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Latin America Vocabulary #1

Latin America Vocabulary #1






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    Latin America Vocabulary #1    Latin America Vocabulary #1 Presentation Transcript

    • Latin America – Vocabulary #1
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Panama Canal – a man-made passage across the isthmus of Panama that allows ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans saving thousands of miles and reducing many days of travel time.
      • Isthmus – a narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two larger land masses.
      • I
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Amazon River – located in South America, it is the second largest river in the world (next to the Nile).
      • Amazon River Basin – c ontains the largest tropical rain forest (Amazon Rain Forest) in the world; covers 1/3 of the South American continent.
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Andes Mountains – Located in South America, it is the longest mountain range in the world. (Himalayas is the highest).
      • Sierra Madre Mountains – a mountain range in Mexico with three major chains: the Sierra Madre Occidental in the west, the Sierra Madre Oriental in the east, and the Sierra Madre del Sur, which extends along the southern coast.
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Culture – way of life of a group of people; includes language, customs, traditions, beliefs, and religious practices.
      • Diversity – refers to there being differences within a group of people such as different languages, religious beliefs, ethnic groups, economic status, educational level, or race.
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Region – an area of the world with places that share similar cultural characteristics. (Latin America is a region.)
      • Ethnic group - people who share ancestry, language, and culture.
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Columbian Exchange - the exchange of plants, animals, food, disease, and culture that occurred between Europe and the Americas during the time of European colonization.
      • Triangular Trade – a triangular pattern of trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
    • Latin America - Vocabulary #1
      • Mestizo – a person who is a mix of Native American and European parentage.
      • Literacy rate – the percentage of people who can read or write.
    • Latin America – Vocabulary #1
      • Aztecs - a powerful Indian empire located in what is today Mexico, whose capital was Tenochtitlan.
      • Incas - a powerful Indian empire located in the Andes Mountains of South America whose capital was Cuzco.