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Hg slideshare 2012


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  • 1. H e i di G ro s s De s i g n graphic design • art direction 201-747-2874
  • 2. Conference Sessions MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 Field of Study: Accounting 12 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. Rebecca Goza, CIA, CISA, CFE, CRISC, CGEIT - After the session, attendees will be able to: University of Central Oklahoma; American Cancer Society 7 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. Brown Bag Discussion Lunch Nonprofit Stakeholder Interests and Transparency 1. Describe the status of the FASB/IASB convergence (LHM1) South Pacific Ballroom EF Sanjay Gupta, Ph.D., CMA, CPA - Valdosta State Building Capability for Today’s agenda and other major projects. Moderator: Deborah J. Warner - VP, Education University Challenges 2. Discuss FASB’s XBRL project. & Career Services, IMA A Comparison of the Ethical Behavior of Graduate vs. Breakfast sponsored by Ledgent 3. Explain what the FASB is doing to improve the The Brown Bag Discussion Lunch is an interactive and Undergraduate Business Students (BSM1) South Pacific Ballroom EF standard-setting process for its private company informal roundtable session that enables attendees to Gregory Jonas, Ph.D., CMA - Case Western Reserve Teri List-Stoll - Treasurer & Sr. VP, The Procter & stakeholders. learn, exchange ideas, and network in a fun, relaxed University Gamble Co. environment. The event is composed of industry Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Trends: Moderator: Pemberton Smith, CMA - Senior Program topics, one assigned to each roundtable of nine par- Who, How, and Why? Manager for Engineering and Operational Services, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ticipants and one facilitator. The facilitator, who is an Cynthia Lloyd, Ph.D., J.D., CPA - Indiana University — General Dynamics Information Technology attendee or guest presenter, is knowledgeable in the CMA Survivor: A Hands-On topic and will encourage discussion and sustain the Purdue University Fort Wayne To compete successfully in the current global environ- ment marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and Workshop for CMA Candidates conversation over a box lunch. 2 CPE A Collaborative Project to Advance Learning in Cost and Managerial Accounting ambiguity, traditional technical skills are not sufficient. (SCM) Tradewinds CD Session Level: Basic Amy Ford, CMA, CPA - Associate Faculty Member, Letitia Meier Pleis, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, CPA - Technical mastery is an important foundation, but it Field of Study: Various Metropolitan State College of Denver must be complemented by a contemporary leadership Western Illinois University After the session, attendees will be able to: Bringing the Real World to Your Students: Using Strate- profile, emotional intelligence, and strong communica- Lisa Beaudoin, CMA - Director of Educational Partnerships, IMA gic Finance Articles to Add Realism to the Classroom tion skills. This overview session will strengthen your 1. Strengthen knowledge of selected industry topics. leadership skills and provide a foundation to establish Moderator: Mary Strautmann, CPA - IMA Regional Arnoldo Rodriguez, Ph.D. - Webster University 2. Share ideas with and gain insight from experts a learning culture in your organization. 2 CPE Vice President, Mid-America Regional Council A Model for Capturing and Managing the Costs and colleagues. of Corporate Social Responsibility Session Level: Overview Do you have what it takes to survive the CMA exam? Attend this interactive session where you will team up Audrey Taylor, Ph.D. - Western Washington University Field of Study: Personal Development with other students to get hands-on experience with 2 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. The Airplane Game: Experimenting with Lean After the session, attendees will be able to: Accounting actual (retired) CMA exam questions. Learn about the 1. Understand the skills required to succeed in global Applied Research Roundtable exam content and process from an IMA expert, then Lourdes Ferreira White, Ph.D. - University of Baltimore organizations. see if you have what it takes to pass by playing an Discussions The Impact of Production Variance Presentation 2. Strengthen your personal leadership profile. interactive game with an accounting professor. 1 CPE (ARM1) Mariners AB Method on Employees’ Working Behavior Session Level: Basic Speakers/Topics: Attend the Roundtable Session to learn about new 3. Develop a skill and learning curriculum for your firm. Field of Study: Accounting Melanie Anderson, Ph.D., CIA, CISA - Slippery Rock research ideas and resources in the field of manage- University ment accounting. Attendees will have the opportunity 9 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. After the session, attendees will be able to: Research, Write, Revise, and Report: Integrating Writ- to hear presentations on several topics and will be able Current FASB Priorities Speaker Roster 1. Understand what is tested on the CMA exam. 2. Identify sections on the CMA exam for which you ing Assignments into the Accounting Curriculum Gregory Brothers, CMA, CPA - South Texas to share their professional experiences regarding the topics being discussed. 1.5 CPE (GSM1) Islander Ballroom BCGH already have a good understanding. College of Law Session Level: Overview Leslie F. Seidman - Chairman, Financial Accounting 3. Understand how to proceed with your preparation Not-for-Profits: What Are They and What Are the Field of Study: Accounting Standards Board (FASB) plans to become a CMA. Career Opportunities Moderator: John Macaulay, CMA - Chair-Elect, IMA After the session, attendee will be able to: Richard Caldarola, Ph.D., CMA, CFM - Troy University Lisa French - Head of External Relations, The Americas, International BPT1 International convergence of accounting standards, IMA’s 93rd Annual Conference & Exposition The Intersection of Emotional Intelligence and 1. Understand the need for research in management Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) XBRL, and standards setting for private companies are among the key areas of focus for the FASB in 2012. Achieve Brilliance Corporate Financial Decision Making Timothy Creel, CMA, CFM, CPA, CIA - Strayer accounting. Mark L. Frigo, Ph.D., CMA, CPA - Director, DePaul University 2. Identify five areas of current research in manage- ERM1.5 During this session, Seidman will provide an overview ment accounting. Director, Public Relations & Communications, IMA Marc Gerrone - APT1 University Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand of the FASB’s priorities, a status update on its major Equity: An Examination of Practices in the Retail Industry 3. Explain how practitioner-academic interaction can Ronald Gill, CMA, CFM - CFO, NetSuite BPM2 projects, and how they impact your business or organ- Achieve Brilliance help advance the field of management accounting. ization. A question and answer period follows the Our enlightening presenters. Ann Dzuranin, Ph.D., - Northern Illinois University Rebecca Goza, CIA, CISA, CFE, CRISC, CGEIT - University of Central Oklahoma; American Cancer Society ARM1 presentation. 1.5 CPE The Effect of Tangible and Intangible Noncash Learn about specific accounting and finance topics, as well as leadership andon Satisfaction and Performance in a Rewards other career- Sanjay Gupta, Ph.D., CMA, CPA - Valdosta State University ARM1 Session Level: Overview enhancing subjects from leading experts and academics. Gain from their wisdom and valuable in- Production Setting Jason Haggar - Senior Director of Sales & Marketing for Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Corp. GST2 sight as they share their perspectives on the latest industry trends, techniques, and best practices. James Martin Hall - Corporate Controller, Helix Energy Solutions Group BPT2 • 24 • Meet these captivating thought leaders throughout the week and draw upon their inspiration to • 25 • Richard K. Harrison - Pawn Star/Owner, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop GST1 light your passion and achieve brilliance. Robert H. Herz, CPA, FCA - Former Chairman, Financial Accounting BSW1, GSW1 Standards Board (FASB) Rosemary Amato, CMA, CISA, CPA - Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. BPT1.5 Roderic Hewlett, DA, CFM, CTP - Dean, College of Business, Bellevue University PCW5 Melanie Anderson Ph.D., CIA, CISA - Slippery Rock University ARM1 Daniel M. Hill, Jr., CMA, CFM - Sr. VP, CorePROFIT Solutions Inc. BPM2.5 Bobbe M. Barnes, CMA, CPA, CGFM - Managing Director, Acumen Global Training, LLC PCW2, PCW4 Terrence Hobdy - Senior Manager, Accenture BPT2.5 David Barnett - Cost Accounting Supervisor, Synthes USA TES Gregory Jonas, Ph.D., CMA - Case Western Reserve University ARM1 Lisa Beaudoin, CMA - Director of Educational Partnerships, IMA SCM Thomas Klammer - Regents Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Accountancy, University of North Texas SCM2 Mark M. Bielstein, CPA - Partner, KPMG LLP ERT1 Wayne L. Knabel, CPA - CFO, The Gorman-Rupp Company LHT1 Debra L. Bloom, CMA, CFM - Accounting Instructor, Mitchell Community College TET1 Julie Kowalski - Executive Director, Spizzerinctum Group LLC PCW3 Kristine Brands, CMA, CPA - Assistant Professor, College for Professional Studies, Regis University BPT2 C.S. “Bud” Kulesza, CMA, CFM - ITT Automotive (Retired) PCW6, BPS Gregory Brothers, CMA, CPA - South Texas College of Law ARM1 Bob J. Laux, CMA, CPA - Senior Director, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Microsoft Corp. GSW1 Richard Caldarola, Ph.D., CMA, CFM - Troy University ARM1 Todd Leombruno - Director of Lean Enterprise Systems, Parker Hannifin Corp. SCT1 Michael D. Capellas - Chairman, VCE - The Virtual Computing Environment Company BST1 Oscar S. Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., CBM - Adjunct Professor of Finance, Ashford University LST1 David M. Cieslak, CPA, CITP, GSEC - Principal, Arxis Technology, Inc. ERT2.5 Marc Linden - CFO, VP/Finance and Administration, Intacct ERT2.5 Angela Clancy, CA - Senior Manager, PPB Advisory ERT2 Eisar Lipkovitz - VP, Engineering, Google BPM3 Gary Cokins - Manager, SAS Institute SCT2 Teri List-Stoll - Treasurer & Senior VP, The Procter & Gamble Co. BSM1 David Colgren - CEO, Colcomgroup, Inc. PCW1, BPM3 Cynthia Lloyd, Ph.D., J.D., CPA - Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne ARM1 Stephen M.R. Covey - Practice Leader, Franklin Covey’s Global Speed of Trust Practice GSW2 Chris Martenson, Ph.D. - Founder, Peak Prosperity GSS1 Timothy Creel, CMA, CFM, CPA, CIA - Strayer University ARM1 CJ McNair-Connolly, Ph.D., CMA - Honorary Principal Fellow, University of Wollongong SCS Christopher A. Dashner - European Group Controller, Parker Hannifin Corp SCT1 J. Stephen McNally, CPA - Finance Director/Controller, Campbell Soup Co. ERM1, WLF Jay A. Dawdy, CMA, CFE - President, Gryphon Investigations ERT2 Norman Meonske, Ph.D. - National Online Instructor, Becker Professional Review; Paul Dunn, CMA, CPA - Executive Director, Ernst & Young BPM1 Professor Emeritus, Kent State University LSM1.5 Ann Dzuranin, Ph.D. - Northern Illinois University ARM1 Brad J. Monterio - Managing Director, Colcomgroup, Inc. BPT1 Irit Eizips - Solutions Consultant, Host Analytics BPT2 Geoffrey S. Norby, CMA, CFM - Finance Director, Johnson & Johnson LSM2 Amy Ford, CMA, CPA - Associate Faculty Member, Western Illinois University SCM Dan O’Brien - Product Marketing Manager, IBM BPM1.5 • 42 • • 43 • 1cover.qxd 12/21/11 1:51 PM Page 1 Institute of Management Accounting (IMA) Montvale, NJIMA’s 93rd Annual Conference & Exposition Event Concept and Application for Various Print and June 23 - 27, 2012 • Las Vegas, Nevada Online Material for 2012 Annual Conference ents ce & Ev Conferen rd IMA’s 93 l ce Annua ce & e Brillian Co nferen Achiev tion Exposi 12 –27, 20 June 23 ics unting top a s, Nevad nt acco on releva Las Vega ocused ts ssions f E credi onal se SBA CP ssions educati 30 NA rent se ays of re than concur • Four d o earn mo al and ity t gener at ded op portun pelling today rg. • Expan eakers and com mance Register conference.o oking sp ess perfor ma ht-prov ve busin www.I • Thoug elp you dri atio n ® design ledge to h e CMA al know ry of th • Critic nniversa 40th a rate the A12ACE • Celeb r @IM A at #IM itte e.o rg • Tw ferenc w.imacon Visit ww Achieve Brilliance Achieve Brilliance Register Now at IMA’s 93rd Annual Conference 2/8/12 11:02 AM & Exposition June 23 - 27, 2012 2 Las Vegas, Nevada _Feb.indd Journal_Ad Check Inside for a Sample of Our Featured Speakers For a limited time only…Early bird savings up to $200.00 IMA’s 93rd Annual Conference & Exposition Registration opens January 17, 2012 Revised_Wrap_3_15.indd 1 4/3/12 3:58 PM June 23 - 27, 2012 • Las Vegas, Nevada Final_Savedate.indd 1 12/21/11 11:36 AM
  • 3. EXHIBITOR R U LES & R EGU LATIONS wth L EAD GENER AT I ON & BR ANDI NG OPPORT UNI T I ES S PONS OR S H I PS ADDI TI ON AL PROM OTI ON AL OPPORTUN I TI ES Join us in New Orleans and Accelerate Your Top-Line Growth. ine Gro General Rules your company maintain its own insurance for these items and take appropriate T here’s no better way to set your company apart from the event for awarding Any company exhibiting at IMA’s Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE) should action for your protection. demonstrate related products and services that are of professional interest to IMA competition and develop new sales leads than to become your booth traffic- SPONSORSHIP PRICING INCLUDES ONE 10’ X 10’ EXHIBIT BOOTH AND FOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONFERENCE REGISTRATIONS Conference Bag Inserts - Three sponsors / $3,000 each L General Session Keynote right to determine- the eligibility of any company, product, members. IMA reserves the Sponsorships Exhibitor Cancellation Engage with CFOs, controllers, finance department executives, Acceler te Top an exhibitor/sponsor at IMA’s 94th Annual Conference & builder giveaways. (TWO FULL REGISTRATIONS AND TWO HALL REGISTRATIONS) 3 available and the right to restrict, prohibit, or evict any exhibitor or product that, bag insert Written notice of cancellation of booth space must be received by IMA no later or service / $7,500 each A in is a simple, yet effective opportunity for your company to the opinion of IMA, detracts from the character of the ACE. deliver its message to hundreds of IMA the scheduled exposition opening date or the exhibitor than 60 days in advance of Conference attendees. Have your Exposition in New Orleans. We encourage Premier keynote speakers scheduled on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will accountants, analysts, and other practitioners. Session - EXCLUSIVE / $18,000 Brown Bag Lunch Meet existing and company’s sales be held liable for the total booth space giveaway added will and marketing collateral or other small rental cost regardless of the reason for Solutions Showcase Sunday Evening Networking Event - ccelera pack the ballroom with your prospects. This is your unique opportunity to Rules and regulations specified in the application, as well as those contained in the cancellation, including cancellation due to the failure of an exhibit to arrive onsite. all exhibitors and differentiate your company and be officially recognized as a key change, add, or delete the “official” Conference tote bag that all attendeeswill be subject to a $500 per booth Exhibitor Resource Guide, will be strictly enforced. IMA may supporter into receive. (All items Meet face-to-face with more than 800 solution-hungry EXCLUSIVE / $25,000 This is the most popular lunch event at the Conference with 50 different Cancellation of exhibits prior to the 60 days of IMA’s Conference.deemed necessary, without notice, to ensure the success of will need to be approved by IMA.) This is a cost-effective way to get your priate sponsors to participate regulations, as is This sponsorship includes: and tak e appro accounting, business, and finance professionals, C-suite potential customers,Show” that includes live music, leads,ofand make this unique session.CPE credits. More This is the exclusive kick off event. “The Big gain qualified roundtables to choose from part awards attendees 1.5 This sponsorship than 90% attendees take and in business happen! • Words of acknowledgement and introduction of your company and its the Conference. company’s name inservice charge. space front of this audience. A in these events that food, and drink. Attendees will be introduced to your major sponsorship se items executives, influencers, and decision makers eager to learn how business at the beginning and end of the session by the moderator IMA shall not be responsible for shipping charges, construction costs, labor for the at the end of the general session, which leads directly into the networking includes: • Your company’s name and logo prominently displayed on signage and Sharing and Subletting E-mail to Conference Registrants / $3,000 urance provide additional • Your company’s logo on table signage charges, or expense for preparation of exhibits or any other expense in the event own ins event. For two-and-a-half hours, attendees will be surrounded by your introduction slide on may share exhibit space. A company is defined as the same business networking and lead generation before the event by contacting No two companies stage your products and services can solve their business challenges Start your that the exposition is postponed or cancelled for any reason whatsoever, or in the intain its IMA members understand how products and services impact the brand, giving you a major advantage in audience share and goodwill. This • Title slide on the large stage audio-visual screen, your company’s r branding opportunities • Special table can involve only for your company’s representatives to or firm and inside ballroom a single line of business. Co-participation by another registrants via your custom e-mail (copy arrive. IMA approval). IMA will pany ma A no late information/sell sheet on tables, logo stickers on lunches (stickers to be all event that the material fails to requires n. while adding value to their companies. sponsorship includes: our com your protectio eiv ed by IM the exhibitor to personally award your company prize to a delegate. IMA will • Introduction and Conference support acknowledgment by senior IMA provided by you) network and provide or its representatives post-session. corporation or firm information pre-and in space assigned to the original applicant your direct message to registrants two weeks prior to the Conference. send st be rec for • Acknowledgementwritten permission of IMA and may be subject to an additionalSet up specific product demonstration times and meetings with busy must be by prior in printed program charge date or Cancellation of the Expositionaction space mu tion opening s of the reason . for Drive traffic to your booth through utilize a booth traffic-builder passport program for awarding all entire organization and not simply one functional area. This provides executives, with the opportunity to briefly address the audience at the • Opportunity to address the entire audience for up to two minutes at the beginning, as well as a verbal acknowledgement at end of the event by equal to one-half of the rental cost of the reserved space. Exhibitors may not permit attendees and IMA a head start on the return on your investment. Limit one reason beyond If get should be prevented from holding the exposition for any ncellat ion of booth osi les onsite start of the event non-exhibiting companies’ representatives to work in their booth. Exhibitors agree notper exhibitor. IMA’s control (such as, but not limited to building, riots, strikes, or other labor itor Ca of cancellation scheduled exp tal cost regard ibit to arrive oth To reserve a booth and for customized, bundled sponsorship e-mail Exhib prizes and a grand prize to one lucky attendee on Monday at • Pre-Conference e-mail to registrants with your dedicated welcome the master of ceremony to assign or sublet the whole or any portion of the rented space. IMA disputes, acts of government, acts of terrorism, or acts of God), then IMA has Written notice of the ce ren advance total booth spato the failure ject to a $500 of an exh per bo the most up-to-date listing of available packages to accelerate brand the close of the exposition. you with numerous opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. message • Special table for your company’s representatives to network and provide information New! Strategic Finance Integrated Marketingthereof, with no further share ofto the right to cancel the exposition or any part JUNE 23 - 27, 2012 / $3,500 liability days in • Your company’s logo prominently displayed at all beverage/food stations Promotional Materials the exhibitor other than a refund of exhibit fees less a proportionate the e than 60 ld liable for the cellation du sub awareness, increase sales leads, • Premium listing on the Conference registration website Sample articles, premiums, novelties, souvenirs, and printed educational and Take advantage MANDALAYpricingCASINO & your brand exposure on exposition cost advance RESORT of special ad BAY ys will be opportunities, visit and on the entrance archway into the exhibit hall he can da In Addition to Exhibitor Benefits, All IMA Sponsors Receive: will be on, including prior to the 60 • Your company’s logo imprinted on cocktail napkins ISLANDERS BALLROOM promotional materials may be distributed from the confines of the exhibitor’s booth IMA’s award-winning monthly magazine (circulation 56,872) is delivered site. or and achieve measurable return on Conference Tote Bag Sponsorship - EXCLUSIVE / $18,000 costs, lab event s • Title sponsor positioning on all event marketing materials and e-mail only. Prize contests or drawings are permitted only with prior written approval by IMA. members each month.Booth Space is the most highly read and cancellati ion of exhibit For questions or additional to IMA Arrangement of The June issue uction the investment. Demand is very strong • One additional complimentary full Conference registration promotions IMA may, at any time, withhold or withdraw permission to distribute materials itwill also be madespace provided will be arranged inline, based onadvantage may The available to attendees at the Conference. Take the floor plan to the extent s, constr er expense in or in the This is an opportunity for your target audience to help advertise for you Cancellat vice charge. information, please contact • 100 complimentary beverage tickets to distribute to attendees charge consider objectionable. of a 60% discount from thereserves the right to change booth locations if deemed to be in possible. IMA standard rate when purchasing a full-page shipping ibits or any oth ver, Anthony Pombal, IMA business for sponsorships; they sell out • Mention in the June conference issue of Strategic Finance’s during the Conference. This sponsorship includes: space ser ble for whatsoe IMA members work across a wide variety of industries and • Your company’s logo printed on the tote bags distributed to each advertisement. Limit of one 4-color ad per exhibitor. cannot exceed the boundary of the the best interest of the exposition. Booths responsi exh reason development associate, at quickly each year. Concurrent Session Speaker Presentation / $25,000 each Care of Premises ration of celled for any Special Conference Sponsor Section (circulation 56,872) and in Conference attendee on site designated booth space. If an exhibitor plans to install a completely constructed ll not be se for prepa are (available to four qualified organizations) strategic advisors who: or Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage done to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside or can • One corporate marketing P P RO F I L E into the tote bag IM A ME MB E RS H I piece inserted Conference Program Tab Ads / $1,200the use of standard booth equipment, no type of display that will not require per ad TEMPORARY IMA sha or expen stponed ive. (201) 474-1571. IMA will hold – with considerable Conference e-mail promotions to IMA membership • Align advantage of a unique with operations toyour thought by them, their employees, or agents. No part of any exhibit, signs, or other material PLATFORM part thereof shall project to obstruct the view of adjacent booths. In addition, the s, Take business strategy opportunity to extend add value charge n is po D ec ision M aker s may be posted, taped, nailed, screwed, or otherwise affixed to walls, doors, woodwork, Conference bags given to each attendee at registration, the Placed in exhibitor must notify the drayage company. expositio fails to arr beyond fanfare – a special promotional • Logo with URL prominently displayed on the exhibit hall and drive growth leadership by presenting to attendees as part of the official Conference Hotel Room Key Cards - EXCLUSIVE / $18,000 program guide is the most referenced information source on site. It details floors, or any horizontal or vertical surface within the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. that the t the material reason 6s n for any er labor • Recognize cost-effective solutions CPE credits for each 75-minute education program. Attendees receive 1.5 Carried by each attendee every day of the Conference, your company logo Helium balloons and tanks are prohibited. the daily events, schedules, speakers, and exhibitors. The program section Fire Protection event tha expositio strikes, or oth A has entrance portal session. Available sessions are on Monday and Tuesday. These top-level tabs provide Demonstrations that raise brand awareness health hazard are not permitted. the perfect place to create a fire, safety, or with attendees. position holding the will be top-of-mind, thereby gaining repetitive company exposure and the Ex riots, n IM • Provide decision support, planning, and looking to make and sponsorships are highly desired by organizations control 20.3% ilding, Admission God), the r liability to Space is limited.materials used for decorative purposes shall be flameproof. Crepe paper, All ion of from thousands of impressions over several days and beyond. This sponsorship ncellat vented t limited to bu , or acts of the • Evaluate business processes sponsorship includes: immediate and lasting impact. This includes: IMA shall have sole control over show admission policies at all times. All personnel corrugated paper, cardboard, or other combustible materials are prohibited. Ca be pre but no fur of the terrorism reof, with no nate sharee • Descriptive listing on Conference website and print program visiting the exposition are required to wear an appropriate ID badge while in should • Budget and forecast Senior-Level Executives • Company-branded hotel key cards to ensure that every attendee is aware 36.5% Explosive or flammable materials that conflict with the Underwriters’ Fire Protection If IMA trol (su ch as, acts of the rtio • One pre-and one post-Conference e-mail to attendees Breakfast Sponsorships personnel must wear an exhibitor’s badge each attendance. All exhibitor - EXCLUSIVE 3 available / $5,500 or appropriate or Fire Department rules SHOWCASE SOLUTIONS shall not be permitted. nment, n or any part s less a propo of your presence and support of the Conference. Your company’s message IMA’s con acts of gover • Build and monitor internal Conferenceand financial practices • Marketing piece inserted into controls tote bags and contact information will be viewed thousands of times Controller Level Directors or everyday. It’s more than food; it’s food for thought. Start Exhibitor off right do not admit booth Conference registration badge at all times. your day badges by makingot , expositio ibit fee GENERAL EXHIBITOR INFORMATION 16.4% an early morningany portionmore than 90% of the Conference exhibit hall. Exhibitors who personnel to impact on of the Conference other than the attendees Union Labor Exhibit Floor Plan disputes to cancel the a refund of exh wish to attend the Conference must register as individual attendees and are required ExhibitorHilton New Orleans Riverside in effect between service contractors, the shall be bound by all contracts n the right or other tha . Lanyard Sponsorship - EXCLUSIVE / $16,000 who will attend the breakfast buffets before the general keynote sessions. extent Cyber Café - EXCLUSIVE / $15,000 Accountants or Analysts to submit a separate registration form and fee. Grand Ballroom Previous exhibitors and sponsors include: 26.8% Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 850 labor organizations. SEATING FOR and ibit to the • Submit booth requests online • Linked logo on the annual meeting website Registration and Housing This sponsorship includes: the exh n cost incurred or plan to be in During the five-day Conference, attendees will seek to stay connected by These lanyards are worn by every Conference attendee -— the very people • Prominent sponsorship signage the flo • Apply for exhibit space at • Attendee mailing address list, post event, one-time • ERP-ERM-GRC-CPM-BPM-BI-BA platforms as attendees check you wish to reach! This sponsorship includes: Educators or other Respect for Other Exhibitors expositio ed Installation and Dismantling sed on Registration materials and information on if deem ry of the e-mail. Become a part of this high-traffic opportunity • Your company’s name and logo on each table, along with information use, (requires prior IMA approval of mailing piece) ENTRANCE TO Space inline, ba practitioner roles ations housing will be sent to all registered exhibitors by • Company-branded lanyards that will ensure that every visitor is aware of Exhibits may not project beyond the space allotted. Exhibitors are not permitted to Dates and times are listed in the Exhibitor Resource Guide. Those exhibitors who • AR-AP-P2Pat one of eight private laptop kiosks strategically located within their e-mail accounting systems, document management of Booth be arranged nge booth loc bounda ed • Contact Anthony Pombal, IMA business sell sheets give demonstrations that create interference with neighboring exhibitors or impede the eed the tely construct your presence and support of the show EXHIBITS are not show ready by 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 23, 2013, will not be permitted gement Exhibitor Set-up/Breakdown February 1, 2013. Please register booth personnel • Consulting, staffing, and job placement services “branding the Conference floor level. This sponsorship is the ultimate BAR FOOD & FOOD & BARh Arran ed will to cha not exc ple development associate, at and obtain housing as soon as possible. C om pany Siz e by E m ploy ee • Special table for your company’s representatives to network and provide normal traffic flow in the aisles. to set up their booth until after the close of the Networking Reception at 7 p.m. ce provid the right n. Booths can install a com BEVERAGE BEVERAGE MA. nt, no or (201) 474-1571, for questions or additional billboard” like no other on site. This sponsorship includes: information equipme dition, the Set-up: Sunday, June 23, 2013, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. The spa IMA reserves • Professional employer organizations, payroll and the custom- • Your company’s name and logo prominently displayed on benefits Exhibitors who tear down before 7 p.m. on Monday, June 24, 2013, the official to expositio • Acknowledgement in printed program or plans information. ay booth ad Exhibits must be assembled by 2 p.m. The Conference hotel is the Hilton New Orleans Liability and Hold Harmless close of the show, will be subject to a $500 fine. possible. interest of the If an exhibit use of standard t booths. In administration, andstructure whichplanners your company as a Riverside. IMA has reserved a block of rooms, and designed cyber café retirement recognizes IMA will provide security during the official hours of installation and each night during Breakdown: Monday, June 24, 2013, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. space. en Booth Pricing sponsor and welcomes members the best Morning and Afternoon Break Sponsorshipscare for the protection of exhibitor non-Conference hours and will exercise reasonable - EXCLUSIVE 3 uire the of adjac exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of • Insurance, banking, and featuringcard company’s website, logo, and/or • Screensaver or homepage credit your companies Photography ed booth t will not req uct the view Exhibits must be dismantled by 9 p.m. pricing discounts by booking early. The room block 20% available / and displays. The exhibitor expressly understands and agrees he/she will make materials $4,500 each DEMO designat play tha Pricing includes one assembled booth with 111Photographs 210 and videos may not be taken411 any booth or product other than of 510 ROOM 1 str • Business services, copiers, publishers, certification training marketing message t to ob is expected to sell out quickly. Once the room 20 20 dis pany. pipe and drape. Payment – Confirmation E-mail 29% no claim of any kind against IMA for any loss, damage, theft, or destruction of goods; or exhibitor’s own, except by the official IMA videographer/photographer. type of ll projec drayage com Interact with Conference attendeeshimself/herself setting during the for any injury that may occur to in an informal or his/her employees while in attendance DEMO block is full, discounted pricing may no longer be material providers, professional development education 1 - 100 109 208 209 309 409 508 d. ROOM 2 iverside reof sha permitte Apply before January 31, 2013: scheduledIMA’s 94th Annual Conference & Exposition; or for any damage of any nature at the daily coffee breaks. Extend your marketing reach during these part the must notify the Upon receipt of the registration and payment, are not pe paper, available. Conflicting Events • $4,900 - 10’ x 10’ booth providers, and professional associations. / $15,000 Conference Program Book - EXCLUSIVE high-traffic events. This sponsorship includes: hazard exhibitors will receive a confirmation e-mail that erial 107Exhibitor 206 207 306 307 406 407 506 or 100 - 500 or character whatsoever, and without limiting the foregoing, including any damage to shall not extend invitations, call meetings, hold hospitality events, or , exhibit health roof. Cre hibited. • $6,900 - 10’ x 20’ booth includes their requested booth location number. Additional Registration Passes • Prominent signage located throughout the breakspace recognizing yourremoval of the his/her business by reason of failure to provide area, for an exhibit oroodwork ety, or flamep pro tion Proudly display your logo and company ad on this essential, constantly 25% otherwise encourage absence of visitors/attendees from the exhibit hall and a fire, saf ses shall be materials are • $9,900 - 20’ x 20’ booth company or for any action of IMA in relation to the exhibit or exhibitor. The exhibitor shall exhibit; as a sponsor DEMO e Protec IMA will confirm final booth assignments with each 105 204 205 304 305 404 405 504 tion 500 - 10,000 meeting rooms during the ACE. ROOM 3 viewed attendee resource and keepsake at the Conference. This t create Each exhibit booth comes with one full Conferenceside. Fire Protec tha e pu rpo stible iters’ Fir Apply after January 31, 2013: exhibitor. 26% • Special table for your company’s representative to network and all third persons for all be solely responsible to its own agents and employees and to provide rations combu Underwr sponsorship includes: registration and two exhibit-only registrations as corativ DEMO information 103 202 203 302 303 402 403 502 Demonst ials used for de oard, or other • $5,300 - 10’ x 10’ booth claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages, and expense arising out of or relating to the ROOM 4 t with the Over 10,000 Decorator Services Decorator Services part of the booth rental fee. These complimentary IMA®, the association xof accountantsback cover of the Conference • Full page, color ad (6” 8”) on the inside and financial • Branded napkins with your corporate logo conflic • $7,900 - 10 x 20’ booth custody, possession, operation, maintenance, or control of said exhibitor. Exhibitors IMA has selected Freeman Company as the official service contractor. Drapery, All mater d paper, cardb terials that rmitted. registrations do not include events for which program 201 300 301 400 • $10,900 - 20’ x 20’ booth IMA has selected Freeman Company as the official professionals in business, is one oftop oflargest and most in the the all the “notes” pages assume responsibility and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless IMA and the furniture, labor to set up and break down, shipping, and other special requirements CYBER CAFE ate ma pe participants must purchase tickets. • Your company’s logo imprinted on the corrug mable ll not be rs, the New! Bottled Water Sponsorship -respective employees and agents against any Hilton New Orleans Riverside, and their EXCLUSIVE / $7,500 must be arranged through Freeman Company. Con service contractor. Draping, furniture, labor to set respectedthe Conference program guide that participants will use all week back of associations focused exclusively on advancing ive or flam t rules sha Exhibit booth fees must be paid in full upon onne l Explos contracto Additional exhibit or full Conference registration claim or expenses arising out of the use of the exposition premises. service en applying to guarantee space. up and break down, shipping, and other special You know attendees will be needing water in New Orleans so take the long during the Conference management accounting profession. Departm between passes may be purchased at the following rates: HO W L ARG E ARE T H E I R O RG AN I Z AT I O N S ? Service contractor information and order forms for floral, lighting, rigging, and or Fire requirements must be arranged through Freeman • Premium listing on the Conference registration website advantage of the captive audience and provide refreshing, branded-bottledn in effect Exhibit Package includes Company. Insurance water (sponsor provided) during all of the Conference general sessions. electrical will be made available to confirmed exhibitors no later than 90 days prior s. S contracts organization C om pany Rev enueopriate Full registration: $1,200 per person Prior to the ACE, exhibiting companies must procure, pay for, and maintain business to the Conference. Should you need to consult Freeman Company more than 90 Labor d by all or • 10’ x 10’ pipe and drape booth in carpeted Exhibit only: $450 per person Globally, IMA supports the profession through research, insurance coverage. IMA will require a Certificate of Insurance on file prior to the be boun days prior, contact them at their New Orleans office at (503) 733-7469.booth Union and lab who Service contractor information and order forms for 15.2% erside, New! Polybag Daily Door Drop of EXCLUSIVE / $5,000 Conference with the following limits - coverage: or shall ibitors Hilton Ne ballroom who Exhibit w Orleans Riv ose exh floral, lighting, rigging, and electrical will be made Please assign the names of the recipients the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) program, ibitors ide. Th be permitted . • One complimentary full registration of the complimentary registrations via Over $10 Billion • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, including Personal Injury Liability and Grab the attendees’ attention by providing up to three small items in a Notification of Intent to Use Exhibitor Appointed Contractor required available to confirmed exhibitors no later than 90 continuing education, networking, and advocacy of the Hil ton Ne rce Gu t • Two exhibit-only registrations per booth polybag that will be placed at the door of each for bodily injury and property damage of Contractual Liability with limits of liability Conference attendee. They Notification of exhibitor intent to use a firm that is not an official service contractorre ing or Resou , will no n at 7 p.m days prior to the Conference. Should you need to no later than 30 days 20.5% Dismantl in the Exhibit June 23, 2013 g Receptio • Company signage highest ethical business practices. IMA has a global not less than $1,000,000 per occurance/$2,000,000 in the aggregate will wake up to your branded item(s) which makes your company top-of- as designated by Show Management must complete the EAC form located on ion and cial consult Freeman Company more than 90 days prior to the Conference. $500 Million - $10 Billion ed ay, rkin the offi • 24-hour security • for them as they start their day. Door drop available for one or more All Other Workers’ Compensation and Employee Liability Insurance, including and follow the mailing instructions. The completed form , 2013, mind Installat times are list p.m. on Sund Netwo prior, contact them at their New Orleans office at network of more than 60,000 members in 120 countries days during the Conference. limit of liability under the Employee Liability section of the States Endorsement. The se of the ay, June 24 • Listing in the Conference program - logo plus a 35.3% must be received no later than May 24, 2013. 2 Dates and w ready by (503) 733-7469. the clo on Mond 75-word description and 200 local chapter communities. IMA provides localized $10 Million - $500 Million Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy shall not be less than $100,000 ual sho til after . d to are not their booth un before 7 p.m 00 fine. • Listing on the Conference signage and general • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance should include limits of not less than Registration and Housingermitte services through its offices in Montvale, N.J., USA; 4th Ann 29.0% $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage resulting from any one occurrence ede the wn $5 session introductory slide Information on registration and housing will be sent to registered exhibitors by s or imp to set up who tear do subject to a n Zurich, Switzerland; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Less than $10 Million other tha February 1, 2013. Register your booth personnel and obtain your housing as ors be Exhibit w, will product er. IMA and the Hilton New Orleans Riverside must be named as Additionally Insured for MA’s 9 & Exposition Beijing, China. soon as possible. Housing is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. You are the sho oth or all liability coverage and the Certificate of Insurance must state that fact. IMA and the EXH close of ph encouraged to utilize IMA’s room block discounted rate. any bo otogra t be taken of eographer/ph Hilton New Orleans Riverside will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any I s may no cial IMA vid tools, equipment, property, or material of exhibitor. It is therefore recommended that g phy ht durin Photographs and video offi orach nig or t by the events, ence exhibitction of will make Photogra s own, excep spitality rleans or’ hold ho exhibit hall and exhibit etings, Confer e es he/sh goods; or s, call me dees from the , New Oruction of nce Events invitation atten attenda Co nflicting ll not extend ce of visitors/ while in iverside nature or sha rage ab ACE. sen Exhibit Drapery, ents e of any mage to ise encou the tractor. otherw rooms during R da vice con requirem rleans ng any the cial ser other special oval of shall meeting the offi or rem any as shipping, and New O e 22-26, 2013 or exhibit Institute of Management Accounting (IMA) cestor. The ns for all r Servi an Comp wn, Decorato ected Freem and break do mpany. rso ging, andprior Hiltonthird pe ating to the sel IMA has labor to set up Freeman Co ting, rig or rel , gh ral, ligh r than 90 days 90 Jun t of ors furniture arranged throu for flo Exhibit the er forms ibitors no late any more tha n xhibitor. must be and ord Montvale, NJ and ss IMA st any rmation firmed exh an Comp 9. harmle again ctor info available to con consult Freem (503) 733-746 ts contra nd agen Service will be made ld you need to leans office at ses. l electrica nference. Sh at their New ou Or tractor PE CTUS ROS or Co m Contract cial service con HIP P Brochure and Flyers 2011, 2012 to the tact the r Appo inted on or, con t an offi form located SORS siness days pri Exhibito firm that is no form intain bu to Use EAC and ma or to the Intent intent to use a plete the pleted ONe on file pri Notificat ion of of exhibit or ement must com instructions. The com OR & SP HIBIT iling ty and cation by Show Manag low the ma . ry Liabili onal Inju rty damage of Notifi as ed designat and fol y 24, 2013 Ma by EX pe con r than ibitors and pro te www.ima received no late registe red exh ng ase aggre ga Other the must be sent to tain your housi You are ing All ng will be ob sis. e, includ ty section of d Housi n and housing rsonnel and rved ba bili tion an pe first-se loyee Lia 00,000 Registra n on registratio your booth a first-come, s than ter on e. $1 ss than limits of not les ence Informatio1, 2013. Regis is reserved discounted rat ng ed includ any one occ urr February ssible. Housi A’s room block m po IM lting fro soon as ed to utilize for Insured encourag ditionally the ed as Ad t fact. IMA and tha any st state or damage to that s ed r any los recommend ores theref CMA Exam Preparation Continuing Education CMA Exam Preparation Accelerate your career. Flexible. Maybe your career is losing momentum because your continuing education has stalled. Your Pace, Affordable. IMA® offers over 300 NASBA- approved continuing education Your Place Convenient. courses designed to advance your career and satisfy your CPE requirements. Visit IMA’s Learning Center and discover continuing education The CMA® Learning System 2-part kit Version 3.0 is a comprehensive, flexible, and courses on up-to-the-minute topics such as fair value accounting, convenient self-study program aligned with the CMA exam Learning Outcome ethics, risk management, financial Statements. The kit includes textbooks, online practice tests, and additional study planning, and so much more! The CMA® Learning System 2-part kit Version 3.0 is a comprehensive, flexible, and resources. Visit for convenient self-study program aligned with the CMA exam Learning Outcome more information! Statements. The kit includes textbooks, online practice tests, and additional Begin your journey to becoming a CMA, the essential credential for accountants and study resources. financial professionals in business. Begin your journey to becoming a CMA, the essential credential for accountants Visit for more information! and financial professionals in business. Visit for more information! Special Conference Offer Special Conference Offer Special Conference Offer Save $100 on the purchase of IMA’s CMA Learning System 2-part kit. This offer is valid Save 20% on the purchase of any of IMA’s Continuing Education products. This offer is valid Save $100 on the purchase of IMA’s CMA Learning System 2-part kit. This offer is valid through October 31, 2011. Use the code AAACMALS11 at checkout to receive the discount. through October 31, 2011. Use the code AAACPE2011 at checkout to receive the discount. through July 31, 2012. Use the code CMA2012ACE at checkout to receive the discount. IMA_Flyers_7_25.indd 6 7/25/11 5:43 PM IMA_Flyers_7_25.indd 5 7/25/11 5:43 PM
  • 4. A ndersen I nterior C ontracting, I nc.Anderson Interior ContractingFairfield, NJLogo, Brochure, Folder, Newsletters andAdvertisement, 2002
  • 5. &Certified Public Accountants & Wealth Management Bernath & Rosenberg, P.C. Certified Public Accountants & Wealth Management New York, NY Brochure and Logo Design, 2011
  • 6. Guy CarpenterNew York, NYReport, Fact Sheets,Invitation, 2010
  • 7. Towers PerrinValhalla, NYAnnual Report 2000Typography Illustrations by Heidi Gross Design
  • 8. MarshNew York, NYReports 2005-2009
  • 9. Bredin Business Cambridge, MA Google Online Manual 2011 Ideal rer Finds Email Template & Fact Sheet 2011 anufactu Detroit M p with Google hi Relations selling a Cad in a illac he won est larg egas, r the Linzie Ven in 1979 afte grown into one of Director Group Inc. ployees and Marketing ted Ideal Ideal Group has s, 250 em egas Jr. star business. five division ther, Frank Ven l delivery Frank’s bro d his stee country with s rooted in family. raffle to fun ses in the is a IELD wned bus ines Still, it’s a bus ines ctor; and son Jesse IDEAL SH Hispanic-o $170 million. ie is marketing dire nues of www.ideals annual reve daughter Linz e played president; service hav Loren, is er. advertising unit manag ords paid Shield — helping HISTORY l Shield is Small Business Insights ® business and its AdW s — Ideal 6 to in 1996, Idea ade, Google Ideal Group’s division nded in Detroit in 199 Founded based Idea l than a dec of art, of Detroit- For more cess of one eld was fou tomers like Wal-M a division est in the suc r. Ideal Shi cus of the larg a big part 40% every yea covers for Group, one inesses sales up to ils and boll ard ned bus Research and News About the Small Business Community increase ils, guardra ®. Hispanic-ow tes. ure handra Disney Wo rld in the Uni ted Sta manufact and Walt JPMorgan Chase not using RDS “If you’re SERVICES June 2011 H ADWO Words, GOOGLE s to drive SULTS WIT prospects Google Ad gle AdWord DRIVE RE gle AdWord s to drive .92 return sing Uses Goo to website uses Goo you’re mis customers y sees $18 % potential Ideal Shield Today, the compan nt. Of new 20% to 30 lytics to Introductione with three lines of text placed here. Introduction with three lines of text Google Ana site. s dollar spe come out on and arriv to its web ry AdWord iness.” how visitors ent on eve ; of that, 80% understand on investm e from the website find the site of your bus s, Marketing placed here. Introduction with three lines of text placed here. 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Introduction here. “AdWords st online cus keyword see our clic RESULTS AdWords, ie Ven egas. “Mo to target began to $1 spent on says Linz very, so we try that, we For every .92 ROI; writing to y sees $18 and fast deli Once we started the compan low price t. te grow sale s around tha ting immedia chat has helped campaigns go higher.” hitects wan te, AdWords ry year. rates tors and arc site to request a quo to 40% eve Small Business Research through tomers are contrac company’s for pricing informa tion. 30% Google Research s typical cus tomers can visit the tion or call a job is Ideal Shield’ Text placed here. This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Text placed here. jects. Cus te informa on when solutions for pro tive to rec eive quo depending Text placed here. This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Two line introduction text here. Two one year, representa one day to live with a range from n bases” Economic Outlook line introduction placed here. cycle can ers” and “sig The sales “bollard cov the Ideal Shield tea m Subhead One to start. ging from Description of item will go here single line. Read More scheduled words, ran keywords, version buy s 254 key .” To help select uses con Marketing Description here with text. Text will currently “handrails l Shield also most effective. Venegas ves” and s’ sites. Idea are Description of item will go here single line. Read More be placed here. This is a placeholder. er post slee tracks competitor landing pag es to “bump ers and words and g Google Description here with text. 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This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Text placed be placed here. This is a placeholder. here. Text placed here. This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Description here with text Description of item will go here single line. Read More Small Business Competitive Activity Voices Text placed here. This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Text placed here. Text placed here. This is a placeholder for text to be placed here. Will Harris, White Oak Pictures Facebook Description of item will go here single line. Read More Brief Description Description here with Microsoft text. Text will be placed here. Description of item will go here single line. Read More This is a placeholder. Description here with text. Text will be placed here. This is a placeholder. to be placed here. This newsletter is INTERNAL ONLY. Please do not forward outside of GoogleCONTENTSWELCOME.................... Page 1 CHAPTER 5.................. Page 21It’s Time to Get Online! Build a Community of People Who Love Your BusinessCHAPTER 1................... Page 2 By David GarlandGrow and Thrive OnlineBy Carrie Wilkerson CHAPTER 6................... Page 26 Serve Your CustomersCHAPTER 2...................Page 6Be Visible Online:Create Your Website Wherever They Are By Alice Bredin WELCOMEBy Anita Campbell CHAPTER 7...................Page 29 Understand What WorksCHAPTER 3...................Page 13 It’s Time to Get Online! Through MeasurementDrive Traffic to Your Website By John JantschBy Anita Campbell CONCLUSION................ Page 33 Wide Web is now the primary way that people figure out what The World CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 4................... Page 17 they want to buy.Get Found Online in Your Town KEY TERMS.................. Page 34By John Jantsch 97% of consumers search online for products and services.1 ABOUT THE AUTHORS....Page 36 It is very often where they place their order, too! This is terrific news for small business owners looking to find new customersABOUT THIS GUIDE and grow their businesses. Why? Because it has never been easier, cheaper or quicker to promote your business online. This guide and workbook will show you what’s required to get your business Grow and Thrive OnlineEach task in this guide has a rating and a time-commitment icon to let you see at a glance By Carrie Wilkerson online and will lead you through the process. We asked some of the country’show easy it will be to finish. leading marketing specialists to give us their secret success tips for:Difficulty Time Creating your website Think about your personal life. Do you rely on email to stay in touchBASIC: Requires no expertise, just some Our icons will tell you if the task should take a Driving visitors to it with family and friends? Do you navigate your car using onlineof your time. few minutes, a day or longer. Getting found online in your town directions, or do you look for movies and restaurants online? The internet isINTERMEDIATE: Requires some knowledge Building a loyal set of fansof the fundamentals and a bit more of Basic embedded in our lives. The same is true for the business world. Many of the Serving your customers wherever they are 10 minutesa time commitment than the basics. Basic conversations we used to have face-to-face are now done online using email or 10 minutes 1 hour Learning what works through measurementADVANCED: Requires a solid understanding Intermediate Basic 1 social networking. Each section of this guide has time and difficulty icons to tell you Dayof the basics. how long a task will take and how challenging it will be. The workbook Advanced 1 Day 3 hasIntermediate and 1 Days checklists resources to help move Day Nearly all consumers — 97% — use online media when you through the process. researching products or services in their local area.2 Like any new endeavor, Basic the hardest3part is getting started. But guess what? Days If those consumers don’t see you when they search online, You’ve already done that if you’ve read this far. then you’re invisible to them. Basically, you don’t exist. Intermediate 3 Extreme statement? Not really. Printed phone We wish you success as you begin your journey, Days directories go quickly into the recycling bin. Billboards, HOT TIP and we’ll see you online. Advanced 3 television ads and radio spots might grab our attention, but Why is a website Days then send us to “.com” addresses to learn more. important? It helps 1 BIA/Kelsey’s (User View Wave Vii an ongoing consumer tracking study conducted with research partner make it easier for ConStat.) March 2010 Word-of-mouth referrals — someone who eats at your customers to find your restaurant or buys from your company and writes about you store location, hours How-to-Guide For Getting Your Business Online l 1 online — are becoming central to how potential customers or and any special offers clients decide what to buy. What does this mean? you may have. Your critics — and fans — are everywhere. 2 BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, 2 l How-to-Guide For Getting Your Business Online
  • 10. d yo u p icked us! We’re thrille PACK UP THE START ® Moore Benjamin PARKA a can of ct color. ho pick up eir perfe People w e than th SMALL mor ion. W e were paint find l satisfact ction find tota er Satisfa They can in Custom U.S.”* named “Highest in the rio r Paints es . with Inte wer and Associat PUT ON SOME PAINT by J.D. Po t h e f avo r ! like to return shop at... at JC LICHT I EPCO We’d e you PAINT & DECORATING The next tim SAVE $ 5 (MSRP) ia Paint Virtginorating Centers in & Dec ainting tips at gner or get Pa desi Find a painter, virginiapain opinions of consum ers who purc hased and brands and suring 19 one pint sumers mea 8,976 con t and stains onses from nces may vary. Visi * ed on resp erie PICK A COLOR, ANY COLOR SM Study bas . Your exp Study . ® premium paints – April 2011 Satisfaction in March U.S. Inte rior Paint sumers surveyed re & Co., Limited. con jamin Moo ociates 2011 perceptions of FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF A FAMILY BBQ, YOU’VE BEEN Moore FREE er and Ass s and rks, of Ben ry J.D. Pow ed on experience ed tradema n of Benjamin proprieta bas are register score in the results are “M” symbol numerical Proprietary study the triangle DREAMING ABOUT SINCE JANUARY YOU CAN HAVE THE LOOK FF one gallo the highest ths. Promise and re received the previous 12 mon a, Green jamin Moo in Moore, Aur OF A WHOLE NEW ROOM OR DECK. $5 O* Ben rior paint with jamin applied inte Limited. Ben THEN COME INTO JC LICHT | EPCO FOR A FREE COLOR re & Co. , jamin Moo © 2011 Ben ________ To help get things rolling on your next big idea, come into JC Licht | Epco SAMPLE PINT OF BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT. int ________ Virginia Pa ers D. ________ N PURCHASE and save $5 off per gallon of premium Benjamin Moore Paint & Stain. rating Cent ________ _____ zip code:__ FOR EACH CA ________ See for yourself what a difference the luxurious colors of To help get things rolling on your next big idea try a sample of t & Deco Pain ________ _______ household. ________ ________ A COUPON om. Limit three gallons per Benjamin Moore can make in your home. Benjamin Moore paint, and see for yourself what a difference the ___ ______ ______ ________ VE :________ ________ ________ To find a store near you, go to jclicht.comYOU MUST HA luxurious colors of Benjamin Moore can make in your home. Name ______ ____ it coupons.c ________ ________ ________ IT’S A GOOD DAY TO PAINT! ________ To find a store near you, go to coupons vis dress: __ ________ d Benjami n MooreFor additional Ad __ ia Paint an ________ SUMMER’S IT’S A GOOD DAY TO PAINT! ss: ______ from Virgin OVER Email Addre ormation receive inf go to I agree to retailer To find a g this box By checkin retailers BETTER nm q benjami 11 rticipating 10/15/20 STAIN and pa expires PRM PAINT/ OfferFF MSRP BM t to: sen should be Customer Service CPN $5O coupons n Retailer: All ore & Co., Attentio © 2011 Benjamin Moore & Co. ARBORCOAT, Aura, ben, Benjamin Moore, Green Promise, Mo 36. 2011. Benjamin 0, Flanders, NJ 078 by November 15, Natura and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, licenced to Benjamin Moore & Co. © 2011 Benjamin Moore & Co. ARBORCOAT, Aura, ben, Benjamin Moore, Green Promise, mit P.O. Box 400 dit Retailer sub Natura and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, licenced to Benjamin Moore & Co. r cre PUT ON A To get you 1 8 9 r: 0 0 5 t by retaile _ 9 0 6 be filled ou ________ 5 2 3 ________ COAT Below to ________ ________ me: ____ ________ ArlingtonHts.indd 6 5/13/11 1:38 PM 2:20 PM ArlingtonHts.indd 8 5/13/11 2:14 PM Retailer Na ________ 9/9/11 mber: ____ Retailer Nu WE’RE SAVE $ 5 8.indd 1 VA_Pilot_9_ (MSRP) TICKLED PINK Benjamin Moore Montvale, NJ RICHMOND Advertising 2011-2012 SAVE ON YOUR NEW COAT AT J.C. LICHT I EPCO PAINT. J.C. Licht I Epco has paint for Any Home, Any Room, one pint Any Budget. Start by saving on your favorite Benjamin Moore paints and stains in your favorite colors today. FOR MAKING VIRGINIA PAINT #1 IT’S A GOOD DAY TO PAINT! IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN! To celebrate we’d like to tickle your fancy in any Shop in store or buy online. color with a sample pint of Benjamin Moore Paint. To find a store near you, go to FREE (retail value $6.99) © 2011 Benjamin Moore & Co. ARBORCOAT, Aura, ben, Benjamin Moore, Green Promise, IT’S A GOOD DAY TO PAINT! Natura and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, licenced to Benjamin Moore & Co. Find a store near you at ArlingtonHts.indd 10 6/9/11 4:10 PM © 2011 Benjamin Moore & Co., Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, licenced to Benjamin Moore & Co. Tickle_Pink_6_9.indd 1 6/9/11 3:13 PM
  • 11. CogniMed, Inc.Livingston, New JerseySeminar Brochure 2004Illustrations by Heidi Gross Design
  • 12. Imagine GoldHackensack, NJPackage Design2003, 2004 Uneeda Enterprise EKAMANT Sandpaper Package Design 2012
  • 13. Wyckoff Family YMCA Wyckoff, New Jersey Catalog, Logos, InvitationWyckoff YMCASHARKS
  • 14. In their dialogues with corporations, measure and benchmark their performance ICCR members call on them to adopt policies in the area of water stewardship, this year that uphold the human right to water (HRTW) ICCR published its Statement of Principles and as defined by the UN in its Guiding Principles Recommendations for Corporate Water Stewardship. on Business and Human Rights’ “Protect, Respect ICCR members are also developing a guidance and Remedy” framework, which establishes document to help companies implement the following elements of the right to HRTW policies. Observed Jones, “ICCR has water: availability, safety, already seen significant acceptability, accessibility, “Because water is a human progress in its sustainable affordability, participation, right and critical to the func- water campaign – several non-discrimination and tioning of healthy communities companies have already accountability. and ecosystems, it can pose a adopted corporate policies BLUE gOLD Further, there is reputational risk to companies on the human right to water. that are perceived to be irre- Valuing Questions, new evidence that going These companies – PepsiCo, T forward, companies may sponsible water stewards.” Intel, Procter & Gamble, he classic image of the Earth seen requires responsible planning for resources be compelled by law to The CEO Water Mandate and Connecticut Water – from space as a water-filled “blue and considers all the potential environmental adopt HRTW protocols. recognize that they have the Questioning Values marble” belies the reality that we are and social impacts throughout a company’s AB 685 is a landmark bill responsibility to prevent and address the risk living in a time of freshwater scarcity. While supply chain,” she continued. currently pending in California that would of adverse impacts on human rights linked to 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered In 2011, the joint World Health recognize safe and affordable water as a basic their business activities.” by water, only 2.6 percent of it is usable Organization and UNICEF update on human right, and would help the 11.5 million In February 2013, ICCR will convene freshwater and only a third of that is easily progress toward meeting the Millennium Californians who do not currently have safe companies, communities, NGOs, socially accessible. Demand for this precious and Development Goals on water and sanitation drinking water. Said Patricia Jones of the responsible investors, and other stakeholders limited resource is being driven by the need found that 884 million people do not have UUSC, “For good reason, corporations for a roundtable to discuss community impacts to produce food and energy for the world’s access to a safe drinking water source. In are becoming much more aware of their and related risks in water-stressed areas of growing population: each year an additional 64 addition, the United Nations Environment responsibilities with respect to water and are the world. The objective of the roundtable billion cubic meters of freshwater are needed Program reports that human activities such developing and implementing more sustainable will be to identify and build good corporate for the roughly 80 million more people alive on as agricultural production, industry, energy practices regarding its use.” practices related to community sustainability the planet. The topic of water justice is being production, mining, and human waste threaten In an effort to help corporations and provide an initial framework for corporate hotly discussed in international forums like existing water resources with heavy metals, the United Nations and World Social Forum, organic compounds, excessive nutrients, where competition for freshwater resources is temperature changes, and pathogens. increasingly acknowledged as the likeliest cause According to the CEO Water Mandate: Recommended Elements of a Corporate policy on the Human Right to of international conflict. Clearly, sustainable Companies face physical risks due to water stress, Safe Drinking water solutions to the world’s freshwater crisis are flooding or pollution. Because water is a human right In order to respect the human right to water of individuals in the communities where they urgently needed. and critical to the functioning of healthy communities operate, companies should: and ecosystems, it can pose a reputational risk to • Issue a public statement on the human right to water as defined by General Comment 15, SAFEgUARDINg THE HUMAN RIgHT companies that are perceived to be irresponsible water UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and United Nations Human Rights TO wATER stewards. When companies withdraw, consume, or Council resolution (A/HRC/RES/15/9) that includes the following elements of the human “ICCR members have advocated since the right to water: availability, safety, acceptability, accessibility, affordability, participation, non- pollute water resources, they can create a range of early 1970s for the protection of the planet’s discrimination and accountability; impacts for surrounding communities. Excessive water water as a moral mandate, and as a matter of • Develop a policy requiring a human rights impact assessment to be conducted in countries consumption can reduce the availability of water for with poor human rights records, as evidenced by credible report by independent human both environmental and social justice,” said basic human needs such as drinking water, sanitation, rights organizations, or by the U.S. State Department’s annual country reports on human Nadira Narine, Program Director for Strategic or food supply, as well as negatively affect the livelihoods rights; Initiatives. “Good corporate water stewardship of communities. • Develop a plan that implements provisions for secure and independent engagement with local affected communities. 10 INT ER FAIT H C ENT ER FOR C OR P OR AT E R ES P ONS IB ILIT Y Valu ing Questi on s, Questi on i n g Val ues 11 TAKING STOC K: Shaping the New Age in Corporate Responsibility L ET T ER FROM T HE L et t er From T he CHA I R E XEC U T IVE DIR ECTOR s we remember our beginning in 1971, it is inspiring ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011 his year’s annual report represents a milestone for our to see not only how we’ve developed as an organization, our much anticipated 40th anniversary organization, but how the corporate responsibility year. ICCR has a long record of significant accom- movement that we helped found 40 years ago has plishment as a truly pioneering organization. This matured and progressed as well. Truly this is the past year we have taken time to celebrate that history, year for reflection, and for us all to take stock of our many accomplishments as ICCR kicking off the year with another spectacular annual special event in New York assumes its rightful place in both the legacy and the new age of corporate responsibility. City last September and for our annual general meeting this past June, we had a week of During this past year, members and staff have engaged in significant collaborative solid work and festive celebration in Chicago. efforts to implement ICCR’s new program area priorities, and all are to be commended for Since that time I’ve noticed a deepening sense of awe as we’ve reflected on the accom- the progress achieved and the foundation they have laid for future work. Consistent with plishments and progress made since ICCR’s founding in 1971. our mission of leading from a perspective of faith, safeguarding human rights continues to In my brief introduction to this year’s report, I won’t even try to describe the arc of drive ICCR members’ efforts to transform the corporate world. This summer’s release of ICCR’s four decades of engagement. The persistence and commitment of our members ICCR’s new Social Sustainability Resource Guide is another example of the splendid col- as they have worked to build a more just and sustainable corporate world is impossible to laboration of members, staff and our network of allies, including some of the world’s most capture in a few short paragraphs. I can share that throughout this year ICCR has put forth influential companies and NGOs. The SSRG showcases best practices to measure the social a strong and intentional effort to ensure the story of our first forty years is preserved, docu- impact of initiatives that help build a more sustainable world. The work is still in its infancy, mented, reviewed, and reflected upon. but it advances the corporate responsibility conversation immeasurably, and we are eager to As I compose this letter, my fifth introduction to this annual document, I continue to see this innovative tool put into practice in the field. We invite your continued feedback and be profoundly moved by the extraordinary accomplishments of everyone involved in ICCR’s input to help make the SSRG an even more effective tool in the future. mission. First and foremost of course is the contribution of our members and their corpo- As we recall our four decades of service and the challenges along the way, we appreci- rate partners: their inspired faith and commitment to real progress never wavers. This year, ate the record of influence we have built, evidenced by the enduring and respectful relation- the accomplishments of my colleagues on ICCR’s staff were especially noteworthy, with the ships between ICCR members and our corporate partners. We recognize the tremendous SACREDlaunch of a new, AND improved member networking site and the publication of ICCR’s RITES and vastly strides made by many of the companies we have worked with, and roundly applaud them HUMAN Social Sustainability Resource Guide in addition to their steadfast efforts on behalf of our Trusted Consultants on Water RIGHTS Leaders in Sustainable Water Use for their progress. Know that we will persist in asking the important questions and raising Sustainability Initiatives At the one-year anniversary of the UN’s Emerging Strategic Area: Water shared goals. the right concerns as we work together to promote just and sustainable business practices. I have only been a part of ICCR’s work for a fraction of its history and yet I have the Water scarcity and the externalities of adoption of the Human Right to Water, We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the founding ICCR members who have privilege of representing this body of work at gatherings around the globe. The community manufacturing and processing pose a range of several of the companies ICCR members brought us to this pivotal moment. Their enduring commitment and crusading spirit are When ICCR undertook a comprehensive The Freshwater Crisisinvestments as a catalyst for social change? of investors, scholars and activists who continue to be inspired by the faith and commitment water-related risks to businesses, from higher engage have shown tremendous leadership. emblematic of our activist beginnings, and through their legacy a clear path forward has assessment and prioritization of our issue Although access to water is a human right of ICCR’s members continues to grow. By working together, we can insure that the next costs due to scarce supplies, to major business The Coca Cola Company has developed a been forged for the next generation of shareholder advocates: we owe them all an enor- work in 2010, something fundamental that we recognized by the United Nations, over 1 disruptions from loss of license to operate and state-of-the-art facility-level water risk assess- forty years will be just as remarkable as the first. mous debt of gratitude. have always understood emerged about the billion people presently lack safe water for For all of us who are committed to ICCR’s future, let’s agree that Walter Pitkin had it reputational damage. ment and management program for its global As Nelson Mandela said, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds many more hills essence of our organization: what has defined consumption and sanitation. The freshwater Said Christina Herman of the Missionary operations. Said Herman, “While Coke has not right when he opined that “life begins at forty!” to climb.” We pause briefly at this 40 year summit to admire the view and, with a renewed us from our inception and continues to distin- that sustains all life constitutes less than 3% Oblates of Mary Immaculate, “We approach yet gone public with a human right to water With gratitude for your hard work and generous support, sense of purpose, continue forward. guish our work from other investor coalitions of the earth’s water, and only one third of this the process of corporate dialogue with a deep policy, it has some of the best water data and With appreciation to all, is our social justice focus. For while we are is accessible, making our current patterns of commitment to the common good. Compa- management practices in the world.” very active on environmental and governance water use deeply unsustainable. nies concerned both to do the right thing, and Continues Herman, “The company has concerns, the lens through which we view all With agriculture accounting for close to aware of the value of their brand listen closely invested millions in important watershed Laura Berry Susan Smith Makos our issue work is clearly a human rights lens… 70% of the world’s water use, and industry to our feedback on their plans and operations. conservation and sustainable community water how communities and the people living in 22%, corporations can play a key role in help- This has been particularly true in the area of programs in poor areas across the globe in an them are impacted by business practices is ing alleviate the freshwater crisis. In many water, which is vital to life itself. Not only is effort to offset its own water use.” what spurs us to action. water-scarce parts of the world, water allocated poor water management a reputational risk, Meanwhile, as a result of dialogues with 2 IN TE RF A ITH CE N TE R F O R CO RP O RA TE RE SP O N SIBILITY When we surveyed our many initiatives N G ST OCK: SH A P I N G T H E N EW A G E I Nreduces theE RESP ON SI B I L I T Y but it threatens the very communities – and T A KI to multinational corporations CORP ORA T 3 the Jesuits, Bunge has used the World Business last year it also became evident that there were amount available for individual and domestic hence the markets – on which the companies Council for Sustainable Development’s “Water Annula_Report.indd 4 8/26/11 11:22 AM two overarching “bridges” connecting the vast uses such as subsistence farming. Annula_Report.indd 5 8/26/11 11:22 AM depend.” Tool” to identify 17 of its facilities that are majority of our work. Food and water, sacred For nearly a decade, ICCR Members have Anna Bradley, Consultant for Socially Re- near or adjacent to areas of water stress. The to most faith traditions, have been identified engaged key business sectors such as energy, sponsible Investing for the Jesuit Conference, company also formed a new Water Taskforce as the two strategic priority areas where the food and beverages on water issues. What further clarifies ICCR’s aims: “We are seeking to educate its operating units on water risks synergies across so many of our initiatives are distinguishes ICCR’s work from that of many to make meaningful, systematic and compa- and to seek appropriate solutions. concentrated. Said Nadira Narine, Program other NGOs working for water justice is its rable reporting on water a standard corporate And according to Patricia Jones, Envi- Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility Director of Strategic Initiatives, “ICCR mem- emphasis on the importance of measuring practice globally.” ronmental Justice Program Manager of the bers will intentionally focus future corporate social risk. Says Narine, “ICCR is developing As investors and stakeholders in the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, engagements to ensure that the human right criteria that will not only help protect against long-term success of these companies, ICCR “PepsiCo has set the high water mark for to water and food is a major thrust in our the growing threat of water scarcity, but will members help companies measure their water private sector bulk-water users by adopting (ICCR) program work going forward.” ensure the right of all people to sufficient, safe, footprints and implement programs that will the first human right to water policy, and by acceptable, physically accessible, and affordable help them achieve their water sustainability beginning negotiations with civil society and water, which is the definition of the Human goals. Says Bradley, “We are asking companies affected communities to implement a human Right to Water.” to measure impact beyond their own industrial right to water impact assessment of its New York, NY ‘fence-lines’, and assess the water risks posed operations.” “This is an exceptional year for ICCR. Their work over 40 years to address some of the planet’s toughest issues is indeed a legacy to be celebrated. Over the years, The Coca- by their contract farmers and other major Our corporate partners’ leadership in Cola Company built a relationship of trust and respect with ICCR as we worked together suppliers.” setting meaningful goals for increased water to address many challenges facing our company. This collaboration on a range of issues efficiency, and in providing more systematic from workplace rights to water stewardship has truly led to improvement in our policies disclosure of water risks gives us real hope and practices.” that we will be able to successfully navigate the water challenges that lie ahead. Mark Preisinger, Director of Corporate Governance, The Coca-Cola Company Annual Reports 2011, 2012 6 INTERFAITH CENTER FOR CORPORATE R ESPONSIBILITY TA KING STO C K: SHA PING THE NEW A G E IN C O RPO RA TE RESPO NSIBILITY 7 Annula_Report.indd 8 8/26/11 11:22 AMAnnula_Report.indd 9 8/26/11 11:22 AM T AKI NG ST OCK: SHAPI NG T HE NEW AGE I N CORPORAT E RESPONSI B I LI T Y 10 Annula_Report.indd 1 8/26/11 11:22 AM
  • 15. I C C R ’ S S O C I A L S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y R E S O U R C E G U I D E Building Sustainable Communities through Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action Multi-Party Collaboration 40 Years of Faithful Investments in justice and sustainability In the early 1970s, a handful of faith-based organizations with investments in companies doing business in Apartheid South Africa joined forces and petitioned corporations to withdraw from the country until the shameful practice was eradicated: and thus, a movement was born. Currently celebrating its 40th year, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility remains the pioneer coalition of active shareowners who view the management of their investments as a catalyst for promoting justice and sustainability in the world. Comprising nearly 300 organizations including faith communities, SRI asset management firms, universities, pension funds and unions with collective assets totaling over $100 billion, ICCR members help shape corporate policy on a host of environmental, social and economic justice concerns. Anti-Apartheid Demonstration, 1980 Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility Transforming the Corporate World for the Common Good Harnessing their power as active shareowners, ICCR members promote corporate (ICCR) transformation from the inside by partnering with management to implement just and sustainable practices that ensure long-term business growth while improving environmental and social impacts. With 40 years of experience in corporate engagement with some of the world’s biggest companies, ICCR members are a respected voice in the development of corporate social responsibility policies. A few examples of the many issues our members address are: human trafficking and supply Reports and Magazines 2011, 2012 chain accountability, access to affordable medicines and health care, the reformation of our financial services sector, governance policies including executive compensation and corporate political contributions, and a host of environmental impacts. ICCR member Dialogue with Hormel, October 2010 The ICCR Alliance: Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action ICCR’s global network includes like-minded investor coalitions, NGOs, academics, CSR thought leaders, faith-based and grass roots organizations, and public policymakers that together form a powerful multi-stakeholder alliance. If you represent an organization with institutional investments, we hope you will consider becoming a member of our coalition. There are also many ways for individuals to participate in and support our work and you can learn about them by visiting our website For further information about ICCR institutional membership opportunities, contact our Member Relations Associate, Allison Lander at 212-870-2984 or Reimagining Global Prosperity, October 2010 As we look towards the next 40 years, we hope you will join us on our continuing journey to create a more just and sustainable world. ICCR_Flyer.indd 1 4/1/11 3:48 PM er rate Examin No. 7, Sp ring 2012 orpo Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action Vol. 37, The C The Corporate Examiner Vol. 37, No. 8, Summer 2012 ent The Sil y Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action Majorit Fin ds Its The Company We KeepSSRG_Covers.indd 3 5/18/11 2:14 PM Voice n to Actio mitted h, Com by Fait Inspired Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action n to Actio mitted h, Com by Fait Inspired Inspired by Faith, Committed to Action
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