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With that breadth of knowledge, we see things that matter most. Sparks that ignite opportunity. Ideas that drive practical innovation. Insights that can transform your world. Our mission is always to inspire people for their success.

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  1. 1. “Inspire Action”
  2. 2. Inspiration iseverywherein our daily life.If we imagine a better, more stableworld, it is our collectiveresponsibility to find those whoinspire us and to inspire thosearound us.Simple Idea, big impact…It willlead to spark of innovation.Have ideas and make it happenPurpose : To inspire
  3. 3. ABOUT US Is a consultant companywhich focus on to inspire people andorganization.Everything we do is to inspire peopleto do the things that inspire them sothat one day, we will stand shoulder toshoulder and together, change theworld.
  4. 4. Every person andorganization on theplanet knows whatthey do. Some knowhow they do it... …but very few know WHY they do what they do.
  5. 5. MISSION To Develop & Inspire focuses on developing excellence in individual and team performance through a consistent and comprehensive development program. We believe this will lead them to know their “WHY”
  6. 6. VISIONWith that breadth ofknowledge, we see thingsthat matter most. Sparksthat ignite opportunity. Ideasthat drive practicalinnovation. Insights that cantransform your world.Our vision is to becomeconsultant who spreadinspiration to all Malaysianin knowing their WHY
  7. 7. “Before we can build the world we want to live in, we have to imagine it. Greatness starts with aclear vision of the future.”
  8. 8. “What Makes Any Employee More Indispensible and Reliable?”We committed to bring youquality, up-to-date training anddevelopment programmesto ensure you and yourorganization gets the best!We will create, capture anddeliver value proposition withinthe personnel inside theorganization.
  9. 9. TRAININGPHILOSOPHY “Celebrating, Inspiring & Collaborating Human Talent” We believe everyone needs to develop themselves in becoming high performance individuals. From there, the organizations will achieve their visions, missions and objectives. The value proposition will be clear. We believe, it is very important to measure the organization values within every personnel which everybody need to celebrate, inspire and collaborate everyone talent.
  10. 10. Our Services/ Courses
  11. 11. LIST OF TRAININGMODULES1. Business Innovation 22. Professional Business Writing2. Chemistry of Talent Skills3. Built a World class Team 23. High Performance & Quality at4. Apply Lateral Thinking Work5. Building Charismatic & 24. Introduction to Business &Credibility Leadership Corporate Law6. Train the Trainers 25. Business Presentation and7. Works With Passion Meeting Skills8. Value Creators 26. Strategic Planning Vision &9. Re-Inventing Yourself Goal Setting10. Corporate Branding 27. Business Creativity11. Talent & Human Resource 28. Effective Receptionist &Management Telephonist Skills12. 21st Century Marketing 29. 10 Faces of InnovationSkills & Strategies 30. Japanese 5S Technique –13. Customer Service Creating A ProductiveExcellence Workplace14. Ignite Organizational 31. Social & Emotional IntelligenceThrough Social Media 32. Time Management15. Negotiation Skills and 33. Administrative SkillsTactics 34. Effective Problem Solving &16. Personal and Professional Decision MakingGrooming 35. English Grammar For Business17. Quality at Work Communication18. Becoming Inspiring Leader 36. Mastering the Art of Powerful19. Business Branding Presentation Skill20. Talent Revolution21. Team Innovation ThroughImprovisation
  12. 12. Sometimes weinspired bynature.
  13. 13. Clientele
  14. 14. Passion starts things. It inspires us to start abusiness, take classes or take risks. But withoutsome learning, some structure or some process,that passion can quickly run out of steam or finditself fuelling a futile exercise.
  15. 15. TRAINER& SPEAKERMOHD HELMI MD SUHAIMIHe was born at Kota Tinggi, Johor on 27 June 1983 (27 years old). Heborn at Felda Kledang, Kota Tinggi, Johor. He has been involving intraining industry since 2001. His vision is to develop human talent,innovative and value within each individual’s. He believe that eachindividuals should be a man with value rather than a man with success…To run and jump and laugh and cry and love and hope and imagine...toexperience as much as he can all for one purpose: to inspire.In 2000, he has been awarded ‘Anugerah Pelajar Mithali’ by JohorDepartment of Education as achievement of leadership qualitiesapproach.He earns his degree on Economics (Honours) at International IslamicUniversity Malaysia (IIUM). He is continuing his education on Master ofEconomics at IIUM.His previous media appearances was with TV3 (Motivasi Pagi- 3 slots),TV1 (Fitrah Kasih) and SALAM FM (30 slots Motivational Talk) and alsoTV9 to discuss on kids talent.His first book ‘Saya Remaja Inovatif ’ written together with AhmadNaim Jaafar published and distributed by PTS Publications andDistributors Sdn Bhd on 2010. There are more books to come focusing ontalent, creativity & innovation, branding, entrepreneurship and personaldevelopment.His blog written inclusive for readers tohave awareness on why do we need to create value within success in usingtalent and to be creative and innovative.
  16. 16. Galleries
  17. 17. Media Appearances
  18. 18. “Simple ideas are easier to understand. Ideas that are easier tounderstand are repeated. Ideas that are repeated change the world.” INSPIRASI BAKAT KM 18, KAMPUNG SERKAM TIMUR, 77300 MERLIMAU, MELAKA Call Us at +6019 667 2143 Email:,