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William Locke, Head of Learning and Teaching, HEFCE on the new arrangements for teaching funding

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Overview of the consultation

  1. 1. Consultation on teachingfunding and student numbers for 2012-13 William Locke, Head of Learning and Teaching Overview of proposals
  2. 2. Presentation outline• Two stage consultation process• Phasing out funding for old-regime students 2012- 13 onwards• Funding method for new-regime students in 2012- 13• Student number controls• Possible use of data from 2013-14
  3. 3. Estimated teaching grant 2012-13 £3,228M
  4. 4. Stage 1 consultationDeadline for responses: 2 September 2011• Phasing out mainstream funding for old-regime students• Non-mainstream funding in 2012-13 for both old-regime and new-regime students• Funding in 2012-13 related to new-regime students studying high cost subjects• Controlling student numbers and introducing dynamism in 2012-13• Monitoring and addressing vulnerable provision from 2012-13 onwards• Giving early indications about some other aspects of data and funding from 2013 onwards
  5. 5. Mainstream funding for old-regimestudents (teach out) Funding rates x student volume x scaling factor• Funding rates based on 2011-12 student population o Institutional rates per FTE calculated for each price group, mode and level of study• Student volume (3 data points)• Scaling factor (affordability)
  6. 6. Three stage process for allocating 2012-13 grantMarch 2012 March 2013 2014 • Based on • Based on • Final forecast updated allocation to 2012-13 2012-13 reflect as student student necessary numbers numbers and changes to and 2011-12 funding rates 2012-13 funding updated as numbers rates necessary
  7. 7. Consultation question 1Following the changes to fundingfor higher education agreed bythe Government, we need tophase out the mainstreamteaching funding relating to old-regime students. Do you haveany comments on our proposedapproach?
  8. 8. Non-mainstream funding• Take account of reductions to HEFCE’s teaching grant from 2012-13• For each targeted allocation consider whether it should be phased out or continued o Some phased out o Others continued as an interim measure for 2012-13 prior to review
  9. 9. Consultation question 2Given the reductions toHEFCE’s teaching grant from2012-13, do you have anycomments on our proposal thatcertain non-mainstreamallocations should be phasedout, and others continued as aninterim measure in 2012-13?
  10. 10. Mainstream funding for new-regime students in 2012-13Our aims in allocating this c£113m:• Complexity is proportionate to funding available• Avoid introducing significant data collection requirements• Maximises predictability• Reflects Government policy
  11. 11. Mainstream funding for new-regime students Rates of funding for full-time undergraduates Price group 2011-12* Approximate (£) 2012-13 rates for new students (£) A 13,335 10,000 B 4,894 1,500 C 3,426 0 D 2,325 0* 2011-12 notional mainstream grant rates excludingLondon weighting and partial completion
  12. 12. Consultation question 3 Following government changes to funding for higher education, we need to change the way HEFCE provides teaching grant for new- regime students. Do you have any comments on our proposed approach for 2012-13?
  13. 13. Student number controlsProposal to implement Government policy to increasecompetition and dynamism in student numbers tofacilitate student choice• Removal of AAB+ equivalent from SNC o Government intention to extend beyond AAB+ population in future years• Create a ‘margin’ of 20,000 student places o Allocate to institutions with average FT fee £7,500 or less and can demonstrate high quality o Government intention to extend margin in future years
  14. 14. Consultation question 4We have been asked by theGovernment to removestudents achieving AAB+equivalent from the studentnumber controls. Do you haveany comments on ourproposed method ofimplementing this?
  15. 15. Consultation question 5 The Government has asked us to consult on a core/margin approach to re-allocating places towards lower fee provision in order to increase choice, competition and fee diversity. Do you have any comments on our proposed method of implementation?
  16. 16. Probable use of data from 2013-14Implications for 2011-12 data returns• Proposal that our funding be based on HESA/ILR data• Funding for new regime students in 2013-14 will be based on HESA/ILR return for 2011-12• Early survey of students for government and HEFCE planning not funding purposes• Funding allocated based on the amount students actually study• Proposal on use of credit awarded• May consider how subject of study is determined
  17. 17. Consultation question 6Do you have any comments onthe impact(s), positive ornegative, that the proposals inthis consultation will have onequality and diversity?
  18. 18. Consultation on teachingfunding and student numbers for 2012-13 William Locke, Head of Learning and Teaching