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We believe a customer is a terrible thing to waste. At Helpstream we help companies build web-based customer service communities that enable them to solve customer problems fast and engage customers in ways that have traditionally been cost prohibitive.

Today we are helping hundreds of companies unlock tremendous ROI from their customers by:

* Turning customers into problem solvers
* Sourcing new innovations and ideas from customers
* Generating word-of-mouth referrals from customers

Deployed in the cloud and designed from the ground up for customer service, Helpstream can be up and running fast and quickly transform the way you engage customers.

So if you want to stop wasting your customers, let us help at

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Helpstream Case Study

  1. 1. ® community-driven customer service Infusionsoft retools for growth For Infusionsoft, providing small businesses with innovative strategies for growth isn’t just about developing great marketing automation software – it’s about an unrelenting commitment to provide truly exceptional customer service. As their recent top 10 ranking in revenue growth on Software Magazine’s Software 500 list illustrates, their commitment to creating great customer success stories is beginning to pay off. For Infusionsoft, headquartered outside of Phoenix, Arizona, improving their customers’ sales conversion rates and helping them drive repeat business has always been a key focus. Their products have come to represent ease of use and affordability, particularly for companies with between 1 and 25 employees. But, even more importantly, maintaining the Infusionsoft brand and enabling Benefits from Helpstream entrepreneurs to create personalized marketing and sales communications has become integral to the success of many of their customers’ growth strategies. x 50% reduction in case volume It’s no wonder that 20% of Infusionsoft customers doubled their sales in the x 54% self service incident resolution last year alone. x 30% self service resolution via community-based service Key Challenge x Accelerated incident resolution and significantly improved Manage Growth While Providing Exceptional Customer Service customer satisfaction In 2008, Infusionsoft’s rapid growth posed significant challenges. They had x Better insight into customer always provided customers unlimited, friendly telephone support. The problem utilization of Infusionsoft products now became a pressing need to be more efficient in delivering services to a and improved cross sell / up sell larger and more diverse customer base. x Improved knowledge base For example, agents had access to a popular knowledge management tool, but currency and completeness agent-assisted support processes could not scale fast enough to accommodate x Faster dissemination of expert increased demands. A standalone customer forum also provided tantalizing knowledge and time to CSR promise. It enabled customers to interact and get answers to questions, but as proficiency the number of users increased discussion threads became long and branched x Decreased systems management to multiple topics. Users needed to read through multiple pages to get to the costs related to decommissioned best answer to their question, and they began to rely on calling agents to get systems quick answers. The customer case tracking system itself was homegrown and not integrated with either the forum or the knowledge base. The result – proliferation of manual activities across multiple support processes required to log cases, research and communicate solutions, and maintain the knowledge base. Before long, it became obvious that to support their business growth, customer support would need to be completely reengineered. So would supporting processes across multiple departments including sales, marketing, finance, product management, and product development. H E L P S T R E A M C A S E S T U D Y
  2. 2. The Solution “Helpstream allows us to keep our support organization lean, H E L P S T R E A M Community-Driven Customer Service while at the same time enabling us to provide outstanding service and support to our customers.The features and ease of use The customer service team needed a way to increase agent empowers our customers to discover answers to questions on productivity. They wanted to give customers easy access to their own through the rich content provided, which frees my knowledge base articles, get customers helping other cus- team up for critical support issues. Using Helpstream has cut our tomers and contribute their own solutions to the knowledge tickets in half and increased customer satisfaction tremendously.” base, and free up agents from routine requests enabling them Joanne Ravielli to focus on tough problems and relationship building. They Vice President Customer Service and Support of Infusionsoft also felt that building a vibrant Web-based community offered significant promise to provide greater insight into the C A S E customer experience and how they were using Infusionsoft’s They enabled customers to search for information, ask and products. This would enable service agents to fine tune their answer questions, comment or vote on content submitted by efforts and provide exceptional customer service. other users, and launch a case to customer support if they After evaluating multiple approaches and technologies includ- needed additional help. Portal users could now establish and S T U DY ing wikis, forums, and traditional customer relationship publish their personal profile to highlight their background management systems, Infusionsoft selected Helpstream’s and subject areas of expertise. community-driven customer service solution. Helpstream’s Behind the scenes, Infusionsoft deployed extensive process integrated community, knowledge base, case management workflows, using an assortment of queues, custom fields, and self-service portal provided an exact match to their needs. business rules, escalations and tailored email templates, Best of all, Helpstream’s Software-as-a-Service design provided structuring prioritized support processes to fit their needs. Infusionsoft compelling low total cost of ownership benefits. Simple requests like password reset now get automatically resolved and more complex problems are routed to agents Helpstream with appropriate training and expertise. Easy to Use and Deploy Because continuous service innovation is critical, Infusionsoft After an approximately 8 week deployment, Infusionsoft actively monitors search traffic on the portal – identifying configured Helpstream for guest and registered user access what information customers find most and least useful, and behind the Support tab of their website. Infusionsoft cus- what is missing. Valuable customer comments are easily incor- tomers who clicked the help tab in their software application porated into solution articles and the knowledge base is con- received immediate access to Helpstream’s self-service portal, tinuously enhanced by converting appropriate Q&A threads branded with the Infusionsoft logo and color palette. and case histories into reusable, searchable solution articles. Infusionsoft configured Helpstream’s advanced permission controls to provide customers access to authorized content. Benefits Rapid Return on Investment Customer response to Infusionsoft’s new self service portal has been overwhelmingly positive. Because customers can get quick answers to questions via Helpstream’s integrated community and knowledge base, self service is becoming a customer preferred channel. Agent workload is decreasing and overall job satisfaction across the customer service team is on target with management objectives. Helpstream’s tight integration of knowledge base, customer support, and community processes is also delivering com- pelling strategic benefits. As their business continues to grow, it is providing them critical insights into customer behavior and perceptions of their products. This helps identify oppor- tunities for cross- and up-selling and focuses the entire organi- zation on becoming even more responsive to customer needs. Perhaps best of all, Infusionsoft has been able to raise the bar in customer service and continue to deliver a differentiating level of service at a total cost of ownership far below what The Infusionsoft portal lets customers search across their knowledge competing solutions would have been able to provide. base, ask questions, and submit cases for agent assisted resolution. As a result, when customers retain their relationship with The Infusionsoft knowledge base provides classified content to both agents Infusionsoft and add more products, the profitability of and customers, and it allows contributions from all community members. their customer service team is increasing over time. Helpstream, Inc | 2001 Landings Drive | Mountain View, CA 94043 | Phone: 650.605.6800 | | ©2009 Helpstream, Inc. Helpstream is a U.S. Registered Service Mark of Helpstream, Inc.