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Industrial wastewater discharge and environment 17 jan 2014
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Industrial wastewater discharge and environment 17 jan 2014


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Analyzing the Environmental impact of industrial wastewater: …

Analyzing the Environmental impact of industrial wastewater:
Impact on sewerage system.
Impact on water bodies.
Impact on factories environment

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  • 1. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ Analyzing the Environmental impact of industrial wastewater Industrial Wastewater Discharge and Environment 1. Impact on sewerage system. 2. Impact on water bodies. 3. Impact on factories environment Prepared and Presented by Dr. Helaley Abdel Hady Helaley Chief of Industrial Wastewater, Sludge and Reuse Sector Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company. ١ ٢ International Summit: 19 – 20 January 2014 1. Impact on sewerage system 1. Impact on sewerage system Direct discharge into Alexandria public sewerage systems Treatment plants Pump stations impacts Scum •Blockage in screens as a result of the accumulation of Metals Heavy scum layers is difficult to remove, reduce screening efficiency . Hazardous organic matter •Difficulty of sludge drying High Temperatrure process. • Detergents •Impeding the processing of primary and secondary treatment operation which affects the re-use Organic and inorganic SS of treated . •Increasing organic load of the effluent ٣ ١ Dr. Sama MZ Pipelines Organic solvents impacts - The escalation of gases Impacts Acids and alkaline discharge - Corrosion Dissolved bubble gases cause suffocation for the workers. - Flow reduction . Oil, Grease & Detergents - Precipitation . Scum Sudden flow changes - Clogging and flooding. - Corrosion of moving parts causing pump failure Grit and suspended solids - Rise in pump temperature. - Corrosion in the pump column. - The difference in the speed of the flow of water Sulphides inside pipes - The escalation of toxic Organic Solvents hazardous gases to workers. - Reduce the life span of the network.
  • 2. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ 2. Impact on Water Bodies 1. Abo Qir bay pollution sources Main industrial pollution sources into Alexandria water bodies Along the coast of Abu-Qir Bay, there exist about 22 different factories representing four major categories of industrial wastes which are: food processing and canning, paper industry, fertilizers industry and textile manufacturing. The wastes of these industries are of either organic or inorganic nature and are pumped to the sea through El-Tabia pumping station; it pumps out an average amount of 1.5–2.0 million m3 of polluted water per day ٥ ٦ West Zone of Abo Qir bay and the main industries disposing their effluents into it. Industrial Companies that discharges directly into Amia drain then to Abo Qir through Tabia pump station: - National paper company. Industrial Companies that discharges directly into Abo Governorate -Abo Qir for Fertilizers co. - Agrokim for Agricultural Chemicals co. -Abo Qir power station. - Chemics for pesticides co. -60 Ton TSS. -Nasr for drying agricultural. ٢ The pollution of Abu-Qir Bay region induced a panic oxidative stress in fish living in this area. Qir Bay at Alexandria - Kaha for preserved foods Co. ٧ Abo Qir bay pollution risk In addition to discharge of four big companies at Kafr ElDawar with rate of 95000 m3/day This indicates that the industrial wastewater treatment in this area is not adequate to avoid the hazardous effects of such pollutants.
  • 3. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ 2. Lake Maryout problems Impacts of Marine Pollution 1. Create unpleasant sea shore conditions. 2. Affecting different touristic activities. 3. Affecting fishery activities. 1 - Water quality deterioration 3 - Reduction of lake production 2 - Reduction of surface area 4 - Lake depth flocculation ٩ Discharge quantities on lake maryout *Total discharge on lake maryout 11,7 Mm3 Industrial drains, 63 thousand m3/day, Domestic drains, Agricultural drains, 900 thousand m3/day, 8 Mm3/day, Fresh water 7 2,7 Mm3/day, 23% of 7.7% of total 68% of total total discharge. 0.54% of total discharge. discharge. discharge. Direct discharge of industries into Maryout lake There are 6 main companies discharges its industrial wastewater through lake Maryout. 1-Misr Amreya Spinning & Weaving (12,000 m3/d). 2-Petrochemical Company (25,000 m3/d). 3-El Amreya Petroleum Refinery Company (10,000 m3/d). 4-Salt and Soda Company (120 m3/day). 5-Sidi Krir Petrochemical Company (1000 m3/day). 6-Misr Petroleum Company (35 m3/day). The Total Direct Discharges = 48,155 m3/day ١١ ٣ ١٢
  • 4. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ The major reason of the poor water quality in the Lake Maryout is the disposal of up to 900,000 m3/d of primary effluent of ETP and WTP discharges into lake Maryout and direct discharges from petroleum and chemicals industeries . Different Industrial, agricultural and sanitary sources on Lake Maryout Misr Petroleum ‫ءا‬ {( ٢) ‫ر ر‬ The dissolved oxygen concentration in the Lake drops to as low as 0.2 mg/L with high concentration of Nitrogen. } Amriya Petroleum Agricultural drains Misr Petroleum Merghem Roads West Noubaria drainً Amriya Textile Canal water Drains Indirect discharge Salt and Soda Co. Direct discharge Petrochemicals Co. ١٣ Sidi Krir for petrochemicals Co. Alex Fiber Co. This effluent has high organic load and low oxygen content. Domestic sewage ١٤ Activities to restore the Lake ecosystem 3- El Max bay pollution problems Increase the dredging activity of the sediments in all basins in order to improve water circulation, self cleaning and fish production • - Reeds harvesting, by the provision of additional machines to the fishery department. This activity could become financially self sustainable by the development of a paper making industry that would buy the reeds. El_ mex bay receives 1012 Mm3/day through - Provision of engineered wetland in strategic locations (Oumoum and Kalaa drains outfalls) in order to reduce the organic pollution and nutrient loads of water entering the Lake station. - Aerating the water at the outlet of the WTP and Kalaa drain in order to increase the BOD and decrease the H2S emissions -Increasing the water level and thus the storage capacity of certain basins. - ١٦ ٤ of the overflow of Maryout lake El-mex pump
  • 5. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ Direct discharge of industrial waste into el-mex bay. el{(١١) ‫ر ر‬ 3. Impact on Factories environment } Borg El-Arab is a new industrial city within Alexandria containing around 1200 factory distributed within four industrial zones. The actual working is 700. Industrial activities includes: food, plastics, paper, weaving, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and various industries….etc. From the preliminary survey it was found that all factory's effluents were not complying with the limits of Law 93 for year 1962 and its presidential decree 44 for year 2000. ‫ا‬ ‫ا ا‬ El Mex pump stations ElMex tanneries complex They was dispose their raw wastewater directly into the sewerage system, which creates chronic street flooding problems all over the industrial zones. As well as affecting the quality of the old treatment plant influent located at the east of the city and accordingly will affect the newly instructed tertiary treatment plant. ١٧ • Microbial pollution and production operation threatening • • . ٢٠ ٥ Visual pollution. Traffic problems • • Unpleasant odor emissions. Flies problem.
  • 6. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ In and Out Infrastructure threatening ٢١ Under these circumstances we would like to stress on the importance of applying On-line Monitoring systems to assure effective control of industrial effluent quality to define on spot the violating industries and effective to enforcing industries to minimize their effluent pollutants . ٢٢ To minimize the amount of industrial discharges it must be encourage investment in the field of environment-friendly production technologies, applying sustainable industrial wastewater treatment options and encouraging using the most favored waste minimization options . Cease Industrial Pollution = ٢٤ ٦ Clean Environment
  • 7. ٢٠/٠٣/١٤٣٥ ٢٥ ٧