Sales Performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


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Sales Performance is pre-packaged functionality for Dynamics CRM that will reduce project delivery time and improve customer acquisition and retention processes within your sales environment.
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Sales Performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. 1. Product Overview:Sales Performance forMicrosoft Dynamics CRM
  2. 2. Typical Challenges facing todays SalesEnvironments• Increased Competition..• Increase Customer expectations..• Longer Sales Cycle..Aberdeen Report: Inside Sales Enablement: Let Them Drink Coffee!" (Dec. 2009)reveals under-performing companies see a year-over-year increase in their salescycle of 12 percent, but even top 20 percent of performers experienced a lengtheningof their own bid-to-win time frame.• Embed the relationship at Sales level, ownthe Customer at a Company level..
  3. 3. Goals of Top Performing Sales Environments• Improve overall revenue and sales effectiveness by deploying:– inside sales teams (handle top layers of corporate sales funnel)– external customer-facing teams (nurture, convert and close highly qualified leads )• Shrink the sales cycle and improve win/loss ratio• Achieve Maximum Sales effectiveness by– compress sales cycle elements (quote, proposal, contract, sign) into fewer interactions– drive repeatable behaviour among sales reps– deploy guided selling methodologies to help sales reps identify the optimal message andtiming at each stage of the sales cycle• Better understanding of– target audience and customers– pipeline (stalled sales, underperforming sales)– behaviours that will result in a win / loss
  4. 4. What does the Sales user want?• Simple easy-to-use System• Access to the right information at the right time• Must add value to Sales person daily life• Less time entering data, more time selling• Help them identify who they should focus on
  5. 5. How can we help you achieve this?Microsoft Dynamics CRM- Industry leading Full Suite CRM ApplicationSales Performance forDynamics CRM- pre-packaged Account Management &Pipeline Methodology & Reporting add-on
  6. 6. Sales Performance forMicrosoft Dynamics CRM
  7. 7. Company Background• Karabina Software, is a division of the iSPartners Group– Leading Microsoft-based Business Technology Solutions company– 10 years history building solutions for Blue Chip Companies across allindustries– Over 34 Local and International awards – BI, CRM & Enterprise Collaboration– Staff compliment - over 120 people• Focused on Software Development & Distribution– Simple easy-to-use software– Same day installation– Instant Return on Investment– Improve Business Insight & Customer Intimacy
  8. 8. Product OverviewSales Performance is pre-packagedfunctionality for Dynamics CRM thatwill reduce project delivery time andimprove customer acquisition andretention processes within your salesenvironment.
  9. 9. Features• Same-Day-Switch-on, making use of standard MicrosoftDynamics CRM deployed or hosted environment.• Methodology-based Opportunity Management– Embed your Sales Methodology to ensure accurate pipeline forecasting– Review a full audit history of progress through each sales stage– Set Competitor Strategies, and track their strengths and weaknesses– Set Goals (Targets) against sales individuals and Service/Product Offerings• Account Planning & Scheduling Management– Automated Scheduling & Reminders– Account Planning objectives– Call Reports– Activity & Outcomes Management• Out-of-the-Box Reports & Dashboards– Sales Individual & Sales Manager Dashboard– Win/Loss Ratio & Competitors Report– Lost Opportunity Report• Easy to Customise and Extend
  10. 10. Benefitsimprove productivity by enabling team to access andcollaborate on relevant informationgain better real-time visibility on your sales activities inorder to confidently forecast pipeline and sales closures.improve organisational effectiveness by ensuring salesfocus on Account & Pipeline Management processesdrive profitable relationships by providing a 360-degreeview of customer information & CRM systemdrive sales excellence and consistency in your salesenvironment by implementing a solution sellingmethodology to qualify and close more deals
  11. 11. Same-day-Switch-on• Based on install on an existing Dynamic CRMEnvironment – Hosted or Deployed• Administrator Rights• 4hrs for Installation & Testing• 4hrs for Admin Training• Excludes any customizations & configurations
  12. 12. Sales Performance forMicrosoft Dynamics CRMProduct Demonstration & Screen Shots
  13. 13. Methodology Based: Sales OpportunityLifecycle13Fullyconfigurableopportunitylifecycle
  14. 14. Methodology Based: Sales Stage TrackingComprehensivestage trackingand progressionDetailedopportunitytracking
  15. 15. Methodology Based: Sales Stage Historyand AuditReview a fullaudit of salesstageprogressionQuickly viewstageprogressionhistory
  16. 16. Account Management: Schedule & RemindScheduleCategory,Frequency,Dates & Times
  17. 17. Account Management: AppointmentsCreate or ViewappointmentAgenda,Objectives &AttendeesView asummary of allAccountManagementappointments
  18. 18. Account Management: Call ReportCapture CallReport toSummarisemeetingReminders andnotesAssigned Tasks,Red Flag Itemsor NewBusinessActions
  19. 19. Account Management: Customer SummaryAutomaticallysend Customera Summary ofthe Call Reportand Actions
  20. 20. Account Management: DashboardsSummaryDashboardsshowing AccountManager Activities
  21. 21. Dashboards and ReportingAutomatedreporting –reports in yourInboxEnablesaccurate andrelevant reportsReal-TimeDashboardsand Statistics
  22. 22. Advanced Sales Analytics DashboardsWide array ofpre-built andconfigurabledashboards(*Optional)
  23. 23. Additional information available from:Thanks for your time+2711