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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Girls SoccerBy: Heather Barberis
  • 2. What is soccer?Soccer is a popular sport that is playedby a lot of people throughout the world.It is called different things in differentplaces. Here in America, it is calledsoccer, but other countries call itfootball.
  • 3. What is soccer continued….Soccer is a game where two teamscompete against each other.You win by kicking the ball toyour teammates to get it into theopponents net to score a goal.It’s played with a round ball thatis usually black and white in color.
  • 4. What is soccer continued….The players can only use their feetand head to touch the ball.They cannot use their hands or arms.If they do, it’s a penalty againsttheir team.Only the goalkeepers are allowed to usetheir hands to touch the ball.
  • 5. What is soccer continued…Eleven people from each team play on the field at once. 22 all together.Each player has a position that theyplay on the field.The positions are: Forwards, midfielders,defense, and the goalie.Boys/girls soccer is played the same
  • 6. When is it played?For high school, girls soccer is playedin the spring time.The season starts in the beginning ofMarch and ends in early May.There are practices Monday-Friday until thegames start.When there’s a game, there isn’t practice.
  • 7. When is is played continued… Sometimes soccer can be played longer if the team goes to districts. Here at BHS, soccer is a very popular sport. A lot of students play it. The girls soccer team has went to districts a couple times
  • 8. When did it originate?Soccer originated in the early 19thcentury.Around the 1800’s is when soccerstarted to be played by the people.It has been around for thousands ofyears.
  • 9. Where is it played?Soccer is usually played outside on agrassed field.The field is between 110-120yd.long and 70-80yd. wide.There are also places where it canbe played inside at an indoor stadium
  • 10. Where is it played continued…. Soccer is played all around the world. It is played by a lot of people here in America. It is also played in other countries too. Some of them are Europe, Spain, England, Brazil, Italy, and Argentina.
  • 11. Where is it played continued… There are many other countries that play soccer too, but those are where it is the most popular at. Girls soccer is played at the Olympics and in middle and high school. At BHS, soccer is played outside on a field that is shared with football.
  • 12. Where did it originate?Soccer originated in England.The game started just by some peoplekicking balls around that were made ofleather.Eventually, it caught on by other peopleand spread to other places around theworld.
  • 13. Who plays it?It is a coed sport.Not just girls can play it, boyscan play it also.At BHS, girls that play soccer arebetween 13-18 years old. Biglerville High School girls soccer team.
  • 14. Why is it called different things? Soccer has different names, but is still the same sport. It is called soccer in America because it was a nickname so it didn’t get confused with rugby football. Other countries call it football because you use your feet to play the game.
  • 15. Why do people play it?People play it because they can get outside and get some exercise.They can have fun at the same time.People like kicking things, running, and using their feet.
  • 16. Equipment used A soccer ball is played with during the game A score board is used to keep track of the score. It tells you who is losing and who is wining the game.Cleats help grip theground so you Shin guards protect your shinsdon’t fall. so they don’t get hurt.
  • 17. Narration
  • 18. Video of soccer
  • 19. Biglerville HighSchool girlsplaying at asoccer game.
  • 20. Biglerville girlssoccer playing agame againstanother team ontheir home field.
  • 21. Soccer field atBiglerville HighSchool.
  • 22. The stands is where the spectators sit and watch the soccer game.The Canner Man is Biglerville’smascot.
  • 23. A referee in soccer calls penalties againstsomeone if do something they shouldn’t have. A whistle is used in soccer to get the players attention.