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  • 1. Writing a Thesis Statement
  • 2. What is a thesis statement?
    • A thesis is a clear, concise statement of the writer’s assertion about the subject.
  • 3. A thesis will…
    • Tell the reader what this piece of writing is about
    • Indicate the writer’s attitude about the subject
    • Make a contract with readers: by the end of the essay, readers will understand why the writer thinks the way he/she does about the subject
  • 4. An effective thesis…
    • Is restricted, unified, and precise
    • Must not be a sentence fragment
    • Must not be a question
    • Is not a tentative statement
    • Does not contain phrases such as, “I think…” or “I believe…” or “I will write about…”
  • 5. Composing a thesis
    • The initial thesis statement you write will be a working thesis .
    • The final thesis will be a version that will fit into your introduction.
  • 6. Working Thesis
    • A working thesis will exhibit five properties:
      • 1. Author
      • 2. Genre
      • 3. Title
      • 4. Topic
      • 5. Evaluation of topic
      • Example: In Robert Frost’s poem “Design,” white
      • 1 2 3 4
      • represents life/death.
      • 5
  • 7. Essay Map
    • In addition to author, genre, title, topic, and evaluation of topic that will be included in your thesis, you may also include an essay map.
    • Example: In Robert Frost’s poem “Design,” the
    • 1 2 3
    • white spider, moth, and flower represent a
    • 6 6 6
    • cycle of life and death.
    • 5
  • 8. Final Thesis
    • Your final thesis will probably not look exactly like your working thesis. In fact, it is a good idea to revise and polish your thesis statement as your essay progresses. This will allow your thesis to flow easily within your introduction.