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A few Simple Sample of Lighting Control

A few Simple Sample of Lighting Control

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  • 1. Simple Office Solution A plug and play system. The Helvar TK4 offers a simple flicker free solution for single channel lighting control. Together with Helvar EL-sc and CHFC3 high TK4 frequency ballast’s, the eye strain that can cause headaches and other health problems is removed. Dimming of the fluorescent lamps down to 1% can be achieved using the simple slider. Extended lamp life and reduced maintenance costs are achieved using ballasts with Optimum Cathode Control (OCC). EL-sc 1-10 V Mains 6 1-10V Mains Max. 20pcs • Plug and play EL-sc / EL-CHFC3 • Easy to use • Cost efficient 60 Data is subject to change without notice. More information at:
  • 2. Flexible Open Plan Office Suspended plug-in luminaires fitted with Helvar Minisensor2 and EL-si high frequency ballasts provide control of individual task lighting. Combined with Helvar’s DIGIDIM system, multipoint control of the overall 1xx/2xx office lighting is achieved. Office layout changes can be achieved by moving the plug-in luminaires without any reprogramming or changes in functionality. Alternatively existing luminaires can simply be reprogrammed 312 if the functionality of the area changes. Energy saving is achieved though combinations of presence detection, constant light functionality and individual dimming of each work area. Control of lights can be manual or automated for ease of use and user comfort. 401/402 Minisensor2 EL-si DALI DALI 6 • Flexible • Energy saving • Easy to use • Cost effective Data is subject to change without notice. More information at: 61
  • 3. Energy Efficient Office Solution Suspended luminaires, fitted with T5 tubes and Helvar EL-si high frequency ballasts, give individual control of each up and down light. The desired light 1xx/2xx level combinations are easy to store and recall at the press of a button. In addition to the energy saving benefits of electronic ballasts, DIGIDIM offers further savings through: • Presence detection that prevents unne-cessary 312 lighting of unused offices • Constant light that reduces office lighting levels when sufficient natural light exists. 303 EL-si DALI 6 • Energy saving • Flexible • Easy to use 62 Data is subject to change without notice. More information at:
  • 4. Cost Effective Meeting Room Luminaires fitted with Helvar EL-sc high frequency ballasts with Switch-Control provide simple operation of the fluorescent lighting when combined with one or more momentary rocker switches. A quick press of the button toggles the lights on Switch-Control or off, and a long press fades the lights up or down. The solution allows multiple control points by simply connecting switches in parallel. EL-sc Switch-Control 6 • Low cost • Simple to use • Multipoint control Data is subject to change without notice. More information at: 6
  • 5. Easy to use Meeting room A simple Helvar DIGIDIM lighting control system and luminaires fitted with EL-si DALI ballasts provide the perfect solution for this kind of application. DIGIDIM enables lighting levels or scenes to be recalled at the touch of 1xx/2xx the button via wall mounted panels or IR-remote controller. There is no need for a separate IR-receiver as DIGIDIM panels have this inbuilt as a standard. The IR-remote also allows simple reprogramming without the 303 need to consult a specialist. One 5 core mains cable can be used for DALI and mains wiring, thus reducing installation costs. Further system cost reductions can be achieved by utilising the inbuilt DALI power supply of the ballasts. EL-si DALI DALI • Easy to use • Cost effective 6 • Simple to program • Remote capability • Simple to install • Multipoint control 64 Data is subject to change without notice. More information at:
  • 6. Executive office TouchPanel A Helvar DIGIDIM system provides the perfect solution for this kind of application. DIGIDIM provides a system that allows any type of load from incandescent to fluorescent lighting (fitted with EL-si ballasts) to be cont- 303 rolled. Other devices like curtains and projection screens can also easily be integrated. The entire system can be controlled from the prestige DIGIDIM LCD touch screen. This provides the simplicity and flexibility to control de- vices independently or together at the touch of a single button. The display 401 is fully customisable with the possibilities to name each button and allow multiple different control screens. The screen image can be customised to reflect the specific company image. 452 490 DALI EL-si DALI • Hi-Tech 6 • Simple to operate • Fully customisable • Remote capability • Integrated functions Data is subject to change without notice. More information at: 65
  • 7. Smart Store room Solution Luminaires fitted with Helvar’s EL-si digital ballasts and Minisensor provide the simple solution that can be delivered pre-programmed. The PIR in the Minisensor will automaticly switch the lights on to any desired 303 level when someone enters the room. This light level can be set to achieve maximum energy saving, lamp life and a reduction in lamp maintenance requirements. If the room is unoccupied the lights will switch to a lower level then off after a delay. This delay can be chosen to suit the frequency Minisensor2 of use of the room. This maximises energy saving and increases lamp life by avoiding unnesessary on/off switching of the lighting during the day. EL-si DIGIDIM DIGIDIM 6 • Automated • Low cost • Energy saving • Easy to install 66 Data is subject to change without notice. More information at: