Gatorade Social Media Case Study


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Gatorade Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. Gatorade, “Mission Control” Case Study 4/15/13
  2. 2. Repositioning the brand NEED TO REDESIGN PAGE Challenging year for Gatorade in 2009 as sales plummeted and brand lost it’s competitive edge Issues with Brand:  Legacy brand losing it’s vibrancy & position on shelf  Communication tactics were not relevant and heavily reliant on broadcast media  Negative publicity on health risks associated with energy brands & use of high corn fructose syrup  Became an older iconic American brand Challenge became to redefine brand’s market positioning  Create a refreshed vibrant brand connecting with today’s youth audiences
  3. 3. Overall Goal…………… In launching a grand social media listening center, “Mission Control” is born from a desire to take the world’s largest sports brand into a participatory brand Refresh, redesign & redefine an iconic American brand Maintain #1 Market Share & Shelf Position
  4. 4. Redefine the target • Focused target, concentrate marketing dollars behind • A18-24 Youth with sports &• Original target focused on reaching athletic drive more mass audiences A18-34 with a • Teens (12+) with a focus on up heavy focus towards the male demo & coming athletes• Heavily reliant on TV to broadly • Changing the target made a cover audiences dramatic shift in their advertising mix (combination of traditional & heavy use of social media)
  5. 5. Social Media Listening Today more than ever, social media monitoring has become just as important as the campaigns that run on social platforms Listening allows for brands to learn, engage, help & collaborate with consumers How it works:  Monitoring is performed on a keyword basis, Gatorade identified relevant phrases & keywords and developed tools to arrange for easier digestion & analysis  Typically it’s a three phased approach, collection, processing & analysis
  6. 6. What is “Mission Control” Designed a “war room” to monitor, optimize & capture real time activity regarding relevant to the brand, competitors, athletes & sports related topics Room contains 7 massive screens tracking data across all social media outlets Leverages online conversations & allows Gatorade to react faster & more proactively
  7. 7. Gatorade’s Wide Scale of Social MediaFootprint 55K 6.1MM Fans Followers 127K Fans12MM+ Views acrossvideo’s 10MM+ Video Views
  8. 8. “Win it From Within” Online & social media chatter revealed key topics of interest amongst young athletes Personal Overall Journey Inspirations & Inner Hard Work & struggles & Wins & Losses Drive Performance challenges• Leveraging insights, launched the “Win From Within Campaign” preaching endurance, hard work and celebrating the athlete willing to sweat a littler more • Spot features • 6 page feature talking Mass Media famous about how the win athletes comes from inside, not seeking just the apparel & gear TV improvement Social Media Online Media • Brand channel featuring videos of high profile players • Ran contest encouraging young athletes talking about their • Gseries page & High to share, post, tweet their personal Impact Digital Media to drive, inspiration & struggles/challenges & journeys drive awareness perseverance
  9. 9. David Banner video –launch ofGatorade has evolved campaign Write out this tactic -
  10. 10. Learnings & Applications