What can creativity do?


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What can creativity do?

  1. 1. What cancreativity do?
  2. 2. di 2011: themesreturning to design basicsthe global recession has seen a huge shift in many people’s value systemsthroughout the world, and that ripple effect can be seen unfolding in the de-sign world.design for social change“Let’s collaborate to create a better future, by design.” - ravi naidoo
  3. 3. Sub themes1. 3rd world identity2. a touch of innocent curiosity3. economy of design4. digital innovation
  4. 4. 1. 3rd world identity:design that draws fromand preserves traditional culture
  5. 5. Francis Kéréan architect from Burkina Faso whose work promotes sustainable architecturein africa through:- adapting technology from the industrialised world,- considering climatic conditions and using local materials- with focus on education.“i am like a bridge, i live and work in Berlin and europe, but bring technologyhome.”
  6. 6. “the biggest challenge, is illiteracy.”Kere has to rely on drawings, scalemodels and, most importantly, prac-tical demonstrations, but when themessage hits home, the communityembraces the process.GooSeBUMP MoMent:Without means to lay a basic screed,the floors have to be beaten intoplace with wooden paddles. discor-dant beating slowly finds a rhythm,and women start hitting the floor inunison. this rhythmic motion andsound find a voice and the womenbreak out in song.resourcefulness fused with ubuntu,african style.
  7. 7. carla Fernandez“indigenous Mexican creativity is an endangered species.”
  8. 8. carla set up tailoring workshops whichuse traditional design as an opportuni-ty to increase literacy and education inlocal communities.Using these traditional techniques andforms as a basis, she has put together herown clothing line, called taller Flora,which works in collaboration with ar-tisan women so that they also have aninput into the design process.ready to wear, street wear, children’sclothing & school uniformsco-creating withindigenous communities.
  9. 9. Laduma ngxokoloPort elizabeth-based knitwear designer.his colourful collection is inspired by traditional african Xhosa beadwork.this mohair and merino wool jersey forms part of “the colourful World ofthe Xhosa culture” range, which comprises men’s knitwear that is inspired bytraditional Xhosa beadwork. the collection won the South african Societyof dyers and colourists design competition, which earned it a place in theLondon competition, where it was awarded first prize internationally for thecompetition.
  10. 10. 2. a touch of innocent curiosity
  11. 11. alberto alessialberto alessi is president and head of marketing strategy, communication anddesign management of alessi Spa, one of the world’s most famous smallobjects design companies.What drives him is a deep passion for design that stems from a curiosity withthe world.
  12. 12. theory of the borderline:“We work on line between area of possible, and thearea of not-possible. this line is hard to find. youcan only find it by using your intuition, and takingrisks.if, as a design focussed company, you can live onthe borderline between the possible and the impos-sible, you can be very successful.”
  13. 13. “a true work of design must be able to movepeople, to convey feelings, to trigger memories andto go against the grain. our goal is to conjure upimages in people’s minds, which make them a bithappier and introduce a touch of trancendence intheir lives. in these terms, design has tremendouspotential.” - alberto alessi
  14. 14. Poetry, form & functionthe Sapper Kitchen Kettleas the water starts boiling producesa melody, not just a noise, the melo-dy of a steamboat whistle; to remindthe designer of his childhood inGermany and the village in whichhe lived that had a river on which asteamboat passed.
  15. 15. “our role is to mediate continually between themost advanced and stimulating expressions of inter-national creativite culture (on the one hand) andthe public’s requirements and dreams (the so calledmarketplace) on the other.”
  16. 16. 3. economy of design
  17. 17. Bibliotheque designBibliothèque, headed by tim Beard, Jonathon Jeffrey and Mason Wells, hasbeen producing captivating design solutions since 2003. Boasting nike, adi-das, Sony, Motorola, Missy elliot, the design Museum, the Barbican Gallery,nokia and the British Library among their clients.Subtle and minimalist, their work has been described as “a cache of cleanlyexecuted and highly considered project work”.
  18. 18. Making a virtue of the variations in image quality, supplied photography wassubjected to an array of graphic treatments bringing cohesion to a wide rangeof printed materials.
  19. 19. Minimal, enigmatic, eleganteconomicala simple and direct visual language.
  20. 20. d&ad awards dinneryeS / noBibliotheque were commissioned to design and art direct the 2010 awards cer-emony and dinner.conceptually based on the decisive nature of the judging criteria, there is nogrey area, is the entry in or is it out? is it a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?
  21. 21. 4. digital innovation
  22. 22. robert Wongcreative director of Google creative LabsBorn chinese, grew up dutch, was canadian, and is now american.While practicing accounting in toronto, he woke up one day, flew to new york,and became a graphic designer instead.What is Google?
  23. 23. What is Google?the largest number – more than all the stars, grains of sand and molecules – inthe universe.Google organises the world’s informationand makes it accessible.
  24. 24. “happy wife = happy life.”Formula for a happy marriage – and success.
  25. 25. Wong’s formula that he applies to life and work: 5:15 good interactions for every 1 negative interaction. in short, exceed expectations.
  26. 26. S! = em + crSurprise = empathy + creativity
  27. 27. arcade Fire experiment
  28. 28. Google Maps - Favourite Placeshundreds of local experts from around the world were invited to create personalized Google Maps ofplaces in their favorite cities. Participants include al Gore, tony hawk, diane von Furstenberg andMoby. they also chose to feature 13 cities across the globe.
  29. 29. how Google test the speed of chrome
  30. 30. “the biggest challenge at Google is, “am i thinking big enough?”
  31. 31. “do epic shit that matters.”