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  • 1. Belonging, Belief and Identity
  • 2. We are required to deliver this unit as part of our R.E. and Citizenship syllabus
    to raise awareness of what constitutes a community:
    how individuals and groups can become refugees:
    International Law concerning refugees
    the thoughts and feelings of refugees;
    how individuals, local, national and international groups can and should respond to refugees
    Unit was delivered in 7 sessions of 65 – 70 minutes to Year 8 students (aged 12 – 13).
  • 3. We explored idea of community from the school, the local and the international perspective. We discussed and recorded definitions of key terms, signs of belonging, rights and responsibilities of belonging to a community. Students were asked, for homework, to interview two adults (relatives or neighbours) about their responsibilities of belonging to a group.
    Session 1
  • 4. We discussed reasons why people might become refugees and then asked the students, working in small groups, to imagine that they had become refugees and to agree a list of ten items that they felt were important to take with them. After feedback we shared with them images of Haitians and what they “grabbed” as the earthquake destroyed their homes.
    Session 2
  • 5. In the same groups as last session we used “Time to flee” role play exercise (from text book Global Communities: Learning about Refugee Issues). We needed to carefully time the 10 minutes allowed for the family to make the decision and leave for them to have sense of urgency. Took initial feedback on their decisions then teacher adopts role of border official who decides whether they can cross the border as a refugee.
    Session 3
  • 6. Again, in groups, introduce role play exercise on the right to asylum and International Laws governing the right to asylum (from text book Global Communities page 34 - 37).
    Each group given 2 scenarios where they have to take on the role of UNHCR Protection Officers and reach a decision using international law to guide them. Feedback is taken, where each group reports back their decision and give reason(s) for decisions made. Teacher has actual decision which is shared at the end of the activity.
    Session 4
  • 7. In this session we looked at the experience of young refugees on UK using many of the poems in Global Communities text book pages 92 – 94. We also used the We Refugees poem (shared with us all at the conference in Italy). We explored the hopes and dreams of those who are granted asylum.
    Students were asked to produce their own poem about refugees (see examples on blog and printed copies).
    Session 5
  • 8. We looked at some of the student poems and discussed some of the issues raised in them.
    After an introduction to the refugee issue surrounding Afghanistan students viewed the film “In this World”. As it is rated a 15 we had to select areas “to be cut”. We decided to only “cut” the animal sacrifice scene. To cut more would be to diminish the impact of the film.
    Opportunities were provided for students to ask questions after key scenes in the film and at the end of the viewing.
    Students were totally involved with the characters and the situations they found themselves in on their hazardous journey to London.
    Session 6 and 7
  • 9. To add extra sessions looking at the contribution of refugees to the UK and International Communities
    Possible move the creative writing task to the end of the unit and expand to include the production of a piece of art
    Future developments
  • 10. I’m Sorry
    I’m sorry I couldn’t stay home
    I’m sorry I walk this earth
    I’m sorry I stand on your ground
    I didn’t ask for any of this
    Why can’t you leave me
    alone and let me be free?
    What would you feel like
    if you had to flee?
    Shannon Beercroft
    Age 13
    Selection of Student Poems
  • 11. Refugee
    Yes, I’m a different colour
    Yes I’m from another country
    But no you shouldn’t treat
    Me like this
    I may speak with a different accent
    I may be a Muslim
    But I’m still a human being
    I AM a different colour
    I AM from another country
    I DO speak with a different accent
    and I AM a Muslim
    But it shouldn’t bother you
    Abi Bly
    Age 12
  • 12. Terrified
    I’m all alone
    In a foreign country
    With no one to fix it
    or help me out
    My Mum can’t love me
    She’s passed away
    My Dad can’t stand up for me
    He’s stuck in a far away land.
    And yet here I am
    here by myself,
    with no one to hold me
    and no possessions to.
    I want to be in my country
    back with my Dad and family
    but there is war where I live
    it’s not safe for me anymore.
    I am a refugee,
    a stranger in this new land,
    I am a refugee
    All alone by myself.
    Arran Cairns
    Age 13
  • 13. Refugee Acrostic
    R is for religion, would they accept me because I have a different religion to them
    E is for education, my education was good back there but what would it be like here,
    would I learn more or less
    F is for fear, would I make friends, would I keep in touch with my family
    U is for understanding, would they understand what horrific things had happened to me
    G is for gutted, I’m gutted that I had to leave everything at home
    E is for emotion, would they feel all of my mixed emotions
    Chloe Taylor
    Age 13
  • 14. My window
    I stand and look out my bedroom window
    hoping I can see you again someday
    I remember the pictures in my mind
    the pictures of you, the pictures of war
    I see the way you use to hold my hand
    and tell me we’d be together in the end
    I now have a home, somewhere to stay
    I now have an education, somewhere to learn
    Today I think I’ll see you
    walking up the path to my house
    But you don’t
    You never ever do
    So I stand and look out my bedroom window
    Hoping I can see you again someday
    Georgia Bloomfield
    Age 13
  • 15. Refugee
    Where’s my child?
    Where’s my home?
    Where’s the place I use to know?
    Was it far?
    Was it near?
    How can a city disappear?
    Will I be the only survivor
    lost in this world
    A sea of burning fire
    Will I be the only one?
    Oh dear God
    What have they done?
    Romy Fowler
    Age 13
  • 16. Refugee Haikus
    I just want to live
    Wouldn’t you feel the same?
    If you have no choice.
    Neighbouring countries
    No longer want our presence
    Therefore we must leave.
    Our home is no more
    Just a battlefield of greed
    Why must life be cruel?
    I want to go back home,
    My heart longing for safety
    Then we shall return.
    Beth Alvery
    Age 13
  • 17. Refugee
    I flee from my home,
    I’ve nowhere to go
    Away from my father
    I wonder how much further.
    I flee from my home
    I’ve nowhere to go
    Far from my mother
    I’m sure she loved us.
    I flee from my home
    I’ve nowhere to go
    Miles from my sister
    I very much miss her.
    I flee from my home
    I’ve nowhere to go
    Close to my brothers
    With only blankets for cover.
    I flee from my home
    I’ve nowhere to go
    I’m a refugee
    Who will ever help me?
    Sam Scott
    Age 13
  • 18. The child of dreaming
    There once was a child
    Living wild and free
    But a racist, corrupt government
    put an end to that happily.
    They made him scared and afraid
    He ended up on the run
    He knew he had to escape
    Or else he’d never see the sun.
    His parents paid a smuggler
    To get him safely through
    Across the border illegally
    To get where he needed to be.
    He ended up in the UK
    He knew he was a refugee
    Alone, frightened and afraid
    That little child was me.
    Ashley Garrod
    Age 13
  • 19. Refugee poem
    I want to go back
    Back to my home
    Where I can play with my friends
    And where I’m not alone.
    I want to see my daddy,
    I haven’t seen him in a while
    My Mummy said to ring him
    So numbers I will dial.
    When I left with Mummy
    She said I wouldn’t understand
    Why we had to leave Daddy
    But I want to hold his hand.
    I want my old room back
    My new one’s not the same
    And the wallpapers lame.
    I rang Daddy loads
    But no one answered the phone
    I told Mummy and she started crying.
    Years have passed
    And I never heard from my Dad
    My Mum told me why I hadn’t
    This was extremely bad.
    I now know why we left
    All those years ago
    My Mum and I were refugees
    And to heaven my Dad will go.
    Gaby Morrison Age 13