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Is it time for HR & Payroll to evolve from a "collect and report on spend type role" to a more strategic role in assisting to create and align a smarter worforce to company goals.

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  • In order to achieve meaningful business insights to inform actions, it is important to start with the end in mind. People are central to decision making. Decision making is not only about data, it is also about intuition and empowering experienced people. Data is often difficult to find and interpret, and information is critical at every level in the organisation. The quicker we can get to an informed decision, the more value is generated. As the decision cycle moves from data to information, wisdom (that mix of intuition, insight and experience) is applied to reach a decision, followed by action. For businesses to survive today, the ability to quickly identify inefficiencies within an organisation, make decisions and execute on these decisions whilst measuring the real cash return on these decisions, is paramount for profitable and sustainable business. If one cannot get to this position, all else is simply a theoretical discussion. The Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution solution provides quick implementations and reduces the burden of manual report writing, allowing you to make important business decisions.
  • South African Payroll Association Presentation

    1. 1. Analytics on Payroll can help your Business shape Future Strategy
    2. 2. • Assist Business to get Smarter about Workforce • Align Payroll Spend to Organisational Strategy • Secure, Protect and Share Critical Payroll Information across business • Analyse and Align to meet Compliance & Risk Role of Payroll Department • Collect and Report on Information • Report on Spend
    3. 3. Its time for HR & Analytics Slide by HR and Workforce Analytics Innovation summit 2013
    4. 4. • Payroll & HR Systems designed around input • Data difficult to access • Technology expensive and difficult to use • Excel Chaos • Limited skills • Information unsecured • To long to implement • Limited Technology Spend assigned to Payroll Department
    5. 5. Reporting versus #Analytics • Find Data and Produce Report • Large amounts of time spent gathering & sorting data for business • Report after its happened (end point) • Suitable for Operational Reports • Takes time to generate • Data turned into Information • Easily accessible & immediately available • Analyse information at anytime • Available for more people to use • Single source of data and version of truth Reports substantiate Business Decisions Information improves Business Decisions
    6. 6. Reporting versus #Analytics Response Time +High-Slow Fast Low Data Complexity ERP Underlying Data Source Reporting Solution View Data onlyCube Data Warehouse Analytics Interact & Analyse Data ERP Underlying Data Source/s Other Analytics provides.. • “Decision-making tool” • Interact with information • Single version of Truth • Information is Pervasive • Data-warehouse critical
    7. 7. Decision Making Process Data Information WisdomDecision Action
    8. 8. 5 Ways #Analytics can help you  Save Time & Reduce Reporting Burden  Make Better Decisions on your Payroll Costs  Boost Productivity & Accountability (Visibility)  Mitigate people risk & create business capability  Analyse and monitor key Payroll indicators
    9. 9. Introducing Business Analytics for VIP Payroll
    10. 10. Product: Business Analytics for Payroll • Sophisticated Analytics & Reporting Solution • Secure and Pervasive • Built for Sage VIP Payroll • Connect other Data Sources • Out-of-the-Box Measures, Models & Dashboards • Leverages existing Microsoft Software • Up in Hours – Immediate ROI • No Training
    11. 11. A case in Point: Eqstra Holdings Ltd Business Situation: • Significant growth in business (over 10 000 staff) • Limited visibility through static reporting • No consolidation, 35 different companies • Didn’t know what they, didn’t know Points to Highlight: • Able to – identify areas where savings could be achieved – Streamline budget for Fiscal, by understanding pay increase trends – Balance the workforce better, by analysing different allowance types – Review and Track intercompany movements in the workforce Karabina helped us gain insight into employee behaviour, payroll trends and employee movements. Specifically of importance to us was to understand the split between overtime spend and normal hours. With this insight, we have managed to better balance our workforce resulting in a more even payroll spend and healthier, happier employees” – Newton Weideman - Group HR and Transformation Executive
    12. 12. Thanks for your time, please come chat to us at our stand, or access our website for a free whitepaper +2711 463-8155