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Twitter4 Business Relevance1009


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We create ucommon business advantage by choosing to be transparent productive, and collaborative.

We create ucommon business advantage by choosing to be transparent productive, and collaborative.

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  • 1. Tweeting 4 Business Relevance
    In 140 characters or less!
    Event by:
    Presented by: Split Success Radio Host Dawn Mular
    CEO of Helping Friends, LLC
  • 2. 2.0, yeah its got game
    Over 1/3 of U.S. regularly uses Social Networks for Branding Connection or Conversation
    Target search and access to company, jobs, people and employment information.
    Increase your Visibility. Extend a Farther reach and competitive distinction.
    Power in Numbers!
    LinkedIn for Business Networking , Professional Endorsements, Status. 11 Million regular users. ALL 500 of Fortune 500 are represented on LinkedIn. Consider this your identity– with endorsements!
    Facebook for Groups Networking, Personal Networking, Status. 78 Million regular users
    Twitter for common interests, extended business networking. 17 Million regular users.
    Value proposition: Where there’s Numbers (people and revenue), there’s value!
    Increasing base of Recruiters will leverage Social Splits to inform, educate, enhance revenue, grow the pie, and drive business.
    Mobile Search and Use Market Revenues estimated climbing from 917 millions to 2.8 – by 2014 will further business value for Social Business Networking. - Newswire 10.22.09
    Fortune: Booz Allen Hamilton recruiter reported reading 250 Resumes/day for 4 interview-able candidates. (Quality Resumes.. Quality Recruiter Services, STILL a competitive advantage)
    Steven Rothberg 3 Success Stories About Finding Jobs Through Networking
    People + $ Market Revenue + USE = VALUE!
  • 3. Strength in Community, Character, and Authenticity.
    More building relationships less collecting followers. Misconception: more and more followers is always best.
    More communicating your natural value, style and business needs. Misconception: ONE book of rules for success.
    More authentic, relate-able, and listening to the flow! Misconception: however you are doing it is how EVERYONE should.
    Less “alternative and additional Press Release” source. Misconception: Twitter is about relating and reaching out.
    Less “single topic interest” or “single purpose communications. Misconception: Personal accounts should have limited interest. You CAN be a recruiter and communicate to jobseekers, colleagues AND clients.. Consider the value of transparency done WELL!
  • 4. Just Tweet Already!
    FOUNDATION: Create a well branded profile , a friendly welcome to business!
    Leverage use of LinkBunchto consolidate your social networking presences into one simple URL EXAMPLE
    Invite Friends in Address Book or other Social Networks. Follow companies, authors, bloggers, or people of common interest.
    Opt to connect Twitter to your Facebook Profile Status Update.
    FIELD OF DREAMS: If you build it, they WILL come.
    Share what you’re working on, Ask Questions, Offer input, Retweet great resources.
    Share your blog articles , Who you are hiring, Career resources.
    Who shares my interest in topics.
    Fun and business is authentic, ALL sales is too bot-like.
    FOCUS: Clarity in140 characters or less.
    Who is best in class for my interests @(involve) them in solutions
    Invite them to participate in moving business.
    Retweet, and keep touch with business benefit
    Share/Talk about those you admire
    Build.. Relate.. Have fun
  • 5. Star SEEKERS
    Establish a solid Profile’s Objective: Identify, Represent , Distinguish
    Consider a “Social Networking Toolkit” package – LinkedIn Recommendations, Projects, Resumes, Work Samples and tweetable “elevator” and 140 character content.
    Have others proof read their profile for clarity and objective job requirements.
    Reference business social networking URLs in your profile, and cross reference.
    Presentation and suggestions to get results but avoid detrimental social networking faux pas
    Share what your working on, exciting jobs, great candidates or professional problem solving.
    Share articles, blogging and networking to build recognition as a subject matter expert
    Share interesting answers when you Ask or Answer Questions on Twitter, LinkedIn Answers or networking groups.
    Participate: Professional Ambassador Networking Increases Community Value!
    Retweet or Forward news, URLs and content of interest.
    Recommend helpful communities, groups, pages of interest on FB, Ning, etc.
    Participate in #Follow Friday, recommend & follow people of interest.
    Positive interest – introduce others, share their blog or profile
    Star Quality with Focus
  • 6. tweet Positive!
    HFCN FacebookPage for Social Networking Business.
    Jack Canfield - The Success Principles Group ::**
    Jobs n Career Success (Law of Attraction): Law of Attraction in a nutshell. Thoughts become “things”. Whether positive or negative, dominant thoughts become reality. So, let us be deliberate in creating a business reputation to our best liking.
    LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals Network. for general recruiting best practices and networking. for networking, business, and lots of good ideas
    Open to Creating Positive Business Experiences!
  • 7. Improved Storytelling
    Jobseekers Gold
    Business Relevance through quality partnership.
    Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Recruiting Professionals are COLLABORATING for new market opportunities otherwise LOST! If we can, we should do more!– for our clients and jobseekers!
    Refresh, refine , maintain, and polish your profile and reference ability
    A-Z Helping Friends Career Network Guide
    Resume Articles by Kristen Fife
    Power Verbs
    Smart Resume Do’s and Don’ts From the Boss
    Resume 101- Will a Professional Resume Writer Help Get Me Hired?
    Twitter Job Search Strategy
  • 8. Career Resilience TIps
    HFCN A-Z Career Guide
    Jibber Jobber Career Management
    Organize and manage job search.
    Track personal and professional relationships.
    Track target companies & jobs.
    Hiram College Resume 2.0 Writing Guide
    Guy Kawasaki’s - 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn
    How to Find a Job on Twitter
    Affirmations 4 Downsized
  • 9. Job Seeker Marketing.. You Profile it.. We’ll Help..
    Extra Care 4 Careers
    Your Resume, Social Network, & Goals with our Connected Network. FREE.
    Proactive Applicant Tracking System and Web 2.0 Resume Marketing.
    YOU package as in Linkbunch to include Resume, and Profile as Your resources, your skills, your objectives. Sample:
    RESUME WRITERS can get referrals for helping their clients “web 2.0 a portfolio that includes Resume, Key Words, and Link Bunch reference.
    YOUR candidates get visibility, YOU get referrals what could be better?
    Provide a suggested list of keywords for use in Twitter or blog to further drive your candidates’sreferenceability.
    Candidates receive Recruiting Professionals Networking, RSS and Social Networking support. Free Service to Job Seekers Request Format
  • 10. Reading list
    Human Capital Journal September 2009 Edition
    “Happy About Online Networking” by Liz Ryan
    “I’m on LinkedIn– Now What” by Jason Alba
    “I’m on Facebook- Now What” by Jason Alba
    “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)
    “The Law of Attraction” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)
    “60 Seconds & You’re Hired”by Robin Ryan
    “Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers
    “Surviving a Layoff: A Week by Week Guide.” by Lita Epstein
    “The Corporate Culture Survival Guide” by Edgar H. Schein
    “What to Say When you Talk To Your Self “ by Shad Helmstetter
    “Learned Optimism” by Martin E.P. Seligman
    “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
    “The Elements of Resume Style” by Scott Bennett
  • 11. On 2.0 Social Networking Groups… and Individuals..
    2.0 Groups and People
    Facebook Groups:
    Jobs & Career Success
    Linking the Laid Off
    Hurricane of Gratitude
    The Secret
    Money and the Law of Attraction
    LinkedIn Groups:
    Executive Womens Network
    LI2HFCN Business
    Twitter folks to follow:
    Top 50 Recruiters:
    150+ Experts on Twitter..
    @employeeze @NicheGuide @GuyKawasaki @jobs4friends @karenswim
  • 12. Next Steps : Business Satisfaction
    Challenge Yourself to Define and Act: We teach best what most we need to learn.. Be a student and active leader/ teacher of your business.
    BUSINESS: on Your Company and Profile to align your Vision/Values/Mission.
    JOBS: on Your Perfect Career Vision/Plan.
    Connect with others who are doing the same, as well as mentors who have accomplished what you aspire to do.
    BUSINESS: On Ning Social Splits, Recruiter Earth. On LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals.
    JOBS: On Facebook Jobs N Career Success.
    Create your Career Satisfaction Dream Team- Coaching, Presentation, Marketing, and Support.
    Tweet Ups, Casual Inspiration, Goal Setting Teams, Brainstorming…
  • 13. Contact
    Dawn Mular- Helping Friends Career Network
    Helping Friends, LLC
    3867 West Market Street #102
    Akron OH 44321