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Meet HelioVolt in our short company overview presentation.

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  1. 1. HelioVolt Confidential and Proprietary Introduction to HelioVolt – Manufacturer of High Efficiency Thin Film Modules
  2. 2. HelioVolt Company Information 1 Company Highlights Disruptive Vacuum and Liquid CIGS Technology Demonstrated 12.3% Production Module with average efficiencies exceeding 11.7% Extensive IP Portfolio And Technical Expertise Unique NREL Relationship Large, Proven Market with Long Term Secular Growth $0.52 COGS / Watt and $0.36 CapEx / Watt at 1 GW Scale
  3. 3. HelioVolt Company Information 2 Next Generation High-performance and Low-cost Solar Technology • Disruptive Vacuum and Liquid CIGS technology platform • $0.52 COGS / Watt and $0.36 CapEx / Watt at 1 GW Scale • Demonstrated 12.3% efficiency on monolithically integrated module with production efficiencies averaging 11.7% • Extensive CIGS intellectual property portfolio – 9+ years and ~$145mm of R&D • Efficiency roadmap to 16%+ in 2014 • Exclusive technology commercialization partnership with NREL • Fully equipped R&D line in Austin • Deep technical team • Plan for production expansion under development
  4. 4. HelioVolt Company Information 3 NREL CRADA established 12% cell efficiency achieved Series A funding HelioVolt founded 12% prototype module and 14% cell efficiency achieved 12.3% production module efficiency achieved Exclusive NREL IP Agreement Series B funding Opened first factory in Austin, Texas Industry veteran Jim Flanary joins as CEO FASST® Process wins Nano50 Award Wall Street Journal Technology Award HelioVolt and NREL win R&D 100 Award Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2006” 2009 20102007200520032001 2006 2008 Printed Electronics Industry Award 1st production run August 2009 Commercial agreements signed for 3 years of production HelioVolt Corporate History 2011
  5. 5. HelioVolt Company Information 4 Company Introduction – Experienced Management Team Jim Flanary, President & CEO Extensive thin-film solar experience - former COO of First Solar and former COO of HelioSphera (micromorph-si module manufacturer based in Greece). Division President and General Manager at ITT Night Vision – leader in military and commercial products. 30+ years in early and late-stage private and public companies. BJ Stanbery, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer 17 years at Boeing – responsible for manufacturing scale-up, product cost-driven project management, space and terrestrial solar product development. Holds 22 patents for thin-film PV technology. Iga Hallberg, VP Business Development Held multiple international marketing and business development roles at 3M. Former Director of Business Development and General Manager for nanoparticle inks and coatings and equipment solutions at NovaCentrix. John Prater, Director of Supply Chain Former Strategic Sourcing Executive at Oerlikon Solar and Applied Materials, supporting manufacturing, spares and thin film solar sourcing teams. Steve Darnell, VP Finance 20 years experience in financial management of technology companies. Factory start-up experience at Compaq and Seagate. Key Investors
  6. 6. HelioVolt Company Information 5 Extensive Intellectual Property Portfolio • 11 patents issued, 9 patent applications filed and 5 new patent applications in progress with 100 international extensions in total: – Deposition methods include both vacuum and liquid coating (NREL) – Precursor material – CIGS synthesis • Proprietary trade secrets and know-how • Exclusive technology commercialization partnership with NREL – Disruptive evolutionary technology roadmap to low-cost 16% products
  7. 7. HelioVolt Company Information 6 Final Assembly & Test Module Formation FASST® CIGS Process Glass Preparation HelioVolt Module Production Process Glass In Module Out
  8. 8. HelioVolt Company Information 7 Our Process vs. Alternatives Our Process – Monolithic Integration Glass In Module Out Glass Preparation FASST® CIGS Process Module Formation Final Assembly & Test Competitors’ CIGS Cell-Based Processes Substrate In Module Out Substrate Preparation CIGS Process Contact & Grid Formation Cell Cut & Sort Cell Stringing Silicon Process Polysilicon Ingot Wafer Solar Cell Solar Module Final Assembly & Test Source: Wall Street research. Monolithic integration: •Better long-term product reliability •Lower COGS
  9. 9. HelioVolt Company Information 8 Competitive Technology Advantage • Disruptive vacuum and liquid CIGS technology platform – Advanced liquid precursor technology enables high efficiency and low cost strategy • FASST® CIGS process advantages – Two-stage process provides maximum flexibility to optimize precursor deposition method and composition of each layer: higher efficiency – Most rapid synthesis of CIGS from precursors of any method: reduces capital costs – Demonstrated state of the art crystalline quality: higher efficiency – Unique, rapid, flexible optimization of CIGS surface quality: higher efficiency • Monolithic module circuit integration – Reduces module assembly costs compared to discrete cell assembly • Advanced module packaging – Unique, high performance encapsulant, edge sealant, and potting compound supports product lifetime beyond standard 25 year warranty: reduces cost of electricity (¢/kWh) Glass In Module Out Glass Preparation FASST® CIGS Process Module Formation Final Assembly & Test
  10. 10. HelioVolt Company Information 9 HelioVolt CIGS Module • HelioVolt CIGS Photovoltaic Module – Commercial, residential, utility applications – BIPV products in development – Module construction: Standard glass component laminate – Specifications to match most popular thin film product in the industry • HelioVolt Differentiation – State of the art monolithic integration design – Proprietary packaging materials for exceptional environmental reliability and lifetime – Variable form factor adaptable to multiple applications
  11. 11. HelioVolt Company Information 10 12.3% HelioVolt Champion Module
  12. 12. HelioVolt Company Information 11 • Development work based on HelioVolt patents and trade secrets will drive module efficiency from 10% to 16% • Advanced Technology Development will drive module efficiency from 16% to 21% 6% 12% 18% 0% 2010 2011 2012 2013 Baseline Process Active Quenching, Advanced Composition Grading Control Ultrafast Heating, Predictive Design Advanced TCO, Enhanced Transmission, Light Trapping Roadmap to 16% Module Efficiency
  13. 13. HelioVolt Company Information 12 Product Portfolio Evolution 2013 2014 Standard modules for commercial rooftops and utility applications Standard Modules offered with System Level Solutions for commercial rooftops (including mounting, power management) *New standard component introduced to reduce balance of systems costs* Standard Modules adapted for BIPV applications (facades, sunshades, roof tiles) including BIPV components with integrated power management 11% 12% 14% 16% 2011 2012 Efficiency
  14. 14. HelioVolt Confidential and Proprietary Thank You! For more information about HelioVolt, Visit us at