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Newsletter For American School

  1. 1. Dear Parents and Students, In this issue of our new newsletter, we’d like to share special moments from our first academic term at GHAIS. We have included snapshots of precious moments that we deeply enjoyed and wish to share with you and community. This is why we have called our newsletter “In JOY.” We hope you will enjoy every bit of it. We believe that showcasing those precious moments of school life keeps them alive in our minds and carved in our hearts forever. We aim to capture that unique buzz about school life, familiar to students of all ages. New students come in every year and other students graduate to move on with their college and their future careers. No matter how much we grumble and moan about school, deep down in our hearts we certainly know that school time will always be the best time of our life EVER. These are the years of insight, learning and devotion. We realize that once we leave the school’s care as young adults, we will be pretty much on our own to trek down the path of wisdom to get ourselves through the ups and downs of the world outside school. You will find two sections that showcase these very precious moments of your school time in the first trimester. The first section highlights school activities with a special focus on academic achievements. The second section centers around those uniquely cool moments of student life. So, indulge and “In JOY.” Your Principal and Editor in Chief, Dr. Nahla Nadeem In Joy G.H.I.A.SGreen Heights International American School Editorial - Haij Festival - 6th of October - “We are One” - Speak English Campaign - STEM Education Initiative - GHAIS at AUC Conference - Student Council - Sports Activities - School Trips to... - International Day “Let’s Movie It” Inside this issue
  2. 2. 6th of October Celebration Such a remarkable national event was fantastically celebrated at our school. We held an uplifting ceremony for the whole school celebrating the 6th of October. The cer- emony included an inspira- tional speech by Mr. Ragab Younis. Tala from Grade 11 recited a beautiful poem. After- wards, the P.E staff prepared a fantastic re-enactment of the 6Th of October War. The whole school staff and students joined together to sing patriotic songs. Everybody chanted with them in melody and cheer. GHAIS held an extraordinary hajj festival that was both spiritual and exciting. Students actively participated in carrying out the rituals of Hajj while repeating “Labayka Alla- huma Labayk.” An inspiring sermon was given by Mr. Ragab and Mr. Ramy. At the end of the event, students sang reviv- ing and uplifting Islamic songs. Haij FestivalHaij Festival 2
  3. 3. In the “Speak English” campaign, students found encouragement to speak English from all directions. Fun times were had by all in the break as English teachers had students playing games where they had to speak and read English. Music teachers, along with special help from Mrs. Sharon, led students in singing songs in English. PE and activity teachers had students playing games and doing different activities in Eng- lish. Also, all around the school students see posters featuring their fellow classmates boosting their confidence in speaking English. Speak English Campaign Sponsor a School Project Last year we launched our ‘Sponsor a School’ project. We decided to sponsor a government school in the district and supply students’ needs at that school. We found Hoda Shaarawy School in the First Settlement to be in dire need of clothing for some of its needy students. At first, the exact needs were deter- mined by visiting the school and getting information from the school’s social worker. Then, students all over GHIS joined their efforts to raise the neces- sary funds. This involved two successful garage sales and collecting donations. Our students also participated in the packing and delivery of shoes and pullo- vers to 70 needy students. Blanket Campaign It has been a GHIS tradition to distribute blankets for the last couple of years. This WE ARE ONE year is no different. We joined efforts with Dar El Orman and it was a great success, we were able to donate over 23,000 L.E (over 500 blankets). The school organised a trip for 21 high school students to help in the distribu- tion of these blankets at a remote village (Ellam) in Fayoum. It was a long and exhausting trip but it was worth the effort! Activities & events Fall of 2013 -2014 Motivating Students to Use Everyday English on Campus WE ARE ONE 3
  4. 4. This year, GHAIS participated in two sessions of the 18th annual AUC NileTESOL Conference. In the first session, “Student-led Conferences: Getting students in charge of their learning,” the school administration, Dr. Nahla, Mrs Hinaz, Dr. Soha & Miss Noha El-Sayed, explained how the SLC can be used as an STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in one extended project. This new project approach was adopted in mid and high school during the first trimester. It allows the students to create their own masterpiece work in science, understand how to work in groups, and most importantly, to see the link between science and its real life applications in math, technology, and engineering. Green Height’s students worked hard on their STEM projects and managed to assemble a vast collection of project ideas that range from physics to biology, chemistry and even sociol- :GHAIS AUC Conference Sessions Celebrating Success excellent tool for students to set academic goals and practice leadership skills. The second session centered on the GHAIS initiative to introduce STEM education in mid and high school to extend students’ understanding of science, engineer- ing and technology. During the session, the presenters, Dr. Nahla, Dr. Marwa Omar & Miss Noha El Sayed, explained the steps taken to implement STEM, displayed several STEM projects in mid & high school and discussed the impact of this approach on learners. :STEM Education INTITIATIVE Students’ Reflections on STEM ogy. Everyone did his best to be the best. The students’ projects were displayed during the AUC Confer- ence to showcase GHAIS students’ real talents in STEM. WELL DONE MID and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!! 5
  5. 5. Once again Spirit Week is a great hit. Each week has its own theme, and the students get to dress up in marvelous costumes according to that theme. So far, we’ve had “Rock Star Day”, where students dressed up as their favorite rock President: Ahmed Amr Vice-President: Mostafa Hegazy Secretary: Sara Eldaour Class Representatives Grade 7: Mohamed Ebada & Mohamed Sherif Grade 8: Omar AbdAllah & Karima Mohamed Grade 9: Abd El-Rahman Mohamed & Abd El-Rahman AbdAllah Grade 10: Mohamed Tamer & Fatma Akl Grade 11: Fatma Mustafa & Aya Ahmed Grade12: Laila Amr & May Shehata Congratulations winners!! stars, and “Se3eedy Day”, where students got to wear the most hilarious costumes. Now, students are on the Elections Spirit Week Themes Originating from the school’s belief that democracy is the foundational aspect of any successful institution, the school held its annual Student Union elections. Creativity, originality and vision were obvious in the speeches delivered by the nominees to ensure a place for them- selves in the Student Union. As a result of this healthy democratic atmosphere, the school successfully elected this year’s Student Council representatives. Student Council edges of their seats waiting to see what surprises next Spirit Week holds for them. Democracy in Action 4
  6. 6. School Trips to Kidzania, Sokhna and Sitara Our first trip this trimester for Elementary students was to Kidzania. Students were overjoyed by the opportunity to play adults’ roles in different careers and to face real life experiences while having fun playing together, getting their pass- port, eating and filling up their credit cards with Kidzos. On the 27th of November, our students went on an amusing trip to Al Ain Al Sokhna. From the beach & beautiful Red Sea to the pleasant pools, they had a surely pleasant trip, with an unsurprising load of posi- tive feedback. It really was an amaz- ing trip! There is nothing more fun than attending a live drama show and being part of the performance at times. Grades 1 and 2 had a wonderful time attending “The Gruffalo”. AinSokhna Trip Sitara Trip Grade 6 students had a very spe- cial field trip to Akhbar El Youm Newspaper headquarters in December. Students discovered the underlying treasures of the world of publishing in a quest to answer their project’s big question “Will tradi- tional publishing replace e-publishing in the near future?” Students came back with all inter- view questions answered and with deep knowledge about the media and publishing career. Grade 6 Field trip Al Akhbar Newspaper Kidzania 6
  7. 7. Throughout the first trimester a number of Sport’s Days and several sports competitions were held. Students actively participated in many basket- ball, volleyball, and tennis matches. In addition, they were very enthusiastic in taking part in several handball and football tournaments. Teams were set with teachers as head coaches, and Mr. Bassel Selim, the general manager, shared in one of the mid/ high school handball games. GHIS Handball team won 3rd Place in the Cairo Handball Tournament! Congratulations, Champs! The GHIS handball team won the final match of the el- ementary handball tourna- ment. The team trained hard under the supervision of Coach Amr. They reaped the being awarded the third place medal in the tourna- ment. Keep up the good work! Sports Activities Fun, Fun, Fun!! 7
  8. 8. Let’s Movie it International Day 8