Naruto Chat Room#2 rejection
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Naruto Chat Room#2 rejection



poor sakura she gets dumped sasori gets dumber i go forgetful

poor sakura she gets dumped sasori gets dumber i go forgetful



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Naruto Chat Room#2 rejection Naruto Chat Room#2 rejection Presentation Transcript

  • Thanks for watchin #1 hope you enjoy #2 cause I put my blood sweat and tears into these chatrooms so don’t be cruel!! Sasuke: they cant help it these things suck wwwwaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
  • Natsumi has signed in
  • Blooded eyes has signed in
  • Fox ninja has signed in
  • Cherry blossom has signed in
  • Chidori kid has signed in
  • Byaku-girl has signed in
  • 2_Cute_4_u has signed in
  • Sand ninja has signed in
  • Iron sand puppet has signed in
  • Have you guys seen Sai?
  • Nope sorry
  • Man that sucks
  • 2_cute_4_u has signed out
  • Natsumi I wuv your uniform!!!
  • This is my sisters mines at the dry cleaners it was covered in blood
  • You attacked your counselor again didn’t you?
  • yeah
  • You know you ought to stop doin that right?
  • NOPE!! ^_^
  • anyway Its still cute
  • A-are you guy comein too m-my house tonite?
  • Wat do you mean theyre comin over tonite?
  • A-a-a s-sleep o-over
  • Sasuke stop scarin her
  • Um Sasuke
  • Yeah wat is it?
  • Would you like to the dance with me?
  • Im sorry but I must decline
  • I-I see well sorry for wastin your time *starts crying*
  • Sakura wai--
  • Cherry blossom has signed out
  • AW CRAP!!!!
  • Chidori kid has signed off
  • OH NO YOU DON’T!!!!!!
  • GAARA!!! Calm down
  • But he made her cry!!!
  • I have an idea!!!
  • Iron sand puppet has signed off
  • Hes to dumb to have a idea
  • Uh-oh
  • WAT NOW!
  • Sasori just asked Sakura out!!
  • WAT!!!
  • Sand ninja has signed off
  • D-did he really?
  • Nope^_^
  • Your mean
  • HOLY@%$& Naruto when did you get here? I didn’t see you log in
  • H-Hes been here t-the whole t-time
  • Yeah!
  • O-k?
  • Im SOOOOOO bored!!
  • If your so bored how bout you go check on your lil brother?
  • Why would I do that?
  • Cause Gaara is hunting him down as we speak
  • DANMMIT!! Why me!
  • Blooded eyes has signed off
  • Finally its over Gaara: again for now and tell me if you see Sasuke cause Hes DEAD!!! Sasuke: woo! Shiny!! Gaara: SASUKE YOUR DEAD!!! Sasuke: RUUUNNN!!!!