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The Holocaust
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The Holocaust


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • “ Germany Lives” directly translated it lives Germany
  • "The workers choose the frontline Solider Hitler" Front as in frontlines… “The workers choose General Hitler!” just think, "Front Solider", someone leading the front lines to battle
  • "the blame is on Kriege
  • Transcript

    • 1. The HolocaustGermany vs. The World
    • 2. Nazi Ideology  Nazi’s persecuted many different types of people  Jews (known as anti- Semitism)  Homosexuals  Blacks  Disabled  Gypsies  Slavic people (Russians)  Jehovah’s Witness’
    • 3. Nuremburg Laws (September 1935) Put in force shortly after the Nazi’s took power in Germany  took citizenship away from all the German Jews  marriage between a Jew and a German was outlawed  decreed that if you had one Jewish grandparent you were Jewish and couldn’t hold office or vote
    • 4. Nuremburg Laws Jews were forbidden from employing German servants under the age of 35 Had to adopt Jewish sounding names passports marked with a red “J” even with the Nuremburg Laws many Jews chose to remain in Germany, feeling that things had to improve
    • 5. Kristallnacht Night of Broken Glass  November 7, 1938  A Jewish refugee shot and killed a German diplomat in Paris seeking revenge for the deportation of Jews from Germany to Poland  as a retaliation for killing Hitler ordered his minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels to stage attacks against the Jews to appear to be a popular reaction to the news of the murder
    • 6. Kristallnacht 90 Jews were killed, 2500 businesses destroyed, and 180 wrecked synagogues  Gestapo arrested 20,000 wealthy Jews  Confiscated insurance payments for those Jews whose businesses were ruined  Nazi minister of the interior said later on that the German Jewry would have to pay for their “abominable crimes”
    • 7.  Kristallnacht Jewish refugees tried to flee after Kristallnacht  some went to the U.S.  Albert Einstein  However there were circumstances that did not allow many Jews to immigrate to the US  Nazi orders prohibited the taking out of more than $4 out of Germany  Many countries refused to accept Jewish immigrants  others fled to Amsterdam, Switzerland, France, Netherlands  attempts to fake passports and other immigration allowances made it increasingly harder for them to get out of Germany
    • 8. Final Solution January 20, 1942 15 Nazi leaders met at the Wannsee Conference to decide the fate of the Jewish population  decided to take them to detention camps or “concentration camps”  healthy people would work as slave labor until they died from exhaustion or poor nourishment  sick individuals would be sent to extermination camps attached to concentration camps in which they would be killed in massive gas chambers
    • 9. Concentration Camps the first Nazi camp was for political prisoners in 1933 Buchenwald was one of the first and largest concentration camp
    • 10. Extermination Camps most were in Poland to kill more Jews efficiently these camps included Treblinka and Auschwitz the camps obliterated hundreds of thousands of Jews, many up to 12,000 a day in the gas chambers Medical experimentation on children
    • 11. Medical Experimentation Experiments to ensure the survival of Axis soldiers  High altitude  Hypothermia  Salt water to drinking water
    • 12. Medical Experimentation Treatment  Bone grafting  Antidotes for mustard methods for gas and phosgene gas injuries and  medical experimentation illnesses sustained sought to advance the in the field racial and ideological tenets of the Nazi  malaria, typhus, worldview (Dr. Mangele) tuberculosis,  Sterilization typhoid fever,  Usage of twins yellow fever, and  Eye pigmentation  Noma- gangrene deterioration infectious hepatitis
    • 13. Shoes from Jews were sent to Germany to be resold and reusedThe spoils of the victims: goldteeth and dental work, collected
    • 14. Reasons for Holocaust German people’s sense of injury after WWI Hitler’s control over the German nation Lack of strong tradition of representative government in Germany German fear of Hitler’s secret police Long history of anti-Jewish prejudice and discrimination
    • 15. Mein Kampf We are going to read exerpts of Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf together. You will need to discuss with a partner. You will reflect on what you read today.
    • 16. Escape from Sobibor We are going to compare this movie to the first one that we watched.