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Stanford company presentation

  1. 1. KAI XO
  2. 2. 01. Kaixo > Company PresentationBrief presentationWe are a cultural association that through its history and experimentation andlearning of their people, has accumulated a deep knowledge of Basque culture.And in particular, the years of experience support our remarkable ability torecover and develop our culture.
  3. 3. Mission
  4. 4. 02. Kaixo > MissionIn response to our commitment to restore and develop the Basque cultureAnd because of the knowledge and experience we have achieved to do so,In .... We propose to offer a solution of Basque cultural tourism. DISCLOSE our knowledge of Basque culture Tourism + Basque Culture Tourism on Basque Culture
  5. 5. 02. Kaixo > Misió n “Spread basque culture identity all over the world thorugh travel Desinging and offering basque culture based travel experiences through which the travellers intend to widen their knowledge and acquire deep understanding of minority cultures.”
  6. 6. Strategic Goals
  7. 7. 03. Kaixo > Strategic goals Basque Culture Tourism Awaken foreigner´ s interest for learning and discovering the origin and evolution of our language. Develop and pass on knowledge and experiences that help as spreading our culture identity abroad. Cultivate the atmosphere which favoures the exchange of people’s custom, tradition and way of life.
  8. 8. Our understanding of the Basque Culture: vision
  9. 9. 04. Kaixo > Our understanding of the Basque CultureKaixo’s good-will statement :• We will transmit a positive image and reputation of the Basque Culture.• Well do it from a partial point of view; We don´ t pretend to cover everything asif it was a “master”.• We won´ t be restrictive; We will integrate and consider each and every culturalexpression.• We are not academic: We are educational and intend to teach and share whatwe know.• Well work under the premise of ther participació n.
  10. 10. Value proposition
  11. 11. 05. Kaixo >Value proposition Kaixo Basque Tourism Agency= Cultural Heritage Tourism: • Basque: As particular interpretation of ethnic and identity tourism of a culture. Understanding as an alive culture: Tradition + Modernity. • Educational: Intellectual motivations with deep learning/acquisition of knowledge that increases the profit of experiences. • Experiential: Participatory experiences to transform them into something memorable. • Human: As a place for encounter and dialogue between people by generating an emotional connection.
  12. 12. 05. Kaixo >Unique Selling proposition3 levels of motivation:•Different and unique experiences.•Establishing relationships with other people.•Understanding / Acquisition of knowledge. Experiences Human Contact ¡¡innovative!! Knowledge
  13. 13. 05. Kaixo> Unique Selling proposition Differential Keys: • Basque: as purpose, it isn’t a means. • Educational: learning/acquisition of knowledge. “Diferencial key, through the transmission of knowledge, for the enhancement of the Basque Culture ". Other keys: • Experiential: fun, participatory. • Human: intimate, close, shared. Establishing lasting bonds. Other keys of competitiveness (an operating level): • Management Experience: receptive skills. • Prestige: reputation among offer intermediaries. • Promocionalization: promotion and sale at the same time/ channel. Online channel as a key element.
  14. 14. Program prototype
  15. 15. 06. Kaixo > Program prototypeKaixo develops cultural travel programs for groups interested in learning Basquecultural Identity. From the map of cultural events, to our knowledge, definesBasque culture will design programs capable of transmitting knowledge andproviding extraordinary experiences for visitors.This program will have the right mix of information and experience, and willinclude the participation of members of the group experts Zenbat Gara and hisextensive and valuable network of relationships.Kaixo programs may be:On demand: in an initial phase, we will consider the characteristics andinterests of the visiting group to design a program that meets your needs moreclarifiers knowledge and experiences more rewarding for each individual case.Predesigned: subsequently, and without leaving customized programs, we willhave more knowledge to establish fixed programs to which any interested partymay join individually
  16. 16. 06. Kaixo > Program prototypeAll these cultural manifestations can fit in Kaixo: sociology, dressing, eating, drinking, industry, die, sports, holiday, nature, geography, government, history, living, communications, culture, education, language, religion, communications, art
  17. 17. AssignmentInterviews to validate our business model
  18. 18. Interview model1. Which of these statements do you identify with? Mark an X beside the statements.
  19. 19. 2. Which needs do you look for in your travels? Mark an X beside needs.3. In your travels, have you managed to satisfy those needs?4. How do you get it? If you haven’t got it, why? (organization, programme, etc.)5. ¿Does the following travel proposal satisfy your expectations? Travel of cultural heritage, with a high learning and strong relationships with natives.6- Which of these features are the most important for you at the time of choosing a travel? On a scale of 1-5, 1 being “not at all” and 5 being “very”. Identity _____ Educational _____ Experiential _____ Human _____
  20. 20. 1st IntervieweeProfile of the intervieweeName: Ana GutierrezProfession: Freelance, with strong interest on minority cultures.Age: between 30-40
  21. 21. 2nd IntervieweeProfile of the intervieweeName: Elena AguirreProfession: Tourist guideAge: between 30-40
  22. 22. 3rd IntervieweeProfile of the intervieweeName: Gorka InorizaProfession: Teacher of Philology at the UNEDAge: between 30-40
  23. 23. 4th IntervieweeProfile of the intervieweeName: Maria ArceProfession: Teacher of Anthropology at the UPVAge: between 30-40
  24. 24. Conclusions & ResultsMore adverse outcomes have occurred in the key differentiating of our proposal. Indeed, theIDENTITY VALUE does not raise any interest, which is presented as a weakness, while theEDUCATIONAL ASPECT is configured as a remarkable strength.The reason why identity has received very little acceptance may be due to: 1. We have not transmitted the idea successfully 2. The Interviewees are not interested in that aspect.We opted for the first option, as are profiles that identify the characteristics associatedwith these key value (identity and educational).Another conclusion drawn after analyzing the results, is that there is no supplyaparentement market that resembles our value proposition.