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Centerprg Appeel Brochure

  1. 1. Arizona Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics Program for Policy, Ethics & Education The Center is dedicated to emphasizing the essential role that morals and values play in the achievements and Leadership (APPEEL) successes of individuals and organizations. MISSION: Our mission is to improve the ethical awareness and understanding and thereby the ethical decision-making and behavior of the ASU community and extending to society at large. The Center’s goal is to create a university and community ethical culture by sponsoring, organizing and conducting an array of activities on ethics issues that occur in specific fields and professions as well as those of pressing importance in the community at large. Inaugural Year Fellows Old House Chamber, 3rd Floor, Arizona State Capitol “Preparing leaders to address education issues with a focus on policy, ethics & A Framework for Thinking Ethically leadership” Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics P. O. Box 874503 “We all have an image of our better Tempe AZ 85287-4503 selves-of how we are when we act ethi- (480) 727-7691 Sponsored By: cally or are "at our best." We probably Fax: (480) 965-2710 also have an image of what an ethical community, an ethical business, an ethical government, or an ethical society should be. Ethics really has to do with all these levels-acting ethically as individuals, cre- “Developing effective Co-sponsored By: ating ethical organizations and governments, and making our society as a leaders whole ethical in the way it treats every- to serve throughout one.” Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Arizona and the Nation” APPEEL is grateful to the Arizona Republic for providing meeting space
  2. 2. APPEEL Fellows APPEEL Program APPEEL Coordinator Fellows are selected by the Program Coordinator We are pleased you are considering the Arizona Program Fellows are given many opportunities to: and the APPEEL Advisory Committee which in- for Policy, Ethics & Education Leadership (APPEEL). (1) develop a broadened understanding of the cludes representatives from the Lincoln Center for APPEEL is a ten-month professional development program policy process; Applied Ethics and the Mary Lou Fulton Institute for emerging leaders in education and related fields co- (2) hone their communications and decision- and Graduate School of Education. sponsored by the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, the making skills; Mary Lou Fulton Institute and Graduate School of Educa- (3) refine their potential for leadership; and INSTRUCTIONS tion at Arizona State University, and the Arizona Republic. (4) expand their network of professional This program is open to the community through APPEEL’s mission is to develop strategic, executive lead- colleagues. an on-line application process. Please complete ers in public and private organizations who have the ca- the entire application . Incomplete applications will pacity to create and implement sound public policy to im- As a result, employing agencies are rewarded with bet- not be considered. Application information and prove outcomes for children, youth and adults. ter informed and more skillful employees. For more form are available at: information on APPEEL please visit the Lincoln Center APPEEL participants hold full-time positions in diverse for Applied Ethics at or con- community_appeel. Finalists will be interviewed in organizations at the local, state and national levels. Fel- tact Caroline Turner at: person. Selected Fellows will then be asked to lows remain in their full-time positions and use their work environment as the context for examining important leader- provide a one-paragraph biographical statement ELIGIBILITY AND SELECTION PROCESS and a photograph. ship and policy issues in the state and in the nation. AP- APPEEL invites your application if you have: PEEL activities are directed by Lincoln Professor Caroline Turner, statewide Coordinator. • a commitment to personal and professional develop- Contact ment on behalf of children, youth and adults • a track record for making things happen—inside and APPEEL COORDINATOR: Caroline Turner APPEEL brings Fellows together through a variety of across agencies/organizations Lincoln Professor of Ethics and Education learning opportunities (such as seminars, guest lecturers, • substantive work experiences informal discussions, site visits, skill development work- • a bachelor's degree or its equivalent shops) and through electronic networking and information 480.965.2149 (office) 480.965.1880 (fax) • a full-time professional position sharing. Fellows will also conduct projects related to the • the endorsement of your employing organization program focus on the nexus of policy, ethics and educa- tional leadership. Completed projects will aim to have an In order to receive a certificate of completion, APPEEL applied impact for the betterment of educational requires participation in monthly meetings/site visits, opportunities for our state’s children, youth, and adults. In which are generally, but not always, held at the addition, Fellows will participate in three state mini- conclusion of the normal work day. In addition, Fellows conferences during the fellowship year. Mini-conferences are required to participate in a two day retreat, three will be held in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona. state mini-conferences, and to complete a policy project paper and poster. Mini-conferences will be held in PROGRAM FEES AND EMPLOYER SPONSORSHIP Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona. If you cannot The APPEEL dues of $800, the cost of travel to the three participate fully in APPEEL, please do not complete the state mini-conferences and any other costs incurred to application. Dr. Caroline Turner is the coordinator of the APPEEL attend APPEEL meetings/functions for each Fellow are the fellowship program. She is a Professor in the Division responsibility of the Fellow, but may be paid by sponsoring/ APPLICATION AND SELECTION SCHEDULE of Education Policy, Leadership & Curriculum and employing organizations. June-July APPEEL application material distributed. Doctoral Program Coordinator for Higher & Post- Aug 7 Application Deadline secondary Education at Arizona State University. Her LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES August-September Fellows notified of acceptance Participation in APPEEL yields important results. The research and teaching interests include access, equity October Fellowship program begins and leadership in higher education, faculty gender and program’s complementary work/learning as well as actual/ virtual activities provide Fellows with a unique personal racial/ethnic diversity, organizational change, and the development laboratory for applying new insights and for use of qualitative methods for policy research. practicing new skills.