2014 Museum travels to the west coast of the USA

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Annotated images of museums and attractions I found of interest when I visited the west coast of the USA in 2014 to attend the Association of Childrens Museums Conference and present a paper to the …

Annotated images of museums and attractions I found of interest when I visited the west coast of the USA in 2014 to attend the Association of Childrens Museums Conference and present a paper to the American Alliance of Museums AGM and Expo. For more see museumsliteracies.blogspot.com.au

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  • 1. Gratuitous observations made 2014 travels to the west coast of the USA Los Angeles Phoenix Association of Children's Museum Conference Las Vegas Seattle Alliance of American Museums AGM and Expo San Francisco including the surprising highlights: Las Vegas’ Neon Light Boneyard Museum San Francisco’s 826 Valencia The Pirate Store
  • 2. Los Angeles The Getty
  • 3. The cafes, shops and site given the same prominence as the exhibitions
  • 4. • Getty Family Room • Two languages in signage • Little relationship between inside and outside-though adult galleries showed scant regard for this opportunity (the landscaping stunning but the weather is hot to the point of hostile) • Family booth at the entry with children's trails and hire of audio trail for families
  • 5. • Getty Family Room • 5 immersive rooms with photo of artwork at the entry of each eg a child can try out the bed
  • 6. • Getty Family Room • Manipulate the structure
  • 7. • Getty Family Room • Use the light box to trace • Publish drawings (in a very low key way)
  • 8. • Getty Family Room • Unfortunate lighting of exquisite illustrated manuscript • You CAN draw on the walls!
  • 9. • Getty Family Room • Use of questions • Best suited to regular visitors-it’s a bit late here to realise you need to hire the audio
  • 10. • Getty • Child has made her mask • Becomes part of the painting • Adult using ipad camera
  • 11. • Getty Family Room • Staff station
  • 12. An exhibition that explored museums as cultural and historic artefacts. Included photographs of dioramas, wax portraits and re purposing photographic negatives. It was unrelated to my research yet fed my fascination with collections and the notion of truth. It was enchanting.
  • 13. Phoenix Association of Children's Museum Conference
  • 14. • Downtown Phoenix was low rise; misted footpaths and had Little Free Libraries dotted around town
  • 15. Study tour of Phoenix Children's Museum Customised family friendly promotions by monthly program sponsor ATM and two tiered bubbler at the entry
  • 16. Playful even in the corridors Pop up corridor sports based on Special Olympics program for children
  • 17. Still in the corridors- for storing shoes Rearranging bouquets of flowers. The Van Gogh (a reproduction, though in the States who can tell and would it matter here?) as inspiration.
  • 18. The noodle forest simple yet compelling for children and adults
  • 19. Painted daily by children until replaced by new structure to be painted again Collage of mini artworks. Note egg carton frame
  • 20. Straight talking (dual language) directional signage
  • 21. I.D.E.A Museum visit
  • 22. Las Vegas
  • 23. Chihuly in the Bellagio Foyer Kitsch surprisingly difficult to find though gold when it was
  • 24. Floral painting based on artwork by Polly Thayer displayed in the garden to cross promote a travelling exhibition from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the Bellagio’s own Gallery. ‘Drink, play, discover’ Slogan for grown up child’s space in The Luxor
  • 25. A pedal powered bar Made of jellybeans
  • 26. Las Vegas Neon Light ‘Boneyard’ Museum
  • 27. Alliance of American Museums AGM & Expo
  • 28. • Lessons from the International Community: Museums, Teachers and Literacy Education and Interpretation • Wednesday, May 21 10:15- 11:30a.m. Washington State Convention Center 620 Innovative Art Teaching Using Museum Resources explores the “A is for Art” program, a collaborative effort between the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts, which aims to build competencies of elementary art teachers to meaningfully engage students in museum- based art lessons. • Dating Literacy: A New Relationship examines a pilot project between the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in which partners from museums, a state library, community agencies and families address literacy as a new organizing principle in which to encourage public engagement with museum collections and ideas. • Global Perspectives Presenter: Greg Stevens, American Alliance of Museums; Helen Whitty, Powerhouse Museum; Melissa Viswani, Asian Civilisations Museum, National Heritage Board
  • 29. Chihuly Art Gallery and garden
  • 30. Seattle’s Experience Museum Project Museum
  • 31. San Francisco
  • 32. Diego Rivera’s Pan American Unity Mural
  • 33. Coit tower murals
  • 34. Exploratorium Adult Only evening
  • 35. Valencia 827 826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. 826 Valencia was founded in 2002 by author Dave Eggers and educator Nínive Calegari. Its shop front is a Pirate Store that sells pirate stuff and children's writings.
  • 36. De Young Contemporary Art Gallery
  • 37. California Academy of Sciences