UX & Apps - Markedsføring Seminar 3/4


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UX & APPS by Tobias Høgsberg
Apps solve and take on an ever increasing number of functions that before was reserved for websites. The mobilephone is the only media channel we are in contact with practically 24/7 and the potential for using it for effective and creative marketing is enormous. Tobias will answer:

How is an app developed so it is not merely a reflection of an already existing website, but rather using the apps unique strengths and engage the users?
What does UX mean for a successful Mobile Marketing strategy?

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UX & Apps - Markedsføring Seminar 3/4

  1. 1. UX & Apps By Tobias Høgsberg
  2. 2. Tobias HøgsbergSenior Strategic PlannerDevelopment of communication and brand strategiesIncluding mobile marketing and strategy@tobiashoegsberg
  3. 3. How many of you own asmartphone?
  4. 4. 44% of theDanish market
  5. 5. In 2012 there will be twice as manysmartphones and tablets as PCs. 2x 
  6. 6. What would you prefer to forget athome?
  7. 7. …even biggerin the future
  8. 8.  ”A mobile strategy is prioritynumber 1 for all industry playersin 2012. IDC Insight
  9. 9. Mobile apps
  10. 10. 28 apps per Dane
  11. 11. Apps are apowerfulbranding tool
  12. 12. 10 principles/advice… if you want to develop an app with the optimaluser experience
  13. 13. #1Define the purpose of the appbefore you start the ideadevelopment
  14. 14. Specific campaign?Training? A new product?Brand Awareness? Driving sales? Customer engagement?
  15. 15. Does it satisfy a need? Customers Mobil app Market BrandDoes it make us stand Is it in line with out from our our brand? competitors?
  16. 16. #2What type of app should youmake?
  17. 17. 4 types of appsUtility/usefulness Informative Entertaining Games
  18. 18. 4 types of appsUtility/usefulness Informative Entertaining Games
  19. 19. 4 types of apps Utility/ Informativ Entertaining Gamesusefulness Most suitable for engaging  the consumer in your brand 
  20. 20. Usable informative apps
  21. 21. The 10 most downloaded free apps
  22. 22. Case:FDB Aftensmad (dinner) “…right at hand in the supermarket when we need inspiration for what to serve at dinner”
  23. 23. #3Is an app really the rightsolution?
  24. 24. iPhone app Mobile web browser
  25. 25. iPhone app Mobile web browserLocation/GPS YES  YES Camera YES  NO Accelerometer/Gyroscope YES  Limited  Portrait/Landscape only Audio/Video YES  YES Offline Usage YES  Limited  Possible with HTML 5 Caching Push Notifications YES  NO Set-up Fee $99  $0 Approval Proces YES  NO Billing iTunes  Credit Card 
  26. 26. #4A smartphone is not adesktop computer!
  27. 27. Size does matter!
  28. 28. ACCESSABILITY er wsBro Tablet ile b Mo EXPLORABILLITY
  29. 29. #5Simplicity and relevance
  30. 30. Instant satisfaction¼ of all apps areonly opened once!
  31. 31. One app – One goal
  32. 32. Avoid text heavy page
  33. 33. #6Does your app stand outfrom other apps?
  34. 34.  ”If it’s out there – there’s anapp for it
  35. 35. Everything can be improved Twitters own app Tweet deck
  36. 36. #7Use the standard guidelines
  37. 37. Use known means of navigation Genbrug kendte navigationsformer
  38. 38. #8Don’t forget the systemrequirements
  39. 39. Different operation systems
  40. 40. Network signal?
  41. 41. #9Do not underestimate the user!It is NOT easy to make a userfriendly app
  42. 42. User testDo user testsbefore youlaunch!!
  43. 43. Even the best fail
  44. 44. •  Error (non-critical) upon launch•  Push email not working•  Some emails are not cached for offline reading / responding, while others were downloaded•  No multiple Gmail accounts•  Scrolling behavior is poor•  Trash button next to back button•  Save button next to send•  Does not show unread email count badge on home screen•  No double-click smart zoom (but it’s probably damned if you do and damned if you don’t)2 hours on themarked
  45. 45. #10Tell people about your app
  46. 46. A good app is worth nothing ifnobody knows about it!
  47. 47. Landing pageAd
  48. 48. 10 principles/advice #1 Define your purpose#2 Determine type of app – utility vs. entertainment#3 Build a native app vs. web browser?#4 Size matters – explorability vs. accessibility #5 Simplicity – one app, one objective#6 Does your app stand out from competitors?#7 Use the mobile app standards and guidelines#8 Remember system requirements#9 User test#10 Tell people about your app
  49. 49. What would you prefer to forget athome?
  50. 50. Phone and wallet becomes 1
  51. 51. Thank you!
  52. 52. Questions? www.hellogroup.com Flæsketorvet 68, 1sal Telephone: (+44) 8888 6600 james.kelway@hellogroup.com tobias.hoegsberg@hellogroup.com@jameskelway @tobiashoegsberg jeppe.henckel@hellogroup.com rune.andersen@hellogroup.com@jeppehenckel @therune