Baw Baw in the Digital Economy


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The digital economy is one of the central requirements to achieving the Baw Baw 2050 community vision. The community conversation on 8 November 2011 started the conversation around the digital economy.

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  • How can the Baw Baw community enhance regional readiness?
  • Baw Baw in the Digital Economy

    1. 1. Baw Baw in the Digital EconomyCommunity ConversationDr Helen Thompson8 November 2011
    2. 2. Overview• What new services will the National Broadband Network (NBN) deliver?• What are some of the possibilities offered by the digital economy?• How can the Baw Baw community enhance regional readiness?
    3. 3. What new services will the NBNdeliver?
    4. 4. What new services will the NBN deliver?• High speed broadband access to 100 percent of Australian premises• 93% of homes, schools and businesses hi-speed fibre network• All remaining premises will be served by next-generation fixed-wireless and satellite technologies
    5. 5. Coverage of the NBN
    6. 6. The NBN is already well underway
    7. 7. 12-month national rollout plan• During October 2011, 12 month national rollout plan released by NBN Co• The plan lists the communities where work will begin between now and September 2012 for each state and territory• Specifically, the rollout plan shows • The names of 28 new locations, passing 485,000 premises as part of the rollout • A further 63,500 premises are accounted for from the sites where rollout is already underway • On average, services will be available within 12 months from the commencement of fibre roll out in a given location
    8. 8. NBN services now available• Full commercial services commenced from October this year• Retail pricing is comparable to current ADSL services for a technically superior product• Network download speeds range from 12 to 100 mbps - pricing from $34.95 per month. Supports voice and data
    9. 9. Definitive agreements• On June 23 2011, Telstra announced they had made agreements with NBN Co to participate in the NBN rollout• This provides NBN Co with access to existing infrastructure• Allows for Telstra structural separation• ACCC consideration underway• Government needs to consider
    10. 10. Fixed wireless communities• On August 3 2011, Ballarat (Vic), Darwin (NT), Geraldton (WA), Tamworth (NSW) and Toowoomba (Qld) were announced to be the first communities for the rollout of NBN Co’s fixed-wireless service• The fixed-wireless will provide peak download speeds of 12 Mbps• NBN Co has entered into a contract with Ericsson to develop and operate a 4G fixed-wireless network• Fixed-wireless rollout is planned to be complete by 2015, with the first services available from mid-2012
    11. 11. Interim satellite service• On July 1 the interim satellite service was launched by NBN Co• This provides eligible rural and remote Australians with enhanced broadband services• By 2015 NBN Co plans to have a long term satellite service
    12. 12. Victorian NBN rollouts
    13. 13. Digital economy services
    14. 14. What are some of the digital economypossibilities?• New opportunities for businesses to expand, to engage with suppliers and better serve their customers• Digital technologies to streamline internal work processes and improve information gathering• Economic and social activities enabled by via internet, mobile and sensor networks.• Flexible work and study arrangements
    15. 15. Digital economy – strategy development
    16. 16. Agriculture and environment
    17. 17. Knowledge management
    18. 18. Sector development
    19. 19. Where to find out more
    20. 20. For more informationHelen ThompsonDirectorCentre for eCommerce and