CCSS Reading Standards: 5 Critical Moves for Implementation Across the Curriculum


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This 11-side presentation for teacher study groups shows the 5 critical moves for implementing the Common Core State reading standards. It shares how teachers in any content area can approach instructional planning and differentiated instruction more easily. Based on Cheryl Dobbertin’s Common Core, Unit by Unit.

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CCSS Reading Standards: 5 Critical Moves for Implementation Across the Curriculum

  1. 1. by Cheryl Becker Dobbertin COMMON CORE UNIT BY UNIT A slide show for book study groups Across the Curriculum 5 Critical Moves for Implementing the Reading Standards
  2. 2. Why Plan Differently for the Common Core? “You may be wrestling with the idea of working even harder than you already do. Fortunately, the real change will come not through harder work, but through smarter work.” INTRODUCTION What are the “5 critical moves” for implementing the Common Core ELA/Literacy standards that this author is recommending? Question for Reflection ??
  3. 3. CHAPTERONE Articulate Long-Range Plans According to the author, when does planning happen? How does this compare to your current practices? Question for Reflection ??
  4. 4. Envision Contextualized ContentCHAPTERTWO How can you work as a grade level, department, or other team to create engaging contexts for reading? Question for Reflection ??
  5. 5. Develop Student-Shared GoalsCHAPTERTHREE How can targets sharpen your assessment planning? Question for Reflection ??
  6. 6. CHAPTERFOUR Select Strategies that Build Understanding According to this chapter, why is planning a critical aspect of helping students to become better readers? Question for Reflection ??
  7. 7. CHAPTERFIVE Purposefully Differentiate How can tiering tasks ensure that all students have access to complex texts? Question for Reflection ??
  8. 8. HOWITALLFITSTOGETHER From Cheryl Becker Dobbertin’s Common Core, Unit by Unit (Heinemann 2013) 5 actions to change readers’ lives—and meet the standards “Knowing where you’re going is an essential step to getting there.” “Student-shared goals engage, support, and hold students accountable for curriculum, complex texts, and sharing their understanding.” “Differen tiate by design,not by default.” Envision Contextualized Content 2 Commit to Articulating Long-Range Plans 1 Select Strategies that Build Understanding 4 3 Develop Student-Shared Goals Differentiate Purposefully 5
  9. 9. PARTINGTHOUGHTS “Teachers know that the quality of the work that happens with learners is directly impacted by the quality of the work that happens when the learners aren’t present.” How can my colleagues and I help each other with our unit planning as we implement the Common Core? Question for Reflection ??
  10. 10. COMMONCORE|UNITBYUNIT Download the full infographic of Cheryl’s 5 Critical Moves at: Download the complete study guide forCommon Core, Unit by Unit at: