Vanderbilts Palaces
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Vanderbilts Palaces

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Millionaires dreams not always last forever.

Millionaires dreams not always last forever.

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  • 1. Vanderbilt's Palaces Helga design
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  • 3. The Vanderbilt Family is a significant Anglo-American family, who were highly prominent during the 1800's because of the family patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt, the third wealthiest person in history, who created rail road and shipping empire. His descendants went on to build great Upper East Side of Manhattan, Fifth Avenue mansions, Newport, Rhode Island summer cottages, and various other exclusive homes. The family members were the leaders of the high society scene and the Gilded Age, until the early 1900's, when the ten great Fifth Avenue mansions were torn down and fellow Vanderbilt homes were sold as museums and the like. The family suffered from a major downfall in prominence by the 1940's, known as the Fall of the House of Vanderbilt.
  • 4. The Breakers Built in 1895 for the Vanderbilts It's about 120,000 square feet
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  • 9. A Família Vanderbilt de origem anglo americana eram altamente proeminentes durante nos anos 1800 seu patriarca Cornelius Vanderbilt, a terceira pessoa mais rica da história, criou um fantástico império marítimo ferroviário e rodoviário. Seus descendentes construíram grandiosas mansões em Upper East Side Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island. Os membros da família foram os líderes da alta sociedade americana conhecida como “ Gilded Age” , até o início dos anos 1900 quando as grandes mansões Fifth Avenue foram vendidas como museus e afins. A família sofreu uma grande queda financeira nos anos 1940, que se tornou conhecido como a Queda da Casa de Vanderbilt
  • 10. Marble House Built in 1890 for William K. Vanderbilts
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  • 12. Music by Henry Mancini