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THE ARTISTSHeaps Good currently has a roster of 20 Australian artists practicing in differentlocations around the world co...
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HeapsGood UK Life Exhibition Sponsorship


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HeapsGood UK Life Exhibition Sponsorship

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION CONTENTSHeaps Good is holding an exhibition of 20 influential Australian artists in the United Kingdom entitled ‘Life’. The show is WHAT IS HEAPS GOOD? ........................................................ 4taking place for a week, opening on the 8th July 2011 at East Gallery, London and aims to raise awareness and funds for(RED). The Print Club London are facilitating the production of artworks and co-curating the show. ‘LIFE’ – AN EXHIBITION.......................................................... 5Heaps Good would like to invite you to become an integral part of this amazing project. As a sponsor you would havea massive impact on the success of the exhibition and would gain a number of benefits that come with your supportincluding press, goodwill, market expansion and exclusive event opportunities around the exhibition. It is a brilliant THE ARTISTS ....................................................................... . 6opportunity to align yourself with a good cause, be a part of a unique art project, get lots of press and utilise a channelof marketing that directly reaches the 20-35 year old market and can be bespoke to your needs. DATE AND VENUE ................................................................. 8The following document outlines the show and the opportunities that exist for you become a part of the project. PRINT CLUB LONDON............................................................ 9 OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPONSORS ......................................... 10 CONCLUSION/CONTACTS .................................................... 112 ‘Life’ an exhibition 3
  3. 3. WHAT IS HEAPS GOOD? ‘LIFE’ – AN EXHIBITION‘Heaps good’ is an Australian colloquialism that is used to describe something that is ‘particularly awesome’. Heaps Good presents ‘Life’ – an exhibition that brings together 20 influential Australian artists for a show like no other.The Heaps Good collective is dedicated to promoting and connecting Australian creativity in the United Kingdom. Each artist creates a two-colour screenprinted poster to the theme of ‘Life’, of which there will be a limited run of 20.Our group consists of talented Aussies who want to be involved in expanding the community. The show is to raise awareness and funds for (RED), who is working to make this the last generation with HIV. The artists’ brief is to use red as one of the colours used in their work.The premise is simple. Australia has no shortage of talent, and we aim to help show off the creative and diverse workAustralians produce. Be it art, design, gigs or simply stuff that tickles your creative thingy, stands it on end and pokes ‘Life’ is co-curated by Print Club London, who will also provide the facilities to produce the in that part of your brain that makes you think “sweet nectar of dude, that is heaps good!” – we aim to bring it tothe attention of the world. WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT BEHIND ‘LIFE’?Our blog is at Creating excitement, connectedness and awareness, not only around Australian art but for everyone involved in the show – be it (RED), the gallery, Print Club London, Heaps Good even the guys cleaning up afterwards. WHAT DOES ‘LIFE’ LOOK LIKE? It is an exhibition that will showcase the works framed and hung on the wall of East Gallery in London, July 2011. IF ‘LIFE’ WAS A PERSON, HOW WOULD IT ACT? Excited, passionate and loving. www.printclublondon.comPNAU at XOYO, London December 2010. Photo by Matt Deuchar.4 ‘Life’ an exhibition 5
  4. 4. THE ARTISTSHeaps Good currently has a roster of 20 Australian artists practicing in differentlocations around the world committed to the show. Possibly even more if resourcespermit. The diverse group covers a wide gamut of Australian visual creativity and evenbrings in some old faces of uniquely important artistic aesthetics from Australia.So far:JEREMYVILLEWE BUY YOUR KIDSJONATHAN ZAWADARILLA ALEXANDERLILLY PIRITIMBA SMITSEAMOREG MOMBASSANUMSKULLJAMES KAPEKATE BENAZIALTERSARAH LARNACHBEASTMANKAREENA ZEREFOSJAMES JIRAT PATRADOONEXPIALIDOCIOUSJAMES GULLIVERBEN BROWNJAMES MCNAMARA6 ‘Life’ an exhibition 7
  5. 5. THE DATE AND VENUE PRINT CLUB LONDONVENUE: East Gallery; 214 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA, United Kingdom Print Club London is co-curating the show, providing the facilities and help required to create an exhibition of magnitude.OPENING DATE: 8/7/2011 The artists are designing B2 size screenprints that are going to be produced at the Print Club London’s studio in Dalston.DURATION: ‘Life’ will be on show at East Gallery until Thursday 14/7/2011 Print Club London curates ‘Blisters’, one of the UK’s largest poster shows annually. They have the expertise and passion to make ‘Life’ an amazing collection of beautifully selected and crafted artworks.WHAT HAPPENS AFTER?: The works will be moved to the Print Club London’s Brick Lane showroom, next door toEast Gallery. Possibility of being part of new XOYO development in Shoreditch. www.printclublondon.comEast Gallery is located in theheart of East London’s creativedistrict on Brick Lane, minuteswalk from Shoreditch High StreetStation, Hoxton, Old Street andLiverpool Street, Whitechapeland Aldgate.The area is also close to theLiverpool Street city area ofLondon.8 ‘Life’ an exhibition 9
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY FOR SPONSORS CONCLUSION Heaps Good would love nothing more than for you to support and become an integral part of this project. It is a veryWHAT IS REQUIRED OF A SPONSOR FOR THE SHOW? unique endeavour that is creative, benevolent, aspirational, fresh, youthful and edgy all at the same time. We aim toTo make such a project work so that we can maximise the amount of money donated to charity we are looking for provide the best result for our sponsors and really can create anything and bespoke levels of involvement depending onsponsors to provide us with resources to cover running costs such as the gallery hire, press collateral and art materials. how you are aimed at your market and what you can provide for the project. A conversation with us about your possibleA monetary donation is required to cover costs, for example the gallery hire is the biggest expense at £1200. The lowest involvement is really the first step to opening up the door for opportunity.level of involvement from a monetary sponsor is £200. Anything over £1000 makes you the exclusive Presenting Partner,with almost free reign over what you can get out of being our partner including catered private showing events or At the real core of this project is excitement, connectedness and love. Who doesn’t want all those things?marketing exercises surrounding the show. The sky is the limit.WHAT INTANGIBLE VALUE WOULD A SPONSOR GET?• Press, and lots of it. This is a very unique and benevolent project that is of high interest to the press. We have links to CONTACTmost major newspapers, Le Cool, Time Out, The Print Club email list, East Gallery email list, RED web site, Heaps Goodweb site, our after party venue email list, Vice, Dazed and Confused and many major blogs. Curator• A visible link to a charitable cause, especially one that is so influential, aspirational and linked to major brands. James Tranter• Alignment with the art/culture market in a way that is very credible. +44 777 175 6433• A direct link with the ‘cool’ kids, a chance to show you have your finger on the pulse and support grass-roots projects.• The opportunity to reach a 20-35 market with expendable income that are influencers. (RED) Brand DevelopmentWHAT PHYSICAL VALUE WOULD A SPONSOR GET? Monica ValentiThis is very open to discussion, obviously the more you put in the more we can do for you because there is funds to +1 212 784 5937create with. The following are possibilities:• One of each artwork from every artist in the show framed.• Exclusive showing for one night/day event where you can invite clients, press, employees, peers to a private viewing of Print Club London Directorthe show with drink and food provided. Kate Newbold• Photography from the night, possibly showcasing the consumption/presence of your product at the opening event +44 7961 349 783that will be promoted through our channels and free for you to use how you want.• A link on our web site for the duration and lead up to the show, free advertising to our market.• Logo on all visual communication.• Mention within the synopsis of the show.• Logo on window of gallery, on hanging signage in the gallery and at after party.• Ability to put collateral that advertises your business physically at the show.• Marketing presence at our after party.• Mention in newspapers, magazines and online. Depending on the level of sponsorship this can be pushed heavily.• Anything you can imagine that would get you value!WE LOVE IT, WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?As Australians we love to talk. You would need to contact the show organiser James Tranter (contacts page) and discussthe targets and expectations of both sides. If you have any further ideas or topics that you want to run by us, we lookforward to hearing them as soon as possible so we can get it all in action.We want everyone involved in the show to get everything they want out of it so let’s talk first. Regardless of whether thisproject is something for your organisation or not, we would value your input.10 ‘Life’ an exhibition 11