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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Green Heights British School Green Heights Green Heights International School International School Chronicle Periodical Newsletter January 2014 In this issue September Warmest Welcome! GHBIS GOES LIVE! October Remarkable Victory Celebrated Hajj Festival The Spirit of Unity Together We are ONE! November Build your …. Brains! The Gruffalo' Knowledge or Entertainment? Sports Updates Your colour is all what matters! December Board of Honour Christmas Celebration Student’s Corner All the FUN in Kidzania To the reader Ever since the beginning of this academic year, tremendous changes have taken place in our British school! A diversity of well-planned extra-curricular activities was introduced to our students along with the new books and resource packs serving our academic plan and its purposes. In this regard, we seize this opportunity to welcome our new students and staff members and wish them a successful year. Based on these facts, we present this newsletter to take you on a tour to what occurred in our school during the first four months of the current year. Our sincerest wishes to our students for success and prosperity. Question of th e Issue R eady for a pri ze? P.8 ted childhood, an enchan e is a garden in every Ther r, and the e brighter, the air softe place where colors ar t than ever again. morning more fragran ~Elizabeth Lawrence
  • 2. September Warmest Welcome ! On Sunday September 15th, GHBIS gave its new and returning students a sincere welcome through a fantastic sports competition. A spirit of warmth and friendliness spread as both British and American school students mas!sively enjoyed the contest! Welcome Back Everyone GHBIS GOES LIVE ! Active participation in many extracurricular activities contribute to building a child’s character. Among such activities comes the morning broadcast programme in which panels of students representing each class take an active part every Monday and Wednesday of each week. This year we started our programme with year 4A students who presented their interactive broadcast on 25/9 to be enjoyed by the students of both divisions, British and American. 2
  • 3. October 73 remarkable victory celebrated October is a month which brings along a memory so dear to all Egyptians; the 6th of October war. On October 3rd, the whole school held a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the unforgettable victory. Patriotic songs, speeches, dances and shows filled the atmosphere with joy and pride of our nation. 3
  • 4. October Hajj Festival Hajj Festival :The Spirit of Unity Together We are ONE! We are ONE! This is not merely a slogan to GHBIS! It is rather an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the community as all Egyptians should be one! Therefore, the small hands of our children took part in organizing a garage sale, which is held annually, to raise the amount of 1600 which was allocated for charity works. This special event took place on October 31st. We extend our thanks to, not only our students, but their parents who always supported and encouraged such efforts. In celebration of Eidul Adha, our students experienced a simulated Hajj journey on October 10th. A simulation of all Hajj rituals guided by our teachers involved the students of years 1-4. Boys gladly wore their shiny white outfits while girls wore abayas, isdals and scarves. Takbir was heard all over the premises as this occasion was celebrated during the first 10 days of Zulhijja through playing Islamic chants. 4
  • 5. November Build your …. Brains! The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. –Northrop Frye During November, the this chance to purchase a annual book fair took number of their favourite place. The occasion books under the supervision of which occurred over a .our English teaching staff whole week from 24 to 2 8/11/2013, was celebrated by our students as an opportunity to enrich their personal libraries with the latest books and resources. Hence, Year 1 to Year 5 students seized 'The Gruffalo' Knowledge or Entertainment? Trips are amazing! All students enjoy them. When a trip involves knowledge as well as fun, enjoyment maximizes. Such a trip was that visit year 1 & 2 paid to Sitara Theatre & Workshops which took place on 21/11/2013. During that jolly day, our children enjoyed watching a play titled Gruffalo. Check They also did some art crafts which put more smiles on their Student's Corner.. innocent faces! Dearest, we promise you more fun during the 2nd trimester Youssef El Essawey writes about KIDZANIA! P. 8 5
  • 6. November Sports Updates Your colour is all what matters! Green Heights handball tem (GHHT), successfully established last year, continues its journey towards realizing more ranks and winning further competitions. Since last year, the team won several friendly matches, most significant of which was their victory over the handball team of Nasr City Club. During the current academic year, the same team managed to win several friendly matches at the level of Green Heights teams, achieving the first place at the level of the Cairo Directorate of Education. The third place at the level of the Cairo governorate was eventually realized by our team which composes of year 5 students namely; Ali Mohammad, Tameem Amir, Karim Hesham, Ahmed Waleed and Islam Mohammad. The first match towards the summit was held on November 12. On November 13, a sports competition took place to celebrate the winning House. Our P.E. staff members prepared some games the students enjoyed to the fullest. At the end of the competition the winning houses were announced and cups were awarded to the Year 1 & 2 Yellow House students and the years 3 to 5 Red House students. Congratulations all! 6
  • 7. December Board of Honour In December of each year,we come to the closing of the 1st trimester. This is when we have to award our best students and best performing teachers for their most remarkable achievement. On Sunday 15, the whole school witnessed the honouring of our best readers, writers, speakers and spellers.Hardworking teachers were also honoured on the same day Thank you students and teachers for all your efforts On Tuesday 17, the winners of the math competition held across the British school were awarded certificates during the morning line. Congratulations,super young minds Christmas Celebration Having exerted tremendous efforts to finalize the end-of-term revision and exams, everyone needed some fun time! On Wednesday 18th, we celebrated Christmas. A French broadcast and fun with Santa during break time created an amazing atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Students relished the joy and the candy Santa gave everyone. 7
  • 8. Student’s Corner Students post their opinions and share their articles... Kidzania Trip On November 19th, Green Heights British International School went to Kidzania Cairo. All the kids had fun there. The most exciting thing in Kidzania was the Fire Station. We all pretended we were fire fighters, then we got trained in the fire station, put on our uniforms and rode the truck. We believe it was just like the real thing! There are more fun things to do in Kidzania!!! Kidzania Cairo: Get ready for a better world!! By Youssef El Essawey 5A e tion of the Issu Ques When is the World Population Day observed? A. May 31 B. October 4 C. December 10 D. July 11 If you get the correct answer, submit it to your class teacher to be eligible for a special gift! A toss will decide! 8