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  • Charles Davies Sherbon must have had access to a very large and complete library to perform his work on the Index Animalium. He obviously appreciated this access a lot when he says in the Epilogue to the Index Animalium that
  • Screenshots der gBHL portals
  • His first passion was geology and palaeontology, In 1888, Sherborn began work in the geology department at the NHM, preparing and cleaning fossils.

BHL-Europe_MINERVA_20111116_hrainer BHL-Europe_MINERVA_20111116_hrainer Presentation Transcript

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe Tools and Services for European Biodiversity Literature Heimo Rainer Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
  • Charles Davies Sherborn “ In any well-appointed Natural History Library there should be found every book and every edition of every book dealing in the remotest way with the subjects concerned.” “ Moreover for accurate work it is necessary for the student to verify every reference he may find; it is not enough to copy from a previous author; he must verify each reference itself from the original.”
  • BHL http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/
  • 2007 SIL, MOBOT, AMNH, Harvard Botany Library, MCZ, MBL/WHOI, Field Museum, NYBG NHM London, RBG Kew
  • accomplishments
    • 48,885 titles / 96,091 vols / 35.9 million pages (2011-11-15)
    • OCR, page level access
    • TaxonFinder
    • Developer tools, e.g. Data Export, API
    • Permissions to digitize content in copyright
    • Link between EOL species pages and BHL
    • CiteBank
    • Darwin Library
    • Global BHL
  • BHL-Global
  • portals
  • http://www.bhl-europe.eu
  • v ision and mission
    • European biodiversity knowledge freely available globally to everyone.
    • BHL-Europe mission statement
    • Mobilising and preserving digital European biodiversity heritage literature and facilitating open access to this literature through a multilingual community portal, the Global References Index to Biodiversity, and Europeana.
    BHL-Europe vision statement (In contrast to BHL, BHL-Europe is not funded to digitise)
  • corner stones
    • BHL-Europe Corner Stones
    • EU cofunded eContentplus ( ECP 518001 ) lead @ Museum f. Naturkunde, Berlin, GE
    • 2009-05-01 / 2012-04-30
    • Consortium of 28 Partners AT, BE, CZ, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GE, IT, HU, NL, PL; ( US – SIL & MOBOT ) 9 Technology Providers, incl. ATOS / AIT 21 Content Providers
  • website
  • wiki
  • github
  • architecture
  • a rchitecture
  • organisation
  • access routes
  • GRIB Bibliographic database (union catalogue of natural history institutions with content management and deduplication functionalities).  G lobal R eferences I ndex to B iodiversity ( http://grib.gbv.de ) Collaboration : European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT), Head office of the Common Library Network GBV (VZG) User: Scientist, taxonomist, librarian
  • GRIB website / webservice 575,261 de-duplicated records
  • OLEF
    • XML-Schema for exchange of literature data
    • www.bhl-europe.eu/bhl-schema/v0.3/OLEF_v0.3.xsd www.bhl-europe.eu/bhl-schema/v0.3/
    • Integrated Standards
      • bibliographic data – MODS Metadata Object Description Standard – http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/
      • policy expressions IPR – ODRL Open Digital Rights Language - http://odrl.net/
      • still image data – MIX Metadata for Images in XML – http://www.loc.gov/standards/mix/
      • scientific names – DwC Taxon Terms - http:// code.google.com/p/darwincore/wiki/Taxon
      • structural data of documents
      • structural data of digitized items
    • RDF-S representation for Linked Open Data (in progress)
  • OLEF Structural Data (simplified)
  • Schema Mapping Tool
    • slim / easy to use / cross platform / standalone application (JAVA) https://github.com/bhle/bhle/tree/master/pre-ingest/schema-mapping-tool http://bhl.nhm-wien.ac.at/smt/launch.html
    • built in schemas ESE 3.2 & 3.3 MARC21 MODS 3.4 OLEF 0.3
    • JDBC connection
    • built in conversions MARC21 – MARCXML MARC21 – MODS MARC21 – OLEF MARCXML – MODS MARCXML – OLEF MODS – OLEF RefNum – OLEF
  • Best Practice Guide
    • Collection analysis
    • IPR guidance
    • Scanning costs
    • MetaData handling, requirements
    • Digitisation workflow
    • Image requirements
    • MetaData harmonisation, Schema Mapping Tool
  • data provision Institution Metadatastandard [according to Preingest test data] To be uploaded [volumes/pages] Content in BHL-E Portal Content in Europeana Ingest Spring 2011 Comment on FTP/ detailed information Comment on content Comment on workflow NHM [Natural History Museum] over BHL-US NMP [Narodni muzeum] MARC21 Update from Richard on 22.04.2011: April 2011: ~3000 pages April 2012: ~5000 pages Herbarz :...(882 pages) asked for upload and estimation of pages/items -03.03.11 - problems with ftp client 04.03.11 metadata files missing in folders &jpeg files in main directory- asked to check upload -14.07.2011 LANDOE [Land Oberösterreich] ? 3400 volumes ~600.000 pages 2568 2568 planned additional content : 800 volumes in spring 2011 ready additional scanning of 150.000 pages during this year - 11.01.2011 provide metadata over oai-pmh using OLEF OK from AIT - 19.05.2011 OK from NHMW - 24.05.2011 green light for LANDOE HNHM [Hungarian Natural History Museum] ? ~ 35 volumes ~ 3000 pages will send detailed information until 17.12.2010
  • name finding
    • Taxon names (incl. common names and synonyms): - Taxon Finder (uBio) - www.ubio.org/index.php?pagename=xml_services - Catalogue of Life - www.catalogueoflife.org - PESI - www.eu-nomen.eu/pesi/
    • Author names - Virtual International Authority Files (VIAF) - www.viaf.org
    • Journal names - Zeitschriftendatenbank (journal database; ZDB) http://www.zeitschriftendatenbank.de/
  • name finding
  • portal
  • portal
  • portal
  • portal
  • portal
  • portal
  • Europeana
  • virtual exhibitions
  • Dr. Henning Scholz - Project Coordinator BHL-Europe Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin [email_address] Chris Sleep - Technical Coordinator BHL-Europe Museum Natural History, London [email_address] Melita Birthälmer - Content Coordinator BHL-Europe Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin [email_address] http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org http:// www.bhl-europe.eu … Questions