / Roles Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Confidential
  • 4. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd 4Almost in all large organizations’ departments such as Sales, Marketing, Business Development,Legal, Finance, Strategy, etc use information databases to perform their job responsibilities.2.3 By Geography Majority of content customers are in USA. With increased global focus on India they have started consuming significant amount of content that is originating from India. 3. Athena’s customers Athena’s customers are information databases. Over a period of time Athena has developed business relationships, distribution network, with all leading as well as specialized information database. Majority of these customers are based in USA. Athena work closely with content licensing managers at these information databases and help them efficiently source credible content from reputed publishers. 4. Why information database prefer to work with Athena? A large information database would typically have content from more than twenty thousand publications. It is almost impossible for these databases to have direct relationships with all publishers. There are significant overheads involved not only in negotiating and signing the agreements with individual publishers but also in managing daily operations of regular content flow. Athena helps in making information database’ business more efficient and scalable by:  Sourcing efficiencies: Athena does due diligence and identifies the credible content publishers for the information database. Athena spends significant resources in personal Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Confidential
  • 5. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd 5 meetings and calls with publishers to addresses their concerns regarding the usage of their content and copyright protection. Legal efficiencies: Athena enters into an agreement with respective publishers after discussing all terms & conditions, including but not limited to, legal, commercial and other clauses in the agreement. Information database sign only one agreement with Athena and they get access to a large repository of content. Operational efficiencies: Athena’s content operations team not only controls the tagging quality but also ensures that the content feeds are received and distributed as per the publications’ schedules.5. Athena’s value propositionAthena helps content publishers to generate additional revenues from their content withoutany additional investments, and without interfering with publishers’ existing businesses.Athena achieves this by: Technology: Using natural language processing, entity extraction and other similar technologies, our platform links the content with entities like people, places, organizations, events, etc. This meaningful relationships information not only improves the search-ability of the content but also makes the knowledge behind the content searchable. Distribution Network: Athena’s sales team has developed business relationship and distribution network with several information database. Over a period of time, Athena has developed a reputation of quality and credible information provider. Therefore, Athena is usually the preferred partner for sourcing new content. Sales & Marketing: Selling content is complicated because the same content could be extremely valuable to one customer and could be of little value to other. Every time a new content publisher signs the distribution agreement with Athena, it identifies the potential customers and starts marketing the content. With deep understanding of content industry, Athena has managed to generate significant revenues by distributing content only to the relevant databases. Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Confidential
  • 6. Athena Information Solutions Pvt Ltd 66. Athena’s Management teamAthena is run and managed by a team of senior professionals from content syndication andsoftware industry.Mohit Bhakuni is co-founder and CEO of Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd., parentcompany of the web portal Mohit holds Mechanical Engineering degreefrom IIT Delhi, and MBA from INSEAD, France. He started his career with DeloitteConsulting, USA. At Deloitte, he worked on several Systems Integrations projects for largescale enterprises.Mohit returned to India to head the Internet Business of The Indian Express Group (IE). AtIE he defined clear business objectives, forged revenue focused business partnerships,developed technology and marketing capabilities. After IE, Mohit joined Hindustan Times(HT) to head its Content Syndication business.Shaleen Agrawal heads Athenas news operations. Shaleen has a rich experience in reportingand writing for prominent Indian and multinational financial news media including the DowJones Newswires, the Business Today magazine, and the Daily News & Analysis – Money,for over seven years.Hemanta Panigrahi is head of business operations, Publisher Relations and strategy atAthena. His mandate includes planning and managing day-to-day operations to ensuresmooth and timely flow of content to Athena users. Hemanta has over nine years experiencein content operations, including a long stint at Hindustan Times, where he was instrumentalin establishing syndication operations.Aashish Kumar heads technology operations at Athena and is responsible for design,development and delivery of all its technical products. Bachelors of Science in Electrical andComputer Engineering from The Ohio State University of the USA, Aashish has a richstartup experience in product development and technology.7. ContactBusiness AlliancesHemanta 9999 400 436 Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Confidential