Get flipping paradise build and flip blogs that make nothing for thousands (ws


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Get flipping paradise build and flip blogs that make nothing for thousands (ws

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Get flipping paradise build and flip blogs that make nothing for thousands (ws

  1. 1. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs That MakeNOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY 5/8/13)
  2. 2. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)
  3. 3. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)
  4. 4. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)
  5. 5. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)
  6. 6. GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)Reviews Are Coming In:Quote:Originally Posted by bluecoyotemedia I have 2 things to say about FLIPPA PARADISE!!!1.) BUY IT!! please... I know there is soooo much garbage being regurgitated on the famous warrior forumthese past 2 years that it can actually make one angry. I can spot them a mile away. But this course is truly the Bees Knees so to speak. I would wager that even the most experienced FlippaGuru would learn alot from this course its just that value added.He outlines this as an actual stable successful business model. How do I know??because I have been shadowing him for the past year on Flippa so I know for a FACT he has done what heclaims and what better person to learn from than a guy who is actually doing what he teaches.. the only mistake he makes is he prices it at $7.00... way to cheap.. should be at least $97.00 ( minimum)!!!!2.) If you buy enough WSOs you understand the term "THE HONEYMOON PERIOD" this is that magicaltime when sellers of WSOs are all nice and supportiveuntil they get past the 30 or 60 day refund periodthen it becomes something equivalent to a major Tooth Extraction.Well let me tell you this.. I have done business with this guy for the past 2 years and because of hisprofessionalism, Character and integrity.
  7. 7. I would buy this just because it from him. I may be one of his biggest fans 3.) I believe in this product so much that I am going to make an offer that I have made only oncein my warrior life ( if you dont believe me go thru my past posts) and this is with someonewhom I have known for 20 years. if you buy Flippa Paradise and go thru the whole course and honestly feel that this was NOT agood value for the investment madeI will refund your Money.. how do you like them apples.Pura vida BrothersEddieQuote:Originally Posted by Convergence For starters, I purchased this product and did not receive a review copy. I never asked for one because Ithought the sales page alone was worth $7...LOLAll I can say is WOW, Its been a very long time since Ive seen this much value in a WSO. In fact Ivebeen looking for months for the product to get me back into making money online ever since my "autoblogs" began dying out the last couple of years. It was a good run while it lasted, but alas, it didnt last.Ive been looking for a step by step method of building quality sites, that will stand the test of time, and Imust say, Ive found it in "Flipping Paradise". This information is laid out in a step by step outline, that iffollowed, would be difficult to fail with.*I am not really looking for the flipping aspect of this, but for the blueprint to build quality, authoritativeweb sites that will bring me passive income for years to come. Of course, you always have the option toflip for a quick cash injection if needed.Is this information worth $7, give me a break, I feel a bit embarrassed that I only paid $7. In allhonesty, this may be the best WSO Ive ever purchased and Ive seen a few, trust me.If youre looking to get rich quick and with little work, I really have to say, dont look here. But if yourelooking for a solid road map to continuing passive internet profits, this is the only place you should look.Bravo, great product...Convergence...Quote:Originally Posted by Isaiah Coe For some reason Im a addict to buying flippa guides, I think this is my 7th. Flipping Paradise has to be one of the best guides on selling websites on flippa! The only thing I wish wasincluded was a video overview but besides that its a amazing guide. I can tell you that there is no re-hash, bs in this guide. And he doesnt teach you how to make those crappy $100 dollar sites. He teacheshow to make sites that buyers want to spend big money on. If your new or old in the flipping/selling website business you should definitely pick up Flipping Paradise. Thanks for putting this together! Worth Every Penny 
  8. 8. Quote:Originally Posted by AlexCN First off, I purchased this product and did not receive a review copy.*I am a nut for flipping guides and WSOs and I read most everything I can get my hands on. I flip sitespersonally, and am no stranger to the process, and very rarely anymore do I find a guide that I can saywas worthwhile reading or didnt simply contain a bunch of rehashed tips...*This guide really blew me away.*It introduces a way of flipping sites for big$$ without (necessarily) having large monthly income proof.*Is the method outlined easy? NO. Is the method outlined possible and actionable?*Absolutely. Included in this guide as well is an incredibly well layed out series of steps from point A (nowebsite at all) to point B (your first very profitable flip).*If you want easy go pick up one of the dozens of available WSO on flipping template sites on Flippa.Unfortunately, easy also brings mediocre results. If you follow the setup on this guide for a websitethrough to completion, I have NO DOUBT that the results you achieve will be out of the ordinary.*The OP not only shares killer methods for niche selection and outside the box thinking, butalso specificwebsites that he is (has) been working on - Live site examples! How many others are willingto provide live examples of actual sites they have created? **This guide is so jam packed with great ideas, I have no doubt that this is the WSO that warriors havebeen waiting for that are truly looking for an all inclusive blueprint on how to make a true full time incomeon Flippa, instead of peddling template sites for pennies.*Just as the OP advises you to make sure your flips real value stands tall *over 95% of the trash heap thatis the typical Flippa listing, the value of this WSO far exceeds the modest $7.00 price tag.Quote:Originally Posted by cheralis Im a very experienced site flipper as well, but I bought the guide to see if I could find any "extra" tips onflipping. I must say I was impressed with how the guide was laid out, and it is very detailed. Im confidentthat anyone who follows the guideline can truly reap some success. I also did find some gems (which includes some nice free themes that I didnt know about) along with aproven social marketing strategy. I would recommend this guide, its worth much more than $7, thats forcertain!Quote:Originally Posted by AMKiller Bought this 2 hours ago and all I can say is WOW! I paid just over $10 for my copy and I feel it is the best money spent in a LONG time.Excellent product! This is 70-odd pages of quality instructions. Its usually very easy to determine if anauthor is writing based on theories he "knows" or real-world experience. From the first sentence it is clearthat Snowclone speaks from 7 years experience. In the Welcome section he says:"I’ve put my over 7 years of experiencing building and selling websites into this course and break downevery tidbit of information I’ve learned. I do my best to provide screenshots, resources and detaileddescriptions of every step."
  9. 9. There is no fluff or filler - just page after page of HIGHLY valuable info.Ive been doing a lot of research lately about using Social Media to market websites effectively. Even ifyou are not going to use this product to build and flip websites, just buying it to learn Snowclonestechniques for Social Media marketing is worth the price of this book.Get it - its really brilliant!Quote:Originally Posted by Saavy1 I also purchased Snowcones program for full price and didnt receive a review copy. The course wasextremely well laid out. And the timelines to do everything were organized and reasonable. Although Ithink Im going to need to take up drinking coffee again for Day 3. I have also purchased other courses on flipping websites. Most of them were missing the KEY ingredientsor secret sauce that was so well set out here. Each of the elements in this report is presented here so youunderstand not only when to do something but also why, how, where and even why. I was thrilled when I first received the report because it gave me hope that a business model that I hadwanted to do for myself would be possible. But being possible and being doable are two different things.The report FAR exceeded my expectations. Ive worked in Mergers & Acquisitions on large corporate deals.But with any business environment, you have to know where the deal points are, and what is the market(purchasers) really looking for and what are their price tolerances. This report was THE most practical andhighly useful guide Ive ever come across on online site flipping - bar none. The rest were either holdingback key information and insights, or the other authors really didnt have the ability to tear apart let aloneunderstand their deals and why they happened in the first place. This reports author clearly does. I highly recommend this report to anyone who is serious about being in the flipping game. I also agreewith the other reviewers: the price should or could have been WAY more than what is being charged now.Im very grateful I came across his report. The author has a subscriber and fan for life. Many thanks tohim for writing and sharing this. Not many online either could have (dont have the mindset to tear apartthe steps needed to assess, analyze and make the deals consistently successful) or would have (theywouldnt have wanted to share what made their deals work.Quote:Originally Posted by Buzzin Ive read a fair few flipping guides in my time, mostly about selling copy cat sites that add no value.This guide is on a totally different level.First of all, its about creating value sites, where youre not just choosing the same old niches that the restdo, but creating something unique, and building a presence in the marketplace.Does that mean the site needs to be making a lot of money? Nope, it can be making nothing, but still addenough value for buyers to snatch it from you.Its a very refreshing insight into how to build a long lasting business.Quote:Originally Posted by keithwin I bought this WSO on a recommendation fro Mark Hess. I think I have every flipping product out there,but this is the best. Even if youre not intending flipping websites, the valuable information this containswill help you build better websites and further more how to get traffic to them.This is not aother get rich quick scheme, it is a complete blueprint to building a truly sustainable onlinebusiness. Although you can do everything yourself, you will need to make some investment, but done
  10. 10. properly, you should start seeing good profits in just a few weeks.Great WSO. Highly recommended.Many thanks,KeithQuote:GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs That MakeNOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY 5/8/13)Originally Posted by thebuzz Very detailed information on how to flip sites for profit. If you are serious about either building or goinginto this business model then you will do what it taught in Paradise and not just read it and dream. If you have a site or three to flip right now I just yesterday recieved an email from Flippa stating they arehaving a 34% off listing fee sale for the next week to give customers a perk for the site reaching a hugesales milestone. Do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter as there are always some great tips andinfo about what is working for other flippers.Quote:Originally Posted by vicdd Amazing WSO, worth a lot IMO.Ive just read the whole thing today and tomorrow Im starting to actually apply it.Thanks a lot!Quote:Originally Posted by Reddevil007 I have been impressed with the way this WSO has been put up and the amount of dedication OP has putup, surely one of the best flipping guides i have come across till date.Course is a 7 days filled with greatto help you get started up and running, my personal favourite was the traffic part he explained it so welland it was somewhat different to what we hear when it comes to site flipping.Definitely needs to be sold higher than $7 because the value he provides is way much more than that.Quote:Originally Posted by remodeler Ive purchased a number of flipping products over the years, as well as sold a handful of sites onFlippa, and never seen a 7-day course like this one before. Its very well put together and easy tofollow. Im looking forward to using the plan in putting together a new site and listing it down the road.Well worth the low cost!Quote:Originally Posted by hpgoodboy Hello,I just went through your WSO and it is excellent (thanks for the review copy).This is truly step-by-step and explained in detail.It was refreshing to see such a detailed WSO. Obviously you know what you are doing. This is not some rehashedtheory like many others.
  11. 11. HPPS:Even if you just want to build a web site and gethuge traffic to it this WSO will show you how.Quote:Originally Posted by timpears I have not finished this yet, but this is damn well detailed. It is a riveting report. Boy I hope I can doonly half as good as the OP. If I cant, it is only my fault as he has laid out the details on how to do itfor me to follow. I am glad I spent the money on this, which is more than i can say for many of theWSO Ihave bought.P.S. Dont forget there is a 30 day money back guarantee. You literally havenothing to lose, everything to gain building valuable web assets. P.P.S Im only going to sell this at $7 for a VERY limited time, this course isworth significantly more and a dime sale auction will begin soon, grab it at$7 WHILE YOU CAN.GET Flipping Paradise - Build And Flip Blogs ThatMake NOTHING for THOUSANDS (WSO OF THE DAY5/8/13)