What is wrong with the gop debates


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GOP Debates

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What is wrong with the gop debates

  1. 1. What Is Wrong With The GOP Debates<br />0000The problem with the GOP debates is that they are not debates at least in the truest sense of the word. They have no quality of honesty or spontaneity. They come across as a Hollywood production, staged and choreographed. The “moderator” not really a moderator but a game show host. When questions are ask, they must be answered in 60 second politically correct sound bites and you get the feeling that these politically correct media buffoons that serve as moderators will go BZZZZZZZZ wrong answer or if they are too stupid…”Can we have a judge’s ruling please? <br />These “so called” debates should be an insult to every American’s intellect. A true debate is a free for all round table discussion of all topics spontaneously tossed out and responded to with no time limits on topics or answers.<br />The “moderator “should be the least visible and only make his or her presence known if too many candidates are speaking at once, otherwise shut up and stay out of the way.<br />Another aspect I would like to touch on is with all these debates and there may be close to 15-20 by time they reach the RNC convention why can’t we touch on matters of faith, yes just one debate out of the 15-20 devoted to matters of faith and social conservatism? Now there’s a novel idea? <br />Have we become so godless as a nation that a discussion on matters of religious Christian faith have become irrelevant? It seems more and more Americans are sadly becoming loathed to discuss their Christian faith in the political spectrum. <br />In my personal viewpoint it is a tragic loss that in depth stands on abortion, gay marriages, tax exempt status on churches, by the will come up on the Supreme Court docket as obummer’s Lawyers Seek to Remove Employment Exceptions for Religious Organizations.<br />How Christian issues can continue to be ignored when a new analysis by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life finds that Tea Party supporters tend to have conservative opinions not just about economic matters, but also about religious / social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.<br />In my humble opinion we ignore social issues at our own peril, as it has been often said we do not have a financial crisis but a moral crisis in this country. Part of it as a result of a breakdown in traditional marriage, refraining from virginity before marriage, literally teaching pornography in public schools, dishing out condoms in public schools, the teaching of revisionist history that is non-factual in the public schools graduating students that a functionally illiterate in U.S. and World history. Recent polls have a majority of college students saying there is nothing wrong with cheating. Major issues of bullying in schools, these are all due to a fundamental Christian breakdown in America<br />Now we have increasing pressure from atheists attacking Christian symbols in public and private, California recently fined a private residence for teaching Bible and scripture classes. Candidates need to weigh in on these issues, once they do they must be held accountable!<br />We suffer from poor productivity in the work place private and public because employees are too consumed with pornography, politicians with political scandals (Gov. Elliott Spitzer, Gov. Mark Sanford, President Clinton etc.) all of which affects public policy and private productivity, we cannot, we must not ignore this. This will also affect the freedom of worship in our country, already military chaplains are being censored to an extent in the context of saying their faith views homosexuality as a sin. Speaking of which, another valid topic for a debate how will homosexuality affect our armed forces? All these need to be addressed and our votes should be predicated in part upon these issues. “It is not just about the economy stupid” Please feel free to add your comments and opinions…Thank you. May God Bless You All and God Bless America<br />