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Bbc i player


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. BBC IPLAYERBy Hemal Govind
  • 2. WHEN DID IT STARTDecember 25th 2007 (Christmas day)
  • 3. WHAT DOES IT OFFERBBC iPlayer is a free service that lets you catch up with programmes from the past seven days that you may have missed or want to watch again. There are two ways to use this service. You can play a programme and watch it online with „Click to play, or you can download the programme, store it on your computer for up to 30 days and watch it offline. Please note that BBC TV programmes are only available to users in the UK at present, though most radio programmes are available outside the UK as well.
  • 4. WHAT PLATFORMS CAN YOU ACCESS IT? Right now, BBC iPlayer is available on the following devices. Just click on adevice for more detailed information on which models are supported by BBC iPlayer. Computers Games Consoles Home Media Hubs Mobile Phones Portable Media Players TV Tablet Devices
  • 5. HOW MANY VIEWERS DOES IT HAVE New figures released today show that the growing popularity of internet- connected TVs, smartphones and tablets helped BBC iPlayer hit record-breaking numbers in 2011, with 1.94 billion TV and radio programme requests across all platforms.
  • 6. HOW HAS IT DEVELOPED SINCE IT STARTED More and more people are choosing to watch their favourite television programmes or listen to the radio on their mobile phone or tablet. There have been record figures for BBC iPlayer on mobile with 1.5 millioninstalls on the Apple iPad and 1.2 million installs on Android devices since we launched the apps in February 2011. “We want to make it a better and easier experience to catch up on your favourite programmes wherever you are and, today, we‟re launching a BBC iPlayer app for the iPhone and iPod touch, and introducing 3G streaming across all mobile networks.”
  • 7. WHAT IMPACT IS IT HAVING ON VIEWING HABITS? More and more people are starting to find bbc iplayer more convenient asthey can watch all there tv shows when they want rather than making time fora certain programme. Therefore more people are using the internet and usingnew media rather than the traditional television . This can be said to be more democratic as the viewers are empowered as they choose when to watch a programme.
  • 8. WHAT IMPACT IS IT HAVING ON TV PRODUCTION?There are now new ways to view programmes due to digital convergence such as phones and mobile tablets. Therefore other televisions have to compete with this and create means of watching tv online such as channel 4OD.