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scanners and plotters
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scanners and plotters


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. CONTENTS---  Introduction to scanners.  Types of scanners – I. Flatbed scanner. II. Hand-held scanner. III. Optical mark reader.  Limitation of image scanners.  Introduction to plotters.  Types of plotters- I. Drum plotter. II. Flatbed plotter.
  • 3. Scanners are input devices which allow data entry from source document directly.
  • 4.  It is an input device, translates paper document into electronic format, as an input to a computer.  Input can be type, text, pictures, even handwritten material also.  Useful for preserving paper documents, a document stored in computer does not deteriorate in quality with age.  It can be printed or displayed whenever required. We can also alter and manipulate the stored images.
  • 5.  Eliminate manual entry of data , thus improves data accuracy.  Automatic entry of data with their use improves data accuracy , increase timeliness of information processed.  Demand high quality source document , rejects-poorly typed documents or strikeover documents or documents having erasures.  Form design and ink specification is more critical with the use of these devices as compare to keyboard for data entry.
  • 6. Types of scanner--- FLATBED SCANNER HAND-HELD SCANNER
  • 7.  It is like a copier machine.  Consist of a box having a glass plate on its top, lid that covers a glass plate.  Activated glass plate moves horizontally from one end to another.  After scanning one line, light beam moves up a little to scan other line , process continues till the scanning finishes.  Takes 20 seconds to scan a document of 21*28 cm in size.  They are costly as compare to hand-held scanner.  User can hold them in hand conveniently.  It has a case of light emitting diodes incased in a small case.  For scanning, user drags it slowly from one end to other of a document when its light is on.  User must drag it slowly and smoothly for the correct conversion of document to its equivalent bit map.  User use them when they have less number of documents.  They are cheaper than flatbed scanner.
  • 8.  If a document stored in the computer as an image instead of text , than it is not possible to do any word processing.  Storage space required for storing the document as an image is much more than that required for storing a text document.
  • 9.  It is a scanner , which recognize pre- specified type of mark made by pencil or pen.  The technique used by OMR devices for recognition of marks on document involves–: Focusing a light beam on the document and detecting the reflected light pattern from the marks.
  • 10.  A plotter is an ideal output device for architects, city planners, engineers' and others who need to generate high precision, hard copy, graphic output of varying size.
  • 11. Two types of plotters are- Drum plotter Flatbed plotter
  • 12.  It consist of a drum, 1 or more penholders mounted perpendicular to the drum’s surface.  Drum rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise to produce vertical motion.  The pens move right to left and left to right to produce horizontal motion.  Graph plotting software controls the movement of drum and pens.  User can produce multi colored designs by mounting pens having ink in different colors in different folders.
  • 13.  Consist of a rectangular flatbed table, 1 or more penholder mounted perpendicular to the table’s surface.  A graph plotting software is also there.  Plots design on paper sheet spread and fix over the table.  Paper doesn’t move and pen holder provide all necessary motion to draw designs.  Plot size restricted by the area some are as small as A4 size and some are very large to make designs of bed , ships , aircraft etc.  Some plotters also etch on plastic and metal plates , for that the pen has a sharp- edged needle.