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We believe a customer is a terrible thing to waste. At Helpstream we help companies build web-based customer service communities that enable them to solve customer problems fast and engage customers in ways that have traditionally been cost prohibitive.

Today we are helping hundreds of companies unlock tremendous ROI from their customers by:

* Turning customers into problem solvers
* Sourcing new innovations and ideas from customers
* Generating word-of-mouth referrals from customers

Deployed in the cloud and designed from the ground up for customer service, Helpstream can be up and running fast and quickly transform the way you engage customers.

So if you want to stop wasting your customers, let us help at

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Helpstream Solution Overview

  1. 1. H E L P S T R E A M S O L U T I O N O V E R V I E W Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service, Generate Remarkable Savings Helpstream is the world’s first fully integrated community-driven customer service system. Helpstream enables Web based businesses to more effectively support their customers and build outstanding relationships while dramatically lowering service costs—generating positive ROI in as little as 4 months. Helpstream connects customers in an online community and provides them single point access to an integrated knowledge base and case management solution. As a result, customers become more self sufficient in solving their own service issues, creating a rewarding service experience and in many cases reducing agent case load by over 50%. Helpstream enables customers to help each other, and it provides service and market- ing professionals powerful tools to capture “voice of the customer” insights. This “Helpstream allows us to more provides an excellent on-ramp to launching an enterprise community strategy because effectively engage and interact with when customers are engaged and satisfied, marketing and selling become much easier. our customers – improving the customer service experience while Transform the Customer Service Experience keeping our support costs down. The solution provides us an ideal Helpstream fundamentally changes the customer self service experience through our: platform for launching our customer x Community-driven approach success community giving us actionable x Single point access to community, knowledge base and customer service insights into customer behavior and x Deep end-to-end business process integration. enabling us to better identify and By placing community at the front end of customer service, Helpstream gives address user needs.” customers the power to tap insight from a broad spectrum of experts including Phil Fernandez service representatives, partners, and other customers. CEO, Marketo This single point of access to all information about your products and services, along with the ability to conduct many-to-many conversations drastically improves self service resolve rates. Still, at any point, customers who need agent assistance can easily get it via a single click. With each interaction, Helpstream tracks details about customers and how they are using your products, giving you finger tip access to service efficacy across multiple channels. And since information can flow freely across interaction channels, your knowledge base grows organically over time, based on the demonstrated needs of your customers. Helpstream’s Waterfall ROI Report Illustrates Service Channel Efficacy ® community-driven customer service
  2. 2. Provide Outstanding Customer Support While Lowering Service Costs H E L P S T R E A M Helpstream uses state of the art cloud-based collaboration technologies and tight integration between community, knowledge base, and case management to transform and Web enable customer service processes around one easy to use and deploy solution. Integrated Self Service Portal A self service portal provides customers access to one trusted source of information about your company and products. Through the portal authorized users S O L U T I O N can browse or search for information, interact in the community, or submit, update, and check the status of a case. The portal provides end users permission- based access to the same information available to service representatives. Federated Search O V E RV I E W Searching for information is fast and efficient in Helpstream. Users simply key in a question or search term and press “Go.” Helpstream simultaneously finds matching content across all areas including: Powerful Federated Search enables users to easily locate all content relevant to their query x Q&A threads, discussions, and ideas in the Community x FAQs, checklists, and rich content articles in the Knowledge Base x Open and closed case histories from the Service Desk x Matching content from external knowledge repositories and other Web based content sources (e.g., Google) Community Through the community customers can ask / answer questions, designate best answers, open discussions, post comments, and maintain their public profile. An innovative feature called Idea Brainstorming enables users to submit improvement suggestions that can be voted and commented on by other users. Voting extends to all types of information, allowing users to sort and view the most popular content. Electronic subscriptions enable users to receive automatic notifications Idea Brainstorming captures improvement suggestions, comments and of new posts in areas of their interest. In all cases, service “thumb up” votes from the community representatives retain full editorial control and can determine what is published for public and private viewing. Service Desk Helpstream’s case management provides rich functionality to route, queue and manage cases for resolution in accordance with customer service level agreements. Using customizable workflow, user-definable fields and rules-based escalation, case assign- ment can be streamlined or controlled manually via drag and drop. Agent assignable checklists can be used to communicate complex step-by-step procedures and enable customers to effortlessly transition between self service and agent-assisted mode if they get stuck on a specific instruction. Email integration allows end users to create, update, close and rate cases via email. Knowledge Base The knowledge base provides document content management capabilities and stores any type of file, each with publishing rights, version controls and usage tracking. It includes authoring tools and permission controls so that particularly useful community posts or case histories can be easily converted into wiki articles where they can be specifically formatted, tagged for search and then kept up-to-date by subsequent users. Helpstream, Inc | 2001 Landings Drive | Mountain View, CA 94043 | Phone: 650.605.6800 | | ©2009 Helpstream, Inc. Helpstream is a U.S. Registered Service Mark of Helpstream, Inc.