Pocket Farming for Health and Wellness


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If one would ask, why I started planting, I’d automatically give you three reasons:

The first and most important reason would be my family. As it is with any mother, I wanted my family to be healthy and be free from all sickness and disease. But, as our business grew, my family and I started to feel the pinch of a very stressful life. We had less time to eat properly; which led to us getting sick very often. It was at that moment that I decided that I had had enough! It was time to change their diets
Despite some of their protests, I made them eat lots of greens, drink fruit and vegetable juices and reduce their carbohydrate intake. After some time their health improved and they became less sickly. At that point, I had made up my mind. I decided that I would plant vegetables in our backyard for the health of my family. My main problem, however, was that I didn’t know how to go about it. This leads us to my second reason.

Back in early 2012, our company, Our Knowledge Consulting (Asia), decided to host an agricultural event. Trying to come up with a good event, I looked for seasoned speakers and hands-on trainers. Luckily I came across Jojo Rom’s Facebook profile where I saw his farm in containers! I invited him to be our main speaker for the agricultural event we were setting up. Our meeting with Jojo soon gave birth to our advocacy, Farm Nation. That meeting also ignited the “gardening” fire in me…which leads us to my last reason.

I discovered that I really love gardening! Through the techniques that I learned from Farm Nation and Jojo Rom, I knew that I could pursue my dream of creating my very own home farm... which we now call Pocket Farms. I’ve soon realized that the amount of space didn’t really matter. So long as you have creativity and patience, your dream of having your very own home farm won’t be far away… literally.

Now, I’d like to share this knowledge to everyone. I’d like to tell everyone that, no matter where we live – in an apartment, condominium, etc.- or how big or small our house is, we can plant healthy vegetables, herbs and fruits for our families’ well being. Filipinos need to realize that Pocket Farming is not costly, messy or impossible. All you really need is a little patience, creativity and love to make your very own Pocket Farm.

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Pocket Farming for Health and Wellness

  1. 1. pocket farming forhealth and wellness by: helen p. san agustin
  2. 2. it’s time to break the bounds what did we learn from this activity?
  3. 3. some common questions about pocket farming
  4. 4. what is a pocket farm?
  5. 5. this is a pocket farm
  6. 6. this is also a pocket farm
  7. 7. and so is this one
  8. 8. how did i get started with pocket farming?
  9. 9. less stress safer food less garbage less expenses healthier lifestyle what are the benefits of pocket farming?
  10. 10. less stress
  11. 11. safer food
  12. 12. less garbage
  13. 13. less expenses
  14. 14. healthier lifestyle
  15. 15. where do we plantthem?
  16. 16. we can use plastic bottles
  17. 17. or just about any type of container
  18. 18. we can use them this way
  19. 19. or this way
  20. 20. or this way
  21. 21. or just about any way
  22. 22. what if we don’t have soil?
  23. 23. we can make our own soil
  24. 24. by a process called composting
  25. 25. we’ll also need these little helpers
  26. 26. how do we carefor them?
  27. 27. well, we water them
  28. 28. give them lots of sun
  29. 29. and fertilize them
  30. 30. what about plant problems?
  31. 31. getting rid of pests
  32. 32. treating plant diseases
  33. 33. other stuff
  34. 34. create big enough holes for drainage evaluate your light give your plant proper nutrients list what you need before buying plants combine plants with similar needs read and save the plant tag sometimes plants die acclimatize your plants the more potting soil the better choose plants that fit the way you live ten tips for beginners
  35. 35. connectwith us on facebook…
  36. 36. www.Facebook.com/PocketFarmsManila www.Facebook.com/FarmNationPH www.Facebook.com/SMEForum
  37. 37. connectwith our-knowledgeon…
  38. 38. www.OurKnowledge.Asia www.Linkedin.com/Company/Our-Knowledge-Consulting-Asia- www.Facebook.com/OurKnowledgeAsia www.twitter.com/OurKnowledgePH