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Facebook Insights: Using Facebook fan pages, metrics, & ads to drive traffic
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Facebook Insights: Using Facebook fan pages, metrics, & ads to drive traffic


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This presentation covers: …

This presentation covers:

• How you can leverage Facebook ads, fan pages and metrics to meet your marketing goals
• Invaluable best practices and tools available from Facebook for your business
• Other marketing tips and tricks, whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, reach your target audience, grow fans, or drive traffic and sales on your website

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Facebook Insights: Using Facebook fan pages, metrics, & ads to drive traffic NYC Masterminds #FBRS February 2010 Presented by @helenstravels aka Helen Todd
    • 2. Intro
      • Tonight we’ll cover…
      • How you can leverage Facebook ads, fan pages and metrics to meet your marketing goals 
      • Invaluable best practices and tools available from Facebook for your business 
      • Other marketing tips and tricks, whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, reach your target audience, grow fans, or drive traffic and sales on your website
    • 3. Did you know?
      • More than 400 million active users are on Facebook
      • There are more than 100 million Facebook mobile app users
      • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
      • More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
      • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
      • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook
      • Facebook US Demographics
      • Source:
    • 4. Facebook Usage
      • The average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined .
    • 5. Shoppers are on Facebook
      • 69% of online shoppers regularly use social media sites . It’s no surprises that  Facebook is the most popular social media site that online shoppers use, by a landslide.
    • 6. Facebook Builds Loyalty
      • The study, based on surveys of more than 1,700 respondents over a three-month period, found that compared with typical Dessert Gallery customers, the company's Facebook fans:
        • Made 36 percent more visits to DG's stores each month.
        • Spent 45 percent more of their eating-out dollars at DG.
        • Spent 33 percent more at DG's stores.
        • Had 14 percent higher emotional attachment to the DG brand.
        • Had 41 percent greater psychological loyalty toward DG.
      • According to Dholakia, the results indicate that Facebook fan pages offer an effective and low-cost way of social-media marketing
      Source: Rice University
    • 7. Facebook Tools for Businesses
      • Fan Pages
        • Designated area on Facebook for brand’s to set up a custom presence and take advantage of Facebook’s stream, the heart of engagement on the platform.
      • Facebook Ads
        • Ads on the Facebook platform allow unparalleled targeting: by location, age, interests (based on user profile information), relationship status and more!
    • 8. Fan Pages
      • Public and indexed in Google
      • Status updates are published into fans’ streams….wherever they access Facebook
      • Fan Pages are customizable
      • They’re plugged into Facebook’s inherently viral platform.
    • 9. Fan Page Insights
    • 10. Fan Page Insights
      • By looking at the Facebook Insights we get much richer data than just fan count
      • Insights shows us fan engagement on the page, demographic breakdown, fan growth and much, much more
    • 11. How do you Measure Success
      • Each client has custom needs, so success is based on reaching goals set forth by you and/or the client
      • Having a high fan count may not be in your best interest – having a fan count that are highly qualified and will convert into customers is more important
      • The value of a fan is still yet to be determined. You can look at how active the fan is or how many friends the fan has as some indicators.
    • 12. Metric Options
      • Some tangible metrics you can measure include:
        • Fan Count
        • Coded links (, lead tracking software)
        • Newsletter signups
        • Coupon code redemptions
        • Phone calls (use Facebook-only number)
        • Traffic generated from Facebook as percentage of overall website traffic to your website
    • 13. What Insights Don’t Tell You
      • How many fans that were generated from Facebook’s natural virality vs. ad click-through rates
      • How fans found your page – you can’t put a Google analytics code on fbml pages (apps can)
      • Conversions of fans to customers
      • How many times your content is shared through fans’ social graphs
      • Views per video or photo
      • Where people are accessing your posts (your fan fan page, their home page, mobile devices, third-party providers, etc.)
    • 14. What is the value of a fan?
      • It’s still yet to be determined
    • 15. Beyond Fan Count, What Page Insights Tells Us
      • What are
      • Page insights?
    • 16. What Information is Available?
      • Interactions This Week
      • Post Quality
      • Interactions Over Time
        • Interactions
        • Interactions Per Post
        • Post Quality Score
        • Stream CTR/ETR (coming soon)
        • Discussion Posts
        • Reviews
        • Impressions and Actions per post (Rolling out now)
        • Mentions (New)
      • All Fans Over Time
        • Total Fans / Unsubscribers
        • New / Removed Fans
        • Top Countries
        • Demographics
        • Page Views
        • Media Consumption
        • Unsubscribes / Re-subscribes
    • 17. Interactions
      • Interactions: Total number of comments, Wall posts, and likes.
      • The more interactions a page has the more naturally viral it is in Facebook due to the news feeds.
      • Ask are you producing content that your fans are responsive to?
    • 18. Interactions Per Post
      • Interactions Per Post: Average number of comments, Wall posts, and likes generated by each piece of content you post.
      • Rolling out: Impressions per post and  percentage of those impressions that result in action (likes, comments, or clicks)
    • 19. Post Quality
      • Your Post Quality is determined by the percentage of your fans that engage when you post content to your Page. It is calculated on a rolling seven-day basis. The number of stars depends on how your Post Quality compares to similar Pages (for example, Pages that have a similar number of fans.)
    • 20. Total Fans
      • Total Fans / Unsubscribers: Total number of fans over time, overlaid with the total number of fans who have chosen to hide your posts in their News Feed (unsubscribers).
      • Ask what am I doing right to gain fans or wrong to lose fans?
    • 21. New Fans
      • New / Removed Fans: The number of people who have become a new fan of your Page or stopped being a fan of your Page.
      • Ask what happened in conjunction with spikes in growth and continue with what works to grow your fans!
    • 22. Demographic Breakdown
      • Demographics: Growth of your fan base over time broken down by age and gender demographics.
      • Ask are you reaching your target audience?
    • 23. Top Cities Fans are From
      • For privacy reasons, Facebook will not provide demographic data (such as age and gender) or geographic data (such as country, city, and spoken language) unless there is a significant number of fans in each statistical category.
    • 24. Page Views
      • Page Views: Total number of times a Page was viewed per day.
      • This is not broken down into tab views or how they access your fan page (i.e. mobile device)
    • 25. Facebook Ads
    • 26. Ad Examples Has an incentive to fan the page. Better use of ad spend to gain fans with the inline ‘Become a fan’ feature. Both ads are trying to grow their fan bases but one is doing a better job.
    • 27. Targeting
    • 28. Facebook Ad Example
      • Impressions: 1,878,841
      • Clicks: 1,605
      • CTR: 0.085%
      • Actions: 831
      • Inline/Clicks * : 51.77%
      • Spent: $1,013.13
      • CPC: $.63
      • CPM: $0.54
      • Fan Acquisition
      • Cost*: $1.21
      • *Not shown on ads manager
      Facebook Ads Manager
    • 29. Facebook Ads
      • Facebook ads are a great way to raise awareness of your brand, grow fans and drive traffic
      • Have a lower CPC than other online advertising options and perform better in regard to impressions, clicks, and CTR
      • Can target Facebook users based on their profile information which includes age, gender, interests, relationship status, education level, location and more!
      • With the inline ‘Become a fan’ feature, you can see how many fans were generated from your ad
      • You can also see the estimated reach of your ads
    • 30. Where to Send Clicks?
      • Do I want to send people to my website or ask them to fan my page?
      • A fan is a lifetime acquisition and you’ll have multiple chances to generate conversions.
      • With a website, you’ll have 4 seconds to generate a conversion .
      • If you ask me, a fan is a better option.
    • 31. What This Means For You
      • There are many opportunities on Facebook that you can take advantage of as a marketer!
      • You will be able to tell whether you are reaching your target audience or not
      • You’ll see what content and ads appeal to your fans…and also what doesn’t
      • How your fan page compares against fan pages of similar fan count and industry
      • You’ll be able to stay top-of-mind and engage with your fans on a regular basis….where they are spending a lot of time - on Facebook!
    • 32. Tips
      • Keep fan page content and ad copy relevant
      • Use keywords specific to your audience for ads
      • Being present is the first step to engagement
      • Have a call to action whether to become a fan or asking to respond to a wall post
      • Publish content regularly
      • Publish value-added content
      • Listen to your fans and optimize your approach based on their feedback
    • 33. Questions?
    • 34. Thank You!
      • @HelensTravels
      • [email_address]
      • @fbadz