Age Demands Action 2012


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This short presentation shows the highlights of 2012's Age Demands Action (ADA) global campaign. ADA sees older people all over the world march on 1 October - the UN's International Day of Older Persons - and meet local and national leaders to demand better policies and conditions for older people.

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Age Demands Action 2012

  1. 1. Age Demands Action1 October campaign
  2. 2. ADA Highlights• 62 countries • Including new: St Vincent and the Grenadines, Nicaragua, Macedonia, Finland, Lithuania• 50 per cent increase in media coverage – 122 million people worldwide had the opportunity to hear about the campaign• ADA petition - 13,222 people offline and 6,000 online (petition numbers tripled since 2011)• 135 policy pledges to decision makers – 42 million potential to benefit from pledges• 41 Affiliates , over 150 partners and OPAs To older persons, I say “do not lose hope – we are almost there”. Florence Schandorf, 78 (Ghana)
  3. 3. ADA Highlights• Bangladesh - 50,000 people took part in the first-ever national campaign in 64 districts across the whole country• Fiji – the President hosted an ADA reception and the launch of the global report Ageing in the Twenty-First Century.• Pakistan - statistics of older people will be included in the Economic Survey of Pakistan.• Moldova - new list of compensated medicines, doubling the list of cheap medicines which older people will have access to.
  4. 4. ADA Highlights• Ghana - a social pension pilot for older people who are not yet on any pension scheme has been announced for 2013.• Belize –government will give its financial and technical support for the replication of the age- friendly health clinic model. Anticipated 120 older people per facility will receive health access each month.• Sri Lanka – pledge from 2011 campaign; 200,000 older people above the age of 70 will receive social assistance
  5. 5. Policy asks and outcomes• 22% access to health• 18% rights of older people to be recognised• 16% demanded social protection• 13 % establishment/enactment of national policies and laws• 8% protection against elder abuse or neglect• 8 % livelihoods• 5 % improved care for older people
  6. 6. Policy asks and outcomesEstimated number to potentially benefit from thesepolicies:• Africa: 17,796,285• East Asia and the Pacific: 1,446,296• South Asia and oPt: 11,498,449• Europe and Central Asia: 10,948,981• Caribbean: 20,080• Latin America and Haiti: 470,000• Total: 42,180,091
  7. 7. ADA Leaders• 20 new ADA leaders
  8. 8. ADA in the media• 463 media outlets; 25 in DRC and 22 in Bangladesh alone• 122 million people worldwide could have heard about the campaign – 25 million people in Sudan, around 46 million people in Ethiopia• South Korea, the launch of the global report Ageing in the Twenty-First Century really helped• Myanmar recent lifting of the ban on media censorship• Latin America drafting of a Convention on Older People’s Rights by the Organisation of American States (OAS)