Some Guidelines On Proper Acid Reflux Diet


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Some Guidelines On Proper Acid Reflux Diet

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Natural Way to be Totally Healthy, Check this ====Acid reflux in babies can be a real trouble for the parents, especially the first time parents. It ispathetic to see the babies who do not know any other way to communicate their pain but to cryinconsolably. Acid reflux symptoms in babies are not as clear as they are in adults and it may bedifficult to diagnose.Acid reflux in babies normally occurs after feed. The contents of the stomach are refluxed backand the baby might spit up or vomit. So, how does one conclude that the spitting up is due to acidreflux and not any other problem? Let us first look at the symptoms of acid reflux disease.Acid reflux is a common problem in infants. More than 50% of the babies experience acid refluxsymptoms during the first three months of age. The symptoms subside on their own after 12-18months period as the babies sphincter valve develops fully and strengthens.Symptoms of Acid reflux Problem in BabiesIn case of young babies, acid reflux is also known as "spitting - up". Hence if your child spits upafter every feed, then he is more likely to have acid reflux. In addition to this, there can bedifficulties in feeding; some babies typically arch their back while trying to avoid feeds. In chroniccases of acid reflux problem in babies, there is no weight gain. Also the baby may pass blood instool or vomit brown or green colored liquid. While simpler cases of acid reflux can be handledeasily, chronic acid reflux needs immediate medical attention.Acid reflux occurs due to the relaxed lower esophageal sphincter muscle. In case of babies, thesemuscles may not be fully developed causing the acid reflux problem. When the baby feeds, thestomach extends and the sphincter valve opens up to pass the contents as vomit into the foodpipe. In adults, acid reflux problem causes severe heartburn and chest pain. However, in case ofbabies there is no evidence of the occurrence of heart burn.As discussed earlier, acid reflux problem is common in babies but with a little bit of care andunderstanding, parents can overcome this problem. Also the babies with acid reflux problem willhave poor sleeping habits and difficulties in sleeping. They may wake up several times beforesleeping. It is tough to handle a child with acid reflux and the parents can be completelyexhausted.However, some babies take the acid reflux problem in their stride and are happy spitters. Theyremain quite happy and satisfied even when dressed in spit from top to bottom!!!Preventive Measures for Acid Reflux Problems in Babies
  2. 2. With a little precaution and preventive measures, parents may overcome the acid reflux problem inbabies. It is advisable to keep the babies in upright position at least 30 minutes after feeds. Evenwhen laying down the baby in the bed, it must be ensured that there head remains inclined at anangle of 30 degrees.The baby must be given smaller and frequent feeds combined with burping in between the feeds.Overfeeding can result in acid reflux and spitting. Also while making the baby burp, he should beheld in such a position that there is no pressure on the stomach. In addition to this, babies withacid reflux problems should be made to wear lighter clothes that are not tight near the stomachand waist area. The breast feeding mothers should eat simple and nutritious diet and should avoidheavy and spicy foods.In some cases, mixing rice cereals with formula may reduce the acid reflux problems in babies. Ifthe baby is on breast feed, then the mother can express the milk in a feeding bottle before mixingrice cereal.Final word for Acid Reflux Suffering BabiesThe final word is to the parents of the babies, who suffer from acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is acommon problem and the parents should not worry excessively about it. As the child grows, thisproblem goes off on its own in most of the cases. In chronic cases only medications are required.The parents must be aware of the symptoms of acid reflux and take proper precautions. Finally,with loads of patience, love and understanding, they can deal with the acid reflux problem in abetter way.Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit acid reflux explained to learn more about infant acidreflux symptoms and other acid reflux symptoms in children.Article Source: ====For Great Natural Way to be Totally Healthy, Check this
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