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Homosexuality in America And Moral Decline

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America homosexuality

  1. 1. America Homosexuality & Its Road To Moral Decline<br />left17272000A word about homosexuality, LOL well actually several paragraphs worth! It deeply saddens me the road America has taken in gradual but steady acceptance of “gay rights” in America. Much of the gay advocacy is based on lies distortion and intimidation that is eagerly facilitated by the lame stream media to brainwash through though political correctness, laws and social policy the acceptance of homosexuality.<br />Let me state for the record that homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord Thy God, and not just a sin but a sin so grave, so wicked and depraved; God destroyed the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The liberals and the media would have people believe that homosexuals are an oppressed minority and “homophobia” tantamount to slavery of African Americans. <br />They claim they are bullied by people of faith, pertaining to Christians and people of conservative values. It is all a colossal canard, it is simply not true. As a matter of fact it is simply the opposite, it is them that are bullying people of faith and morally grounded conservatives. You need not take my word for it just go to the image section on Google and google “gay art blasphemy” homosexuals are openly hostile to Catholicism in specific and Christianity in general. Just look at maplethorpe, Sundays in San Francisco where men dressed in bizarre latex nun outfits barge into various Catholic Churches there and disrupt mass and spray profane graffiti on the walls and flee before the police show up. That is just the tip of the iceberg.<br />What the media will not tell you is and this is fact the overwhelming majority of serial killers had some kind of link to homosexuality whether by viewing and masturbating to homosexual porn like Ted Bundy or actual homosexual relations and or rape or homosexual molestation such as Andrew Cunanan, Dahmer, son of Sam etc. <br />Homosexuals openly advocate for sex with minors i.e. NAMBLA which to me is a sick immoral depraved act! Homosexual are more prone to diseases that heterosexuals, and it has been increasing at an alarming rate and they are specifically related to homosexuals and homosexuality most of these diseases are penicillin resistant MRSA infections just to name one, a dramatic rise in resistant strains of hepatitis where homosexuals engaging in anal activity that do not wash pass germs on to foods in public places with food, i.e. restaurants, and yes we even now thanks to the evil incarnate Obama mess halls in the military. I cannot list all the diseases but there are at least a dozen that are serious and can be passed on to innocent heterosexuals.<br />All the above can be passed on to innocent heterosexuals. I would like to further mention that homosexuality was classified a mental disorder until 1974 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) <br />Dr. Ronald Bayer, a psychiatrist has described what actually occurred in his book, Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis. (1981)<br />In Chapter 4, "Diagnostic Politics: Homosexuality and the American Psychiatric Association," Dr. Bayer says that the first attack by homosexual activists against the APA began in 1970 when this organization held its convention in San Francisco. Homosexual activists decided to disrupt the conference by interrupting speakers and shouting down and ridiculing psychiatrists who viewed homosexuality as a mental disorder. In 1971, homosexual activist Frank Kameny worked with the Gay Liberation Front collective to demonstrate against the APA's convention. At the 1971 conference, Kameny grabbed the microphone and yelled, "Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate. Psychiatry has waged a relentless war of extermination against us. You may take this as a declaration of war against you." <br />Homosexuals forged APA credentials and gained access to exhibit areas in the conference. They threatened anyone who claimed that homosexuals needed to be cured. <br />Kameny had found an ally inside of the APA named Kent Robinson who helped the homosexual activist present his demand that homosexuality be removed from the DSM. At the 1972 convention, homosexual activists were permitted to set up a display booth, entitled "Gay, Proud and Healthy." <br />Kameny was then permitted to be part of a panel of psychiatrists who were to discuss homosexuality. The effort to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder from the DSM was the result of power politics, threats, and intimidation, not scientific discoveries. <br />Prior to the APA's 1973 convention, several psychiatrists attempted to organize opposition to the efforts of homosexuals to remove homosexual behavior from the DSM. Organizing this effort were Drs. Irving Bieber and Charles Socarides who formed the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Deletion of Homosexuality from DSM-II. <br />The DSM-II listed homosexuality as an abnormal behavior under section "302. Sexual Deviations." It was the first deviation listed. <br />After much political pressure, a committee of the APA met behind closed doors in 1973 and voted to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder from the DSM-II. Opponents of this effort were given 15 minutes to protest this change, according to Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, in Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth. Satinover writes that after this vote was taken, the decision was to be voted on by the entire APA membership. The National Gay Task Force purchased the APA's mailing list and sent out a letter to the APA members urging them to vote to remove homosexuality as a disorder. No APA member was informed that the mailing had been funded by this homosexual activist group. <br />According to Satinover, "How much the 1973 APA decision was motivated by politics is only becoming clear even now. While attending a conference in England in 1994, I met a man who told me an account that he had told no one else. He had been in the gay life for years but had left the lifestyle. He recounted how after the 1973 APA decision, he and his lover, along with a certain very highly placed officer of the APA Board of Trustees and his lover, all sat around the officer's apartment celebrating their victory. For among the gay activists placed high in the APA who maneuvered to ensure a victory was this man-suborning from the top what was presented to both the membership and the public as a disinterested search for truth." <br />Dr. Socarides Speaks Out<br />Dr. Satinover shows how APA's policies were influcenced by closeted homosexual APA leaders. <br />Dr. Charles Socarides has set the record straight on how homosexuals inside and outside of the APA forced this organization to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. This was done without any valid scientific evidence to prove that homosexuality is not a disordered behavior. <br />Dr. Socarides, writing in Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic: The Issue of Homosexuality writes: "To declare a condition a 'non-condition,' a group of practitioners had removed it from our list of serious psychosexual disorders. The action was all the more remarkable when one considers that it involved an out-of-hand and peremptory disregard and dismissal not only of hundreds of psychiatric and psychoanalytic research papers and reports, but also a number of other serious studies by groups of psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators over the past seventy years…" <br />Socarides continued: "For the next 18 years, the APA decision served as a Trojan horse, opening the gates to widespread psychological and social change in sexual customs and mores. The decision was to be used on numerous occasions for numerous purposes with the goal of normalizing homosexuality and elevating it to an esteemed status.<br />"To some American psychiatrists, this action remains a chilling reminder that if scientific principles are not fought for, they can be lost-a disillusioning warning that unless we make no exceptions to science, we are subject to the snares of political factionalism and the propagation of untruths to an unsuspecting and uninformed public, to the rest of the medical profession, and to the behavioral sciences." Dr. Socarides' report is available from the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality<br />A word about homosexuality in our Armed Forces and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell let me start by saying my wise husband has wisdom beyond his years brought to him by the Holy Ghost as I am guided by the Holy Ghost as well. He foresaw what was going to happen by Obama and the liberals and that they were fully prepared to, that was basically to use the Armed forces as a petri dish for deviant social behavior and to use the United States Armed Forces as a venue to get citizens more accepting and tolerant of abnormal homosexuality, so shortly after obama’s election instead of re-upping he chose to retire from his beloved “Marine Corps” Reflect on this for a moment, we love and support our troops, liberals do not, but to make inroads in the conservative community to gain there acceptance of homosexuality they repeal DADT knowing that we have a hard choice of…even if the soldier is gay how can you not support him or her risking their life for their country? For my husband and I the choice was simple, we put God first in all things as my husband says God, Corps Unit Country, for him that was the correct order so we will not support a gay soldier, if you think that is cruel, please bear in mind General George Washington would have a known homosexual soldier put before a firing squad.<br />In present day please appreciate that homosexuality will put soldiers at risk for diseases, many of which are extremely difficult to cure, blood will be spilled, and it can be transmitted that way, some can be airborne and transmitted that way. What about a gay mess sergeant that handles food and does not clean properly?<br />What about gay celebrations dressing in drag on base? What if they demand pink lockers, what about straight heterosexual men having to share a shower being ogled by a gay soldier, gay rapes, and gay initiations?<br />Think about this, as gays move up the ranks and become company commanders,(Lieutenants and Captains} battalion commanders brigade commanders (Majors Lieutenant Colonels) and brigadier commanders your Generals do you think promotions and medals will be awarded properly if the recipient is a Christian whose faith says homosexuality is a sin? Fact: many gays are openly hostile to Christianity, already Military Chaplains are being censored from saying openly that homosexuality is a sin these officers will be commanding troops, gay military officers with firearms that hate Christians, a nightmare scenario!<br />We are headed to the days of homosexuality in the Nazi party “The Pink Swastika” in our military.<br />Let me clearly state that homosexuality is clearly linked to Satanism and atheism California is known as a hotbed for freemason homosexual orgies, now thanks to Obama that clearly does the bidding of satan we will have that in our military.<br />The problem for all this is us, we as Christians have not been more militant than the gays and gay advocates we by our own lack of activism have allowed the gay lobby to become so powerful it has come to this. We now have gay activism and indoctrination in our public schools starting in kindergarten. We need to get angry, extremely angry and active to fight this horrible evil!<br />May God Bless You All and My God Bless America!<br />