Air conditioning self maintenance tips


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Air conditioning self maintenance tips

  1. 1. Proper air condition maintenance is essential for the device, be it a central cooling system or window unit, to workproperly. There are numerous maintenance checks that homeowners can quickly do themselves that do not takemuch time suggests Heating and Air Fort Wayne. Periodic evaluations by a qualified HVAC person should be donetoo.Before calling a service technician if your system is not working properly, here are a few things to check fromPancani:• the thermostat switch is set to the proper position-heating or cooling.• the set-point is below the room temperature.• the furnace is plugged in and the power switch turned on. The air conditioner needs thefurnace to circulate the air.• the air-conditioning disconnect or breaker has been turned on. If you know how to check thefuses, see if any are blown.• the furnace filter is clean. (read more...)Heating and Cooling Fort Wayne Recommends theFollowing Items Be CheckedChange the Air FiltersThe easiest thing you can do to guarantee your system keepsyou cool, is to change the air filters routinely. Changing themevery other month for central air conditioning systems is anexcellent measure. For those with indoor pets that shed, theywill need checked more often. Not only will this help savemoney on the houses energy usage, it will improve the airquality of the house too.Appropriate Air FlowSee to it there is absolutely nothing blocking the flow of airaround the outside device. Any plantings, hedges or fencingyou may have to conceal your outside device need to be atleast 12 to 15 inches away. With window units, dont coveryour window unit with drapes or curtains when its on.Cleaning the Condenser CoilsThe condensing coils on an air conditioning unit will get veryfilthy over time. Like a clogged filter, obstructed fins and coils on the outside unit can trigger your system to workharder and consequently break down. Use a nylon brush or broom and your garden hose to rinse leaves, grass andother particles from the fins. Use the garden hose to delicately spray off the exterior side of the condenser. Rinsingthe condenser clears any loosened dirt, debris, or deposits from the components and metal areas. It is mosteffectively to disconnect power at the condenser prior to cleaning. It is necessary to also clean any dirt or lintaccumulation in the bottom of the air conditioner so the condensate water will be picked up by the condensing fanslinger appropriately.If you have a window device, do this in the Spring, before you install the unit for the season, and again in the fall,prior to putting it away.It is good to regularly examine the cooling coils for frost or ice build up too.Appropriate Cycling of the Cooling SystemAir conditioners have a cooling system identical to a refrigerators. It is essential not to turn the unit off then backA typical home air conditioning unit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  2. 2. on immediately. It is best to wait at least ten mins after shutting the device off to allow the pressure in therefrigeration system to equalize once again. This will certainly prolong the life of your ac unit.Program the ThermostatFor a central system, during the hot season set your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature throughout the day,when you leave your home, and a lower temperature level when you get home from work. Todays programmablethermostats can even work by means of WiFi or your smartphone, so you could raise the setting when you leave torun errands, then from another location turn it back down when you are on your way home. This decreases energycosts as well as reduces strain on the system.Shut window units off when you are gone for they use a lot more energy than a central cooling system.Get a Tune-UpThe best method to keep your whole-house cooling system trouble free is to have Heating and Air Fort Wayne offerit a tune-up once a year in the Spring. As part of the tune-up, we will examine and clean filters, test the internalmechanisms and charge the unit with refrigerant.Here are a few other ideas from Adams Homes:* It is important to make sure lawn sprinklers are not spraying on the condensing unit.* This is especially important if you have well water. Well water will make the condenser rust fasterwhich is not covered under your warranty. Rinse the outside unit with city water once a month to helpmaintain it cleanliness. (read more...)Various other Things to Monitor•Examine the cord on your window device for frayed or worn areas. It could have to be replaced.•Use drapes and blinds to shut out the sun from warming spaces so the cooling device does not have towork as much.•If you live near salt water, you will want to shield outdoor units from corrosion with a paste wax. Simplyapply and buff it in.•As always, check for air leaks around windows and doors and seal them up! Undoubtedly it does not makegood sense for your ac device to work more than it needs too.Heating and Air Fort Wayne hopes these suggestions are useful and will help preserve the life of your airconditioning device, but your money invested on energy consumption as well. Dont hesitate to contact us with anyconcerns you may have.