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License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up
License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up
License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up
License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up
License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up
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License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in up


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  • 1. License issued for 8 new slaughter houses in UP, India - 10,000 to 20,000 animals slaughtering per dayJai Jinendra to all,Below is an article about opening up of more slaughterhouses in India. Please read the article and kindlypublicize this to the maximum and do everything possible to protest this action of Gov. of U.P. India. Pleasenote that Jain Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji is on his Fast unto death from April 26, 2011 at Baraut, Baagpat(U.P) in protest of licenses to new slaughter houses.I would like add the following information for your consideration to make our appeal more effective andpowerful:In ancient time the root cause of the existence of all animal slaughter houses was the consumption of meat byhuman beings. Milk producing cows were raised by individual families and were treated part of thefamily. Also agricultural farming was not developed to support the food requirements of human populationand hence milk and its products were essential for our survival.In modern time, the root causes of the existence of all animal slaughter houses are the consumption of meatand dairy products by human beings. Since Jains are vegetarians but most of them consume dairyproducts. Hence we are also the part of the problems in the creation and expansion of modernslaughterhouses.Also the capacity of the modern agricultural farming is such that it can feed the world three times over and stillwill have surplus grains and vegetables. The milk and other dairy products are not essential for ourexistence. Cows milk is meant for baby calves not for humans.Also the cruelty associated with modern dairy products is beyond our imagination. Following informationhighlights the cruelty to the dairy animals (cows and buffalos etc..). This applies to more than 95% of milkproducing animals throughout the world including India.
  • 2. Following is the summary of practices of modern dairy farms:· Every milk-producing cow is slaughtered around 5 - 6 years of age.· Every year during 2 to 5 years of their age, they are forced (mostly artificial insemination) to producemore calves to replace the cows that are slaughtered and to meet increase demand.· 80% of the male baby calves are slaughtered by age of 6 months by veal industry or in 3 years by beefindustry.· To maximize milk production, cows are fed hormones. Modern dairy cows produce 3 times more milkthan their natural ability to produce milk and hence their body breaks down within 5 years and then the milk isyield reduced significantly. This time they are sent to slaughter slaughterhouse.· Western dairy farms and also several places in India add about 20% feed which contains slaughterhousewaste. Cows are not vegetarians any more under modern dairy farm practices.Hence let us decide collectively to stop consuming dairy products and use of dairy products in Jain rituals,and then our appeal will be more effective and powerful because it will have power of true Jain non-violence with it.Sincerely,Pravin K ShahJAINA Education CommitteeRaleigh NC USA919-859-4994
  • 3. Jay Jinendra,With the U. P. Government is giving licenses to new abattoirs in the state, there’s simply no way that we can ignore the cries ofthe Lakhs of innocent animals who fall victim to this barbaric cruelty and mass butchering. All the proposed ultra modernslaughter houses will have capacity to butcher 10,000-20,000 animals per day and the meat will be exported out of India.You all aware that U.P. Govt has issued licenses to 8 new Slaughter Houses. These slaughter houses are against the humanity andmeans of destroying animal wealth of the state. In protest, Jain Monk Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji has started his fast untodeath from 26th April 2011 at Baraut, Distt. Baagpat, Uttar Pradesh. Locals from the surrounding area and various organisationshave given their support to the Honorable saint but nothing fruitful has been achieved till date. Local administration there hasimposed section 144 in the city and disrupting the non violence agitation for no good reason and adopting tactics to discouragethe public.We all know that the slaughter house licenses have been given for the benefit of few companies. Neither the Uttar Pradesh northe country will benefit in any way by opening of such cruel and barbaric slaughter houses. See our article on ‘benefits fromanimal wealth: is enough. We’re standing up against the mandate of Government of U. P. State by any means necessary in support of JainMonk Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji, and we need your help to stop these horrible projects of animal slaughter for good.Here are 5 ways that you can take action and spread the word to all your friends and family: 1. Start Group Prayers ( 1-2 hours Paath of Namokar Mantra/ Gayatri Mantra/ Hanuman Chalisa/ Ramayan/Bhaktamar Stotra/Gurwani Kirtan etc) in your nearest Temple/Gurudwara or Community Hall for the success of campaign against slaughter housesand better health of Muni Shri Maitri Prabh Sagarji.. 2. Spread the word about “Scrap the Slaughter House Policy” and help expose Government’s shameful secret through emails,sms, blogs, websites etc. 3. Do you have 10 minutes to save animals? Share this film on animal killings: economic loss to India, which reveals the truefacts about the massacre and the loss of taxpayer money each year. 4. No religion in this world supports killing of animals. Watch ABKHVS’s vegetarian quotes video and then share it on Facebookand anywhere else! 5. Have you seen what happens to cows in India? Watch this shocking video that will open your eyes to India’s cruel cowslaughter. TARGET 500 EMAILS DAILY TO MISS MAYAWATI, CM OF UTTAR PRADESH:Please help us keep the pressure on Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Central Government – write emails/fax/post cards toUP Govt. officials / start Signature Campaign in your locality/area to and tell them to stop the Scrap the Slaughter House Policy forgood.Following are the target email ids: 1. Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh: 2. PR Department: CM office, Uttar Pradesh: 3. Directorate of Environment, Uttar Pradesh:"Go veggie, quit leather articles, this is the only way you can help in saving the environment from climate change, rising watercrisis.16 lakhs litres of water are needed daily to keep ONE moderate sized slaughterhouse clean. That is drinking water for 30 lakhspeople. India has got 40,000+ slaughterhouses. Can water and energy starved country like India really afford to kill cattleanymore?”
  • 4. SAMPLE LETTER TO BE SENT TO AUTHORITIESTo,Ms. Mayawati,Chief Minister, U.P.RE – Serious concern about establishment of new slaughter houses in the state of Uttar PradeshRespected Madam,Your Government has issued licenses for establishment of new slaughter houses in the state of Uttar Pradesh. I believe that thecomplete facts have not been given to you on the issue else you would have not given your approval. Therefore, I would like toput some concern before you:No economic benefits can be derived by killing of innocent animals by the people or the Govt except the Company, which isinvolved. I would rather say that your Government can earn 5-10 times more benefits by the conservation of these creatures ofthe God in comparison to export of their meat (kindly analyze the data release by Central Statistical Organisation, GOI, 2009) .Cattle are the life line of villagers, they give milk, dung for fuel, manure for farming, and transportation for villagers, conservationof environment etc. They are useful in many other ways.Moreover, slaughterhouses are big threat to the environment. The whole world has accepted this fact and moving towardsgreener path and adopting vegetarian die to control Global warming. Many nations have started closing of slaughter houses; Indiais the land of Mahavira, Gautam Buddha, Ram-Krishna, who taught us the lesson of Ahimsa. Jain Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji is onhis Fast unto death at Baraut, Baagpat since last 8 days in protest of licenses to new slaughter houses, you should be aware. I amaware that you have great respect towards sadhus and Indian culture of Ahimsa/jeevdaya.We request you to look into the matter and ask the concerned department to reconsider their decision and withdraw it. Pleasecancel the new licenses of slaughter houses with immediate effect. I am sure that your stand to promote Ahimsa/Jeevdaya willbring you greater support and honour from the Aam Aadmi.Regards,Your NamePlaceEmail:
  • 5. Addresses/Contact Information of other officersYou can also start sending Post cards/ fax/emails to:1. Ku. Mayawati,Chief Minister, U. P.Office of the Chief Minister,Lucknow, U. P.Office: 0522-2236181, 2239296, 2215501Residence: 2236838, 2236985Permanent address:C- 57, INDRAPURI, NEW DELHI – 110 012Phone no. 011-23356363, 233565652.2. Director, Department of Information & Public Relations,Government of Uttar Pradesh,Suchna Bhawan, Park RoadLucknow – 2260013. Shri Pradeep Kumar Jain "Aditya”Union Minister of State, Rural DevelopmentPermanent Address:52, Gusain Pura, Jhansi,Uttar PradeshTels. (0510) 2440030Cell no. 09871103294Present Address:78, Lodhi Estates,New Delhi -110 003Tels. (011) 23388879 (O), 24644994 (R)Fax. (011) 24644996 (R) 23388827 (O)