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Fifa11 prima

  1. 1. NEW FEATURESBuilding on the success oflast year’s multiple-award-winning FIFA 10, FIFA 11 setsa new bar for match and playerauthenticity. New features  like Personality+, the ProPassing System, and AdvancedGoalkeeper Awareness willtake your gameplay to a newlevel. This chapter gives you acomplete rundown of everythingyou need to know about thenew features in FIFA 11.
  2. 2. NEW FEATURES INTRODUCTION The realistic gameplay of FIFA 10 garnered the title fifty sports game of the year awards. FIFA 11 expands on the already incredible gameplay of the FIFA series to provide gamers with the ultimate football experience. With the introduction of Personality+, the Pro Passing System, new skill moves and more, you’ll enjoy hours and hours of great gaming. This season’s offering is packed with new features and the further perfecting of what was already a solid title last year. Let’s take a look at what’s new in FIFA 11. WHAT’S NEW IN FIFA 11 PERSONALITY+ Adding even more authenticity, Personality+ also influences how each player looks, with a new range of body types and dribbling-run styles to further differentiate between individual players on the pitch. New animations will also add an individual take on player responses to a variety of situations, like tackling and jostling. Personality+ even extends to how the players celebrate, allowing you to perform their trademark celebration and interact with their teammates when a goal is scored.  PERSONALITY+ GOALKEEPER Kaká delivers a crisp shot into the goal Brand new for FIFA 11 is the Personality+ system. Every player in the game is graded on a set of 36 attributes and 57 traits, based on their real-life skills and play style. The resulting massive database is what drives the Personality+ system, and gives every player in FIFA 11 the most authentic, individualized performance yet in a football video game. On or off the ball, every player will behave like their real-life football counterparts; whether it’s Rooney’s power shots on goal, Iniesta’s versatility and one-touch passes, or Kaká’s smooth, precise dribbling, players’ abilities on the pitch are mirrored in FIFA 11. FIFA 11 boasts realistic goalkeeper reach and reaction times Goalkeepers also receive the benefi ts of the Personality+ system in FIFA 11. Is your keeper acrobatic or more traditional? Their play style will be reflected in the game. A database of dive and reflex attributes will determine how far a goalkeeper can reach, and how fast he can react. You’ll see Petr Cech’s size advantage, or Hugo Lloris’s shotstopping skill under pressure play out realistically in the box. NOTE Get a sense of a player’s personality by checking out their specialty badges. In the Squad option on the Team Management menu, badges are displayed next to each player’s Cristiano Ronaldo takes a header toward the goal name. A complete list of player specialties, plus a selection of key players’ personality traits, appear at the end of this chapter. 2 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  3. 3. PRO PASSING SYSTEM BE A PRO: GOALKEEPERFIFA 10 made great strides in eliminating the feeling of “ping-pong”passes that affected earlier generations of the game. Players becamebetter at analyzing the space around them, enabling pinpoint passesand providing a more realistic sense of gameplay. With FIFA 11,EA SPORTS introduces the Pro Passing system to take passingauthenticity another step further. Now, passing accuracy is truly inyour hands! The game takes into account the skill of the player andthe situation on the pitch, but it is your ability on the control pad thatultimately drives the success of your passes. Making the wrongdecisions on the thumbsticks will increase the likelihood of over- orunder-striking the ball and passing errors will ensue. The pro passingsystem also introduces some new types of passes, like swervepasses, that give you some safer options for effective plays. The keeper punches the ball out of the danger zone FIFA fans already know the excitement of playing as a professional footballer thanks to the Be A Pro feature. FIFA 11 introduces Be A Pro: Goalkeeper, which places control of all 22 players on the pitch in your hands for the first time in a football videogame.  You’re in possession of the ball, and your teammate is open fora pass Nice save! Experience the thrill of playing as a goalkeeper, and play FIFA in a brand new way. Reacting as a goalkeeper instead of a field player requires a totally different way of thinking, and a challenging new set of skills to master. Ultimately, you want to keep a clean sheet, and there are different strategies for keeping the ball out of the goal depending on whether you’re defending one on one, predicting the direction of a free kick, or keeping an eye on the corner. Customize the difficulty of your Be A Pro: Goalkeeper play by choosing fromMake the right decisions, and your skill on the control pad results three degrees of AI assistance: assisted, semi-assisted, and a perfect pass You can also compete in Career Mode as a goalkeeper. 3 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  4. 4. ADVANCED GOALKEEPER AWARENESS CAREER MODE The goalkeeper goes for the save Build your career as a Player, Manager, or Player Manager On the real football pitch, the goalkeeper is constantly assessing the The FIFA 11 development team took in all the feedback they received match, anticipating attacks, and reacting intelligently to threats on about FIFA 10’s Manager Mode, and they have put that input to work their goals. In FIFA 11, advanced goalkeeper awareness means that in the form of the all new Career Mode. In FIFA 11’s Career Mode, your goalie will perform in the same realistic way, whether it’s setting you can choose to play as a Player, a Manager, or a Player Manager. off at a sprint to intercept a loose ball or scrambling back to the net in Whether your boots are on the pitch, or you’re planning the action a hurry when they find themselves too far ahead of the goal. from the side line, your job is to bring your team up through the ranks, gain accomplishments, and take your career to the Club Legend level. Manage your squad and negotiate transfers using the improved VIRTUAL PRO daily transfer system. Advance from Prospect player through all the levels of play by earning accomplishments, demonstrating skills, and unlocking traits. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the  new Career Mode in our Career Mode chapter, but let’s take a look at the new Player Manager mode now. Player Manager Mode Our Virtual Pro Building on the strides taken by FIFA 10 ’s Virtual Pro, your FIFA 11 created player not only lives across all modes of the game, but you can also take him online for 11 vs. 11 matches. This year, you can advance from a Prospect player to a Club Legend with your Virtual Pro, achieving up to 400 accomplishments as you go. You can even become a real-life footballer by creating a 3D head using Photo Game Face on Upload your likeness and play as Our Virtual Pro takes the field as a Player Manager yourself across any mode. In Career Mode, the play modes are not exclusive. You can start as a player and work your way up through manager to player manager, or you can jump in right away as a Player Manager. The brand new Player Manager mode can be played with a Virtual Pro or a created player, but you cannot play as a real footballer. When you play in Player Manager mode, you are locked to one player that you play on the field, and you can manage the entire squad. This new mode combines all the best elements of managing a team with the thrill of appearing on the pitch and leading your team to victory during the match. Player Manager mode is fully covered in our Career Mode chapter. 4 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  5. 5. CUSTOMIZED CROWD CHANTSNow, you can even customize what you hear in the stadium! From theCustom Music & Chants menu, you have the option to customize theaudio in My Fifa 11, Virtual Pro, and Leagues & Teams. Select yourfavorite music and chants, and you can assign them to play when yourhome club’s players are introduced, during halftime, and after goals.You can also assign customized chants for every team and league.You can even add a customized chant for your Virtual Pro, then hearthe crowds cheering your name as you advance through the ranks!FIFA THEATRE View your downloaded teams or players NOTE Created teams and players cannot be used in ranked game modes. Created players can be used in Career Mode, but created teams cannot. NEW SKILL MOVESReplay your match highlights whenever you want in FIFA TheatreAt any point during a match, you can replay the action so you can  see your glorious moments again. In FIFA 11, you’re given the optionto save your replays and watch them again in FIFA Theatre. Savehighlights from any match, including online, to your hard drive to view,replay, or upload to CENTREThe Creation Centre lets true football fans take their FIFA 11 gameplay to the next level. Go online to to create your own players and teams (real or Getting ready to perform the quick ball roll skill moveimaginary) and use them in your games! Have you always wantedto recreate your favorite team’s biggest victory, or play a match FIFA 11 has added some new skill moves that you will want to be sureas one of football’s all-time best players? With Creation Centre, to try out for yourself: Ball Roll Cut Left or Right, Stop and Turn Leftyou can create any team or player you want, publish them online, or Right, Double Touch Stepover Exit, and Quick Ball Rolls. Look outand then they’re available for anyone to download or rate. You can Robinho, here we come! We will break all the new skill moves down inalso download anyone’s created teams or players; access any the Skill Moves section of the guide. Be sure to check there for moredownloaded content via the Creation Centre option on the My FIFA 11 about how to execute these moves as well as some tips on the bestmenu. situations to employ them. 5 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  6. 6. PLAYER SPECIALITIES Key Player Personalities Benzema, Karim Donovan, Landon Özil, Mesut During matches, you can let your own personal style of play shine Position ST Position RM Position CAM through. Even if you’re specifically working toward performing all the Overall 83 Overall 83 Acceleration: 90 Acceleration: 93 Overall 83 Accomplishments, or unlocking every Trait and Celebration, you’ll Ball Control: 89 Sprint Speed: 87 Stamina: 85 Sprint Speed: 85 Top Shot Power: 86 Vision: 84 Ball Control: 89 have plenty of time to muddy your boots on the pitch and show the Attributes Dribbling: 85 Top Agility: 83 Vision: 88 Finishing: 84 Attributes Ball Control: 83 Dribbling: 87 crowd how it’s done. This is where player specialization comes in. Penalties: 82 Crossing: 83 Reactions: 87 Agility: 86 Agility: 81 Att. Positioning: Top Short Passing: Are you a master of the aerial manoeuvre? Do you dominate in the Badges — 83 Attributes 86 Badges — Spring Speed: midfield? If your Virtual Pro really excels at certain styles of play, you Attacking: MEDIUM Attacking: HIGH 85 Workrate Defensive: Workrate Defensive: Acceleration: can unlock these player specialization badges. MEDIUM MEDIUM 85 Sel sh Speed Dribbler Dribbler; Player Specialties 1-2 Passer Counter Attacker Badges Finesse Shot Takes Finesse Playmaker Traits Technical Traits Style Freekicks Dribbler Specialist Corner Attacking: Speciality Description Example Scandal Prone Wing Player Workrate MEDIUM Skill Move One Time Passer Defensive: The Acrobat uses his athletic ability to get 4 LOW Level Skill Move 3 to balls that other players wont get to. This Level Acrobat F. Torres Cahill, Tim player does many acrobatic clearances and Iniesta Playmaker Position CAM Technical bicycle kicks. Position CAM Dribbler Overall 80 Overall 87 Flair Whether in defense or attack Aerial Threats Jumping: 94 Traits Specialist Heading: 93 Ball Control: 95 Through Ball Aerial Threat dominate in the air. They can jump quite high, J. Terry Att. Positioning: Passing Short: 95 1-2 Passer head the ball well and are usually very tall. 89 Vision: 93 One Time Top Aggression: 87 Top Agility: 92 Passer Attributes Reactions: 87 Attributes Reactions: 91 Dribbling: Clinical Finishers have the technique required Tactical 91 Skill Move Awareness: 86 Passing Long: 90 Level 4 Clinical to be deadly goal scorers from anywhere Composure: 85 Attack. D. Drogba Rooney, Wayne Finisher within 25 yards. They have an eye for the Stamina: 85 Positioning: 89 goal, and will make you pay for your mistakes. Badges Aerial Threat Badges Dribbler; Position ST Attacking: HIGH Playmaker This player is multitalented and excels in Workrate Defensive: Attacking: HIGH Overall 88 Complete a number of key areas of defending, mak- MEDIUM Workrate Defensive: C. Puyol MEDIUM Defender ing him the complete package in terms of Flexibility Aggression: 92 defending. Injury Prone 1-2 Passer Finishing: 92 Traits Power Header Technical Composure: 92 Pushes Forward/ Dribbler Attack. This player is multitalented and excels in a Overlap Finesse Shot Top Positioning: 91 Complete Dives into Tackles Traits One Time Passer Attributes Shot Power: 91 number of key attacking areas, making him L. Messi Specialist Forward Skill Move Strength: 90 the complete Forward package. Level 3 Through Ball Volleys: 89 Flexibility Balance: 89 Carvalho, Ricardo Play Maker  This player is multitalented and excels in a Position CB Skill Move 4 Engine; Complete Level number of key areas of Midfield Play, making C. Ronaldo Overall 84 Badges Strength; Midfielder Kaká Clinical Finisher him the complete Midfield package. Sliding Tackle: 94 Heading: 93 Position CAM Standing Tackle: Attacking: This player is excellent at swinging the ball in 89 Overall 86 HIGH Top Marking: 87 Ball Control: 93 Workrate Defensive: from the wing. They are accurate, serve the Crosser Maicon Attributes Aggression: 87 Composure: 92 HIGH ball with pace, and can bend it around defend- Jumping: 86 Dribbling: 90 ers into dangerous areas. Tactical Top Penalties: 90 Speed Dribbler Awareness: 85 Attributes Long Shots: 89 Long Shot This player not only has a powerful shot, they Strength: 85 Reactions: 88 Taker Distance are accurate from distance. If you get the Badges Tackler Vision: 87 Counter D. Forlan Passing Short: 87 Traits Attacker Shooter ball in open space, don’t be afraid to take a Attacking: LOW Workrate Defensive: HIGH Fans Favourite Dribbler; pop at goal. Badges Playmaker, Argues With Dives into Tackles Distance Shooter O cials This player has excellent ball control and is Traits Injury Prone great at getting around defenders. He will Lone Passer Workrate Attacking: HIGH Defensive: LOW Skill Move 3 Dribbler D. Villa Skill Move Level also likely have a few tricks up his sleeve and 2 Counter Attacker Level Speed Dribbler Vela, Carlos will use them to beat his opponents. Cech, Petr Traits Finesse Shot Position ST This player can run for days. He works harder Position GK Injury Prone Media Darling in both attack and defense than most players Overall 84 Overall 77 Engine M. Essien Skill Move 4 in the world. He is the engine that keeps the GK Re exes: 88 Level team going. GK One-on- Lloris, Hugo Acceleration: Ones: 88 86 FK specialists have spent countless hours on GK Diving: 86 Position GK Dribbling: 85 Top GK Positioning: Sprint Speed: the training ground taking free kicks. Some Attributes 86 85 FK Specialist will be able to curl the ball around the wall, W. Snejder GK Handling: 80 Overall 84 Top Ball Control: 84 Jumping: 79 Attributes Composure: 83 some will get it up over the wall and back Reactions: 77 GK Re exes: 88 Agility: 82 down. GK Kicking: 76 Att. GK One-on- Positioning: 78 This player has exceptional ability to distrib- Badges n/a (goalkeeper) Ones: 86 GK Diving: 86 Curve: 78 ute balls to his teammates. On the ground or Workrate n/a (goalkeeper) Playmaker Xavi Top GK Handling: through the air, he is the guy you want to play Cautious with 85 Badges — Crosses Attributes GK Positioning: through to create chances. Traits Long Thrower 85 Attacking: Puncher GK Kicking: 80 The Poacher excels in Finishing inside the Composure: 75 Workrate HIGH Skill Move 1 Defensive: penalty area both with their feet and with Level Jumping: 71 LOW Poacher N. Anelka their head. They have the ability to turn half Chiellini, Giorgio chances into goals. Badges n/a Wing player Position CB (goalkeeper) Technical Overall 85 Traits Dribbler A speedster is a player who can not only get Tackle Sliding: 91 n/a Finesse Shot Workrate (goalkeeper) Flair Speedster off the mark quickly, but also has a very high A. Robben Marking: 90 top speed. Interceptions: 90 Tackle Standing: Comes For Skill Move 4 Top 90 Crosses Level Players with the Strength speciality are forces Attributes Strength: 88 Acrobatic Save Heading Style to be reckoned with. They are difficult to push Accuracy: 87 Traits Strength W. Rooney Puncher off the ball and use their size and strength to Balance: 86 Avoids using their advantage when defending. Jumping: 85 weaker foot Badges Tackler; Tactician Injury-Free Tacklers have mastered the art of dispos- Attacking: LOW Workrate Defensive: HIGH Skill Move 1 session. They react quickly to the situation Level Tackler R. Ferdinand to read the dribbler and are able to break up Avoids Using more plays than the average defender. Weaker Foot Dives Into Tackles This player is fantastic at reading the game Long Shot Taker Traits Long Throw defensively. He will excel at reading the tra- Power Header Tactician P. Lahm Club jectory of passes, and will react faster off the Identi cation mark to intercept passes. High Skill Move 2 Level 6 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  7. 7.     SKILL MOVES ANDJUGGLING TRICKS Skill moves are not just for show, they can be very effective in FIFA 11. By properly using moves with the right timing, your players can elude their markers and get open in dangerous spaces on the field. In this chapter we will teach you all of the skill moves in the game and give you powerful dribble combinations to break down defenders.
  8. 8. SKILL MOVES AND JUGGLING TRICKS INTRODUCTION Once again, all of the Skill Moves in FIFA 11 are split up into five categories. Each player in the game has a Skill Move rating of 1 to 5 stars. Players with more stars can perform more difficult tricks. Players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi can perform every trick in the book. Other players are a bit more limited. Some tricks use the same control. A higher rated player will give you one particular move, while a lower rated player will execute a simpler version, or might fail altogether. For many of the moves such as Drag Backs, Stepovers and Reverse Stepovers, you can explode out of the move with the Left Thumbstick exit combination. Play around with different Exit Moves as you’ll see some very effective options (and slick animations). We have broken down the Skill Moves into categories based on the number of stars that are required to perform them. Be sure to look at the Skill Move ratings for each player on your team so you can be comfortable with their abilities. To explain how the moves work, we will use a numbering system corresponding to the directions on the Right Thumbstick. For example if you need to push the Right Thumbstick to the right you will see Push Right (3), with 3 corresponding to the direction on the chart below.     These instructions assume that you are facing forward (like in the Arena) and that you have held down the Skill modifier button (l on PS3 or 7 on Xbox 360). Unless otherwise specified the instructions refer to the Right Thumbstick movements you must make. TIP We recommend practicing these moves in the Arena first, and then in an 11 vs. goalkeeper practice match. You will find that changing the camera view will change the directions you need to move the right stick to execute the moves (these instructions are based on the 1 vs. 1 Arena view). Practice using the camera view that you prefer to play in until you have them down. 1 STAR SKILL MOVES JUGGLING Unless you are beating your opponent very badly and just want to rub it in his face a bit, you won’t have too many opportunities to juggle in game. However, juggling is a fun way to pass the time in Arena mode as there are numerous tricks that you have at your disposal. How to Execute: Tap R repeatedly (+ on Xbox 360) Every player has the ability to perform standard juggles. There’s not much to say here. Simply tap the button repeatedly to have your player perform kick-ups. 8 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  9. 9. 2 STAR SKILL MOVES BALL ROLL How to Execute: Hold Left (7) or Hold Right (3) This is a pretty simple move, but it can be very effective as a lane change manoeuvre when a defender is coming at you full speed. Just make a quick roll to the side and accelerate right by him. You will want to make this move in the opposite direction to your opponent’s approach. So if the defender is coming straight on, but towards your right shoulder, roll it to the left side. You can also use this move down in the corner when you have squared up to cross. Defenders will often come at you full speed and a quick roll will give you all the room you need to get your cross in.1 2 3 4      BODY FEINT How to Execute: Flick Left (7) or Flick Right (3) The Body Feint is another very simple move that can be effective in the right places. You are looking to make the defender lean in the wrong direction so that you can go by him in the other. Experiment with different Exit Moves to see which ones you like the best.1 2 3 4 DRAG BACK How to Execute: Flick Left Thumbstick Back (5)—Standing Only This move can only be executed from a standing position. The player pulls the ball back with the sole of his boot. This move is best used to pull the ball out of the path of a lunging defender, or to quickly change directions back towards your own goal. Again, experiment with different types of Exit Moves including a pull behind the standing leg and pull to V move.1 2 3 4 9 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  10. 10. REVERSE STEPOVER How to Execute: Right to Forward (3,2,1) or Left to Forward (7,8,1) The Reverse Stepover fakes as if you are going to cut the ball across your body with the inside of your boot. Instead, you step over and around the front of the ball. The objective is to fool the defender with the fake so that you can explode in the opposite directions. You can perform this move at speed, but we have found it to be most effective when at a dead stop followed by a quick exit. 1 2 3 4 STEPOVER How to Execute: Forward to Right (1,2,3) or Forward to Left (1,8,7) The Stepover (also know as Scissor) fakes as if you are going to cut the ball with the outside of your boot. Your player brings his foot from     behind the ball around the front and to the side. You can perform this move either at a standstill or on the move. You are able to execute multiple stepovers without slowing down too much. You can hit at least three consecutive moves before you start to slow down. Make sure you have plenty of separation between your player and the defender when executing this move, or it will be tackled away quite easily. 1 2 3 4 3 STAR SKILL MOVES 360º ROULETTE How to Execute: Back to Left to Forward to Right (5,6,7,8,1,2,3) or Back to Right to Forward to Left (5,4,3,2,1,8,7) Made most famous by Maradona and Zidane, the 360º Roulette is a spin move that effectively shields the ball from your opponent. This move can quickly get separation for your attacking player so you can make a play on goal. It is very hard for defenders to take the ball away from you, and if they are too aggressive it usually results in a foul. 1 2 3 4 10 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  11. 11. FAKE LEFT GO RIGHTHow to Execute: Right to Back to Left (3,4,5,6,7)This is a variation of the Elastico move for players that only have a 3 Star Skill Move rating. You will perform a body fake to the right and thentake the ball with an explosive step to the left using the outside of his left foot. This move is still effective, but is not as fancy as the Elastico.1 2 3 4FLICK UPHow to Execute: Flick Forward 3x (1,1,1)This particular Skill Move has two main uses. First of all, you can use it to flick the ball up and over an oncoming slide tackle. If you are able     to read the play and predict the tackle, you can flick the ball up and skip away into the open field. Another use for this move is to flick the ballbeach-football-style and crack a volley on goal.1 2 3 4HEEL FLICKHow to Execute: Flick Forward, Back (1,5)This move is similar to the Heel to Heel flick, but will be performed by players that do not have at least a 4 Star Skill Move rating.Not as fancy, but it will still get results.1 2 3 4 11 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  12. 12. 4 STAR SKILL MOVES BALL HOP How to Execute: B (+ on Xbox 360) Mexican player Cuauhtémoc Blanco is given credit for being the first player to use this move. It is typically used to split two defenders who are marking your man. It must be performed from a standing position. You can also use it to jump over a slide tackle, but this is tricky. If you like to play with lots of flair, try executing a Ball Hop and then ripping a volley while the ball is coming down. 1 2 3 4 BALL ROLL CUT     How to Execute: Hold Right, Hold Left Thumbstick Left or Hold Left, Hold Left Thumbstick Right This move is new for FIFA 11. Start with a Ball Roll and cut the ball to the left or right to quickly redirect the ball around an oncoming opponent. 1 2 3 4 FEINT LEFT EXIT RIGHT How to Execute: Left to Back to Right (7,6,5,4,3) Known as one of the greatest dribblers ever, Sir Stanley Matthews perfected this move to beat defenders who committed too quickly on tackles. Your player will lean to the left as if he is going to head in that direction. He further sells the fake by slightly touching the ball with the inside of his foot to the left. He then take a quick hop and explodes to the right with the outside of his right boot. He developed this change of pace move to punish defenders who committed too quickly to tackles. 1 2 3 4 12 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  13. 13. HEEL TO HEEL FLICK How to Execute: Flick Forward, Back (1,5) One of our favourites, the Heel to Heel Flick is a stop-n-go Skill Move that is most effective when used along the sidelines. You will see best results when a defender attacks you straight on. The rear flick will put the ball forward at an angle so that you can slide around the defender. Often the defender will freeze for a second so that you can accelerate right past him. This is also a good move if you like to nutmeg your opponents.1 2 3 4 STANDARD RAINBOW How to Execute: Flick Back, Forward—Then Forward again with timing (5,1,0)...(0,1) The Rainbow Skill Move essentially flicks the ball from behind your player up and over his head. It can be effective in the open field to split defenders or even beat a keeper who has rushed out too early. Combo the Rainbow move with a volleyed shot for maximum results.     1 2 3 4 ADVANCED RAINBOW How to Execute: Flick Back, Hold Forward—Then Forward again with timing (5,1)...(0,1) This is the same basic move in concept as the Standard Rainbow. The timing is a bit different and rewards you with a unique animation when you pull it off. Your player will flick the ball up, and then use the outside of his boot to pop it over his head.1 2 3 4 STOP AND TURN How to Execute: Flick Up, Left (1,7) or Flick Up, Right (1, 3) This is a new move for FIFA 11. Perform this move while running. The idea behind this move is that you can stop short and change directions; as you pivot around the stopped ball, your body protects it from opponents.1 2 3 4 13 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  14. 14. 5 STAR SKILL MOVES BALL ROLL FLICK How to Execute: Hold Right, Flick Diagonal Forward/Left (3,8) or Hold Left, Flick Diagonal Forward/Right (7,2)—jogging only This move can only be performed while jogging. It has a nice double change of direction feel to it. You start out with a ball roll to one side, and then quickly step around the ball with your opposite foot. The move finishes off as you flick it to the opposite direction of your ball roll with your back foot. The timing takes a bit of time to master, but this flashy move is a solid choice to beat defenders one-on-one. 1 2 3 4     BALL ROLL FAKE How to Execute: Hold Right, Flick Left or Hold Left, Flick Right (while standing) The new Ball Roll Fake is all about flair. You start by rolling the ball to one side. You quickly step over it and then catch the ball with the laces of the foot that started the move out. Throw in a little head fake and you have a nice looking trick. 1 2 3 4 DRAG BACK FAKE AND EXIT How to Execute: Back to Left to Back to Right on the Left Thumbstick (5,6,7,6,5,4,3) or Back to Right to Back to Left on the Left Thumbstick (5,4,3,4,5,6,7) This trick looks very similar to the Drag Behind the Standing Leg combo, but instead of releasing the ball, the player traps it quickly with his laces, then exits to the opposite direction. Lots of flash, lots of flair, lots of fun. You have to be really quick on the Left Thumbstick to pull it off. 1 2 3 4 14 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  15. 15. ELASTICOHow to Execute: Right to Back to Left (3,4,5,6,7)Current football fans typically associate this move with Ronaldinho, although he was not the inventor. This trick begins with your playerpushing the ball to the right with the outside of his right foot. He will quickly move the same foot to the outside of the ball and snap it backacross his body. This ball looks like it is tied to a rubber band which was the inspiration for this move’s name.1 2 3 4 FIRST TIME FLICK How to Execute: Hold or Tap R (+ on Xbox 360) The inspiration for this move came from a Thierry Henry moment. He had his back to goal as a pass played in to his heel. As it arrived, he      quickly chipped it up, and then turned to blast a volley into the back of the net. The timing is tricky with this one. We recommend starting an 11 vs. goalkeeper practice match. You can then practice this move without having to worry about defensive pressure.1 2 3 4 HEEL CHOP How to Execute: Flick Diagonal Back/Left 2x (6,0,6,0)—Jogging Only or Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0)—Jogging Only Patented by Cristiano Ronaldo, the chop is a quick change of direction move. While jogging, our player will quickly throw one leg forward and change the ball’s direction by flicking it with the heel of the back foot. Use this move when running towards (or next to) a defender at speed to change your direction and create space. Players that do not have a 5 Star Skill Move rating will fake a shot and chop the ball to the opposite direction in front of them.1 2 3 4 15 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  16. 16. HOCUS POCUS How to Execute: Back to Left to Back to Right (5,6,7,6,5,4,3) We prefer to use this move most often in combination with a Stepover or Ball Roll. It is tough to pull off in-game, but there isn’t a prettier move to smoke a defender with. Your player will pull the ball around his standing leg and whip it in a 45º angle across the front of his body. 1 2 3 4 QUICK BALL ROLL How to Execute: Hold Down This is a new move for FIFA 11. Perform this move while standing.     This move can be handy when there’s a little room between you and your defenders; use the fancy footwork to misdirect them, and surprise them when you exit. 1 2 3 4 RABONA FAKE How to Execute: Press Pass button while Shot/Lob power bar is ramping up + hold back on Left Thumbstick—While sprinting This move will put your stick skills to the test. It is tough to pull off, but extremely effective when it comes to shaking the defence. Your player will swing one leg behind the other as if he is going to hit a Rabona cross. Instead, he will trap the ball with the laces of his boot. Exit quickly in the opposite direction and take advantage of your faked out marker. If you are really fast, you can pull off a Rabona Fake to Rabona chip combination. 1 2 3 4 16 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  17. 17. SCOOP TURN How to Execute: Flick Diagonal Back/Left 2x (6,0,6,0) or Flick Diagonal Back/Right 2x (4,0,4,0)—Standing only We haven’t found too many different uses for this move in-game, which is too bad because it looks really sharp. The best option is to use it to curl the ball around a defender that is applying moderate pressure, but isn’t coming in hard on the tackle.11 2 3 4 SOMBRERO FLICK How to Execute: Flick Forward, Forward, Back (1,0,1,5)—Standing only Typically you will use this move when your back is to goal and you have a defender rushing you. Your player will flick the ball up onto      his laces, stall it for a split second and then flip the ball back over his head. If you have a target man receive the ball with his back to goal in near the penalty area, the Sombrero Flick can be combined with a volleyed shot for devastating results.11 2 3 4 TRIPLE ELASTICO How to Execute: Back to Right to Back to Left (5,4,3,4,5,6,7) A derivative of the Elastico, the Triple Elastico fakes a move to the outside before cutting the ball back across from right to left. You will move the ball further ahead than you do with the Elastico which will enable you to quickly get back to speed if your defender bites on the fake.11 2 3 4 17 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  18. 18. TURN AND SPIN How to Execute: Flick Forward, Flick Left (1,0,7) or Flick Forward, Flick Right (1,0,3) The Turn and Spin is another one of our go-to moves as it can be used in so many different places on the field. It also combines very well with other Skill Moves in the game, especially the Stepover and Reverse Stepover. This move was made most famous by Aiden McGeady who plays for Celtic. You can use this move with a defender on your back, or even while facing a defender. 1 2 3 4 COMBINATION AND EXIT MOVES Now that we have taken a look at all of the different Skill Moves in the game, it’s time to put them together to create some devastating dribble combinations. Some of these moves are fairly simple, others are more complex and will require some practice to get down. A few of the moves just look really cool!     These instructions assume that you are facing forward (like in the Arena) and that you have held down the Skill Modifier button (l on PS3 or 7 on Xbox 360). Unless otherwise specified the instructions refer to the Right Thumbstick movements you must make. BALL ROLL TO CHOP How to Execute: Hold Right, then Flick Back or Hold Left, then Flick Back 1 2 3 4 BALL ROLL TO HOCUS POCUS How to Execute: Back to Left (hold for half a second) to Back to Right 1 2 3 4 BALL ROLL TO REVERSE STEPOVER How to Execute: Hold Right, to Forward 1 2 3 4 18 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  19. 19. BALL ROLL TO REVERSE STEPOVER TO TURN AND SPIN How to Execute: Hold Right, to Forward, Flick Right11 2 3 4 BALL ROLL FAKE TO TRIPLE ELASTICO How to Execute: Back to Right (hold for half a second) to Back to Left     11 2 3 4 BALL ROLL FAKE TO HOCUS POCUS How to Execute: Hold Right, Flick Left, then Back to Left to Back to Right11 2 3 4 BODY FEINT PULL ACROSS How to Execute: Flick Right Thumbstick Right, Flick Left Thumbstick Forward/Right11 2 3 4 DOUBLE STEPOVER How to Execute: Forward to Right to Forward to Left (repeat for multiple stepovers)1 2 3 4 19 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  20. 20. DOUBLE TOUCH STEPOVER EXIT How to Execute: Forward to Right (1,2,3) or Forward to Left (1,8,7), then exit at 45° (2 or 8) This is a new move for FIFA 11. Perform this move to exit from your Stepover at a 45° angle. 1 2 3 4 DRAG BEHIND THE STANDING LEG How to Execute: Flick Left Thumbstick Back, then Left (if right foot drag) or Right (if left foot drag)     1 2 3 4 FAKE SHOT TO DRAG AND GO How to Execute: Press Pass while Shot/Lob Power is ramping up. Flick Left Thumbstick Back then Forward 1 2 3 4 FAKE SHOT TO ELASTICO How to Execute: Press Pass while Shot/Lob Power is ramping up. Right Thumbstick Right to Back to Left 1 2 3 4 20 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  21. 21. FAKE SHOT TO HEEL TO HEELHow to Execute: Press Pass while Shot/Lob Power is ramping up. Right Thumbstick Forward then Back11 2 3 4FAKE SHOT TO TURN AND SPINHow to Execute: Press Pass while Shot/Lob Power is ramping up. Flick Right Thumbstick Forward then Left     11 2 3 4FLICK UP TO BICYCLEHow to Execute: Juggle with your back to goal. Hold the Left Thumbstick away from goal and then hit the shot button as the ball is comingback down11 2 3 4REVERSE STEPOVER FLICK AHEADHow to Execute: Right to Forward, Exit Forward on Left Thumbstick or Exit Forward/Left11 2 3 4 21 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  22. 22. REVERSE STEPOVER SPIN EXIT How to Execute: Right to Forward, Exit by Holding Left on Left Thumbstick 1 2 3 4 REVERSE STEPOVER TO TURN AND SPIN How to Execute: Right to Forward, Flick Forward, Flick Right     1 2 3 4 STEPOVER TO FEINT LEFT EXIT RIGHT How to Execute: Forward to Left to Back to Right 1 2 3 4 STEPOVER TO HOCUS POCUS How to Execute: Forward to Left, then Back to Left to Back to Right 1 2 3 4 22 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  23. 23. THE HJERPSETH How to Execute: Press Pass button while Shot/Lob power bar is ramping up + hold back on Left Thumbstick—While sprinting. Slight press Left Thumbstick towards goal and lightly tap the pass button This move is named after an online FIFA player that perfected this very flashy technique. You will want to use it with a striker breaking free into the penalty box. If you do everything correctly, the player will execute a Rabona Fake and then take a back heel shot at goal.11 2 3 45 STAR JUGGLING TRICKSYou won’t typically have the opportunity to use many of these juggling tricks in game, and unless you are way ahead you won’t want to try them.However, they are a great deal of fun to play around with in the Practice Arena.These instructions assume that you are facing forward (like in the Arena) and that you have held down the Skill Modifier button (l on PS3     or 7 on Xbox 360). Unless otherwise specified, the instructions refer to the Right Thumbstick movements you must make. You will need to bejuggling the ball already to perform all of these moves except for the Laces Flick Up. AROUND THE WORLD How to Execute: Back to Left to Forward to Right (5,6,7,8,1,2,3)11 2 3 4 CHEST FLICK How to Execute: Push the Left Thumbstick up, hold V (p on Xbox 360) and triple tap B (= on Xbox 360)11 2 3 4 FLICK FOR VOLLEY How to Execute: Hold the Left Thumbstick up while juggling11 2 3 4 23 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  24. 24. HOP THE WORLD How to Execute: Hold V (p on Xbox 360), Right Thumbstick Back to Left to Forward to Right (5,4,3,2,1,8,7) 1 2 3 4 IN AIR ELASTICO How to Execute: Flick Right, Left (3,7)     1 2 3 4 LACES FLICK UP How to Execute: Hold R (+ on Xbox 360) to flick it up and start juggling 1 2 3 SOMBRERO FLICK BACKWARDS How to Execute: Hold the Left Thumbstick backwards while juggling 1 2 3 4 24 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  25. 25. SOMBRERO FLICK RIGHT/LEFT How to Execute: Hold the Left Thumbstick left or right while juggling11 2 3 T. AROUND THE WORLD How to Execute: Back to Left to Forward to Right (5,6,7,8,1,2,3) then flick the Right Thumbstick up     11 2 3 4BEATING YOUR OPPONENT ONE-ON-ONESo far in this section of the guide we have taken at look at all of theSkill Moves as well as some of our favourite combinations. Manyof these moves require a great deal of practice. You can practicethem again, but we really do recommend that you use the Arenaand Practice Matches to hone your skills until the controls becomesecond nature. Start with the basic moves like the Stepover, ReverseStepover and Body Feint. Once you have mastered those, thengraduate to the more difficult moves like the 360º Roulette and theHeel to Heel Flick. When used with a combination of exits, these fi vemoves can carry you a long way in FIFA 11. Once you have masteredthem, then dive into the more flashy tricks like the Hocus Pocus,Elastico and the like.We’ve shown you all the weapons you have in your arsenal, now Van Persie executes a Skilled Dribble movelet’s delve a bit further into how you can pull these together to beatdefenders one-on-one. You can experience a great deal of successjust by passing well and finishing, but we like to play with a bit moreflair. There’s nothing more satisfying than to nutmeg your friend asyou blow by him on the way to goal. His defenders can’t react quickly enough to the direction change 25 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  26. 26. CONTROL THE BALL Too many beginning players in FIFA 11 immediately press the Sprint button the moment that their player starts dribbling. This is a huge mistake. While your player does dribble at a much higher pace, you can’t cut as sharply and it is much easier to knock your player off the ball. Only use the Sprint button when your player has lots of open field, or to briefl y explode past your opponent after you make a Skill Move. If you watch closely, you will see skilled dribblers in the game like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Iniesta use few tricks and flicks during the normal run of play. They will make quick 180 degree Cruyff turns, use cheeky little heel passes and flick the ball using a number of Van Persie takes a clear shot on goal body surfaces. You will also notice that highly skilled dribblers will While Skill Moves can be effective at beating defenders, they take more touches on the ball when they are dribbling. This enables do carry some risk. You may beat your defender, but you are also you to quickly change direction, making these players very difficult exposing the ball and could just as easily have it stripped by a quality to contain. marker. Don’t use Skill Moves in your own defensive third. We prefer to work the ball around using the passing game until we get into the attacking third of the pitch. At this point, breaking down a defender can directly result in a goal scoring opportunity. Beating a player with     a Skill Move at midfield won’t usually directly result in a goal, so why risk it? In addition to creating valuable shooting opportunities, we have found that defenders tend to foul you more often when you are attacking them with Skill Moves. You can often draw a free kick in a dangerous situation if you pull out a trick around the penalty box. Nani will make a quick direction change to evade this defender “Nasri” to “Berbatov” Note to defence: Keep your legs closed Moves like the Turn & Spin can be effective against more than one defender There aren’t very many things more humiliating than being the victim of a nutmeg 26 P RIM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE | w w
  27. 27. USE CHANGE OF PACEOnce you have mastered controlling the ball in tight spaces, you canbegin to use change of pace to beat defenders. The Stop Ball andStop Ball Facing Goal controls should be used often in your attemptto shake the defender. Simply dribbling, pulling a hard stop andexploding in a new direction is often enough to break free of yourmarker.Right Thumbstick knock-ons are also a powerful tool when it comesto beating your man one-on-one. If you have a decided speedadvantage, then you only need to get your marker leaning the wrongway and you can use the Right Thumbstick to knock the ball into openspace. With 360º dribbling and knock-ons, you can use the RightThumbstick to split two defenders. This is especially effective if youhave a big strong footballer like Drogba.     Stop the ball and burst out in a new direction to shake thisdefenderTHE IMPORTANCE OF EXIT MOVESSkill Moves are fun to execute, but typically the Exit Move you add tothem is what makes them really work. Exit Moves give your player aquick explosion that you can use to accelerate away from your markerif he is fooled by your Skill Move.NOTE One mistake that gamers often make is to perform the Skill Move too close to a defender. It will take some practice to judge the timing you need for each move. One you get this down, you’ll have much more success when you go one-on-one versus a defender.You will want to spend time in the Arena looking at all the differenttypes of Exit Moves that can be performed. Look specifically at theStepover, Reverse Stepover, and Drag Back moves.This series of moves only scratches the surface of what youcan do in FIFA 11. Every time we play the game we discover newcombinations that can be effective against both CPU and humanopponents. The more natural these movements become for you, theeasier it will be for you to torch defences when you play. 27 w w | P R IM A OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE
  28. 28. TOP CLUBS  Your player’s attributes dictate the style of play that your team is able to play. You must know which players can perform skill moves, the preferred foot of your strikers, and how well your defenders can use their size to throw attackers off their stride. In this chapter we will provide you with full rosters and ratings for seven of the top leagues in the game as well as the best International squads. DISCLAIMER: Club rosters and player attributes are accurate as of September, 2010. Player form and rosters will dynamically change throughout the season. For information about updates, visit