For Great Natural way to Lower Your Cholesterol!


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For Great Natural way to Lower Your Cholesterol!

  1. 1. ==== ====For great Natural way to Lower your Cholesterol, Check this ==== Cholesterol is considered a type of fat, a sterol to be precise. Its production startswith sugar molecules. Please read the preceding sentence a thousand times again andagain. Yes, cholesterol production begins when the cells of the body see sugarmolecules. These sugar molecules can be glucose (found in starches, processed andun processed foods and all vegetables), fructose (found in fruit and berries) andgalactose (found in lactose which is comprised of glucose and galactose). These sugarmolecules will be modified within the cells of the body with the end result being theproduction of cholesterol.One may ask, "Why would our bodies make such a deadly substance?" Our bodiesmake cholesterol because our cells, each and every one of them, need cholesterol tosurvive. Cholesterol is found in our cells membrane, is the starting point for theproduction of hormones like testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, cortisol and bile acidsalts and the list goes on. Without cholesterol in our cells membrane and without theother things we make from cholesterol; we will die. The cell membrane is what makes acell, a cell. Without a cell membrane we have no cells and there is no us. Without theother stuff we make from cholesterol we could not survive either.
  2. 2. Getting back to how cholesterol is made I know what you are thinking; "How come I wasnever told that cholesterol is made from sugar?" How come you were never told that thevery foods that DO NOT contain cholesterol or fat are the very foods that the body usesto make cholesterol and fat. It is because doctors, dieticians and nutritionists haveforgotten themselves.For my physician readers, remember glycolysis? Come on, I bet you do. Remember theend product of glycolysis that thing called pyruvate. Does acetyl Co A ring a bell? Itshould. It comes from the modification of pyruvate during the aerobic metabolism ofglucose. Now who out there remembers that when two molecules of acetyl Co A cometogether it forms acetoacetyl Co A? Huh? Any takers?OK, this is for extra credit. Does anyone remember that "all twenty seven carbon atomsfound in cholesterol come from acetyl CoA? (1) Mevalonate ring a bell. How aboutsqualene? OK, OK I will stop now. It was embarrassing for me too when I came to therealization that I had forgotten how cholesterol was made. Even more so for mebecause I was a nutritional biochemist trained at one of the most prestigious universitiesin the world. And I even had forgotten this simple, basic biochemical fact. But please donot go on thinking that the cholesterol made in the body comes from anything other thanthe modification of a sugar molecule. This is so utterly important to understand and socrucial it bears repeating. Cholesterol is made in the body from sugar. It is through themodification of a sugar molecule that we make the majority of cholesterol in ourbodies. And this is the cholesterol that clogs up all our arteries, including our coronaryarteries, leading to subsequent heart attacks.Now to get to cholesterol from sugar molecules requires a review of biochemicalpathways, physiological feedback loops (say that three times fast) and a whole bunch ofother biochemical mumbo jumbo which is enough to give anyone a headache. That iswhy I stopped a few paragraphs ago. But do not worry for we will be reviewing nobiochemical pathways here, because there is a solution.Suffice it to say that sugar is the starting point for cholesterol production. So every timeyou eat something which contains sugar you are setting in motion the processes thatthe body needs to make cholesterol.Now it must be mentioned that the cells of the body produce a greater amount ofcholesterol than is consumed by us daily. (2) This means we are producing morecholesterol than we are eating. So let me ask a question; if we want to effectively lowerour cholesterol and I mean effectively, would I modify my dietary intake of cholesterol orattempt to modify the bodys production of cholesterol?
  3. 3. Well, let us think this through. The body makes more cholesterol than I consume. So if Ican somehow modify how much cholesterol my body makes I will effect a greaterchange on my cholesterol numbers. If I change how much cholesterol I am eating, I willchange the number less. But is this not exactly what we are doing when we change ourdietary consumption of cholesterol by following low fat, low cholesterol diets? Byfollowing the accepted diet for reducing cholesterol you are marginally influencing thecholesterol number.By lowering your carbohydrate intake (I like the moniker carbs for short so from now onwhen I am referring to carbohydrates I will just say carbs) you are lowering the amountof sugar molecules a cell sees and if the cell sees less sugar the cell makes lesscholesterol. It is that simple. Really, it is.As a side note, carbs are broken down into sugars, so whenever one eats carbs the cellwill see sugar.Now I mentioned above and the statement was taken directly from one of the mostwidely used Medical Physiology textbooks in colleges across America, that it is thebodys own production of cholesterol that contributes most to the cholesterol present inour bodies.So let us combine some thoughts. By lowering your carb intake the cell sees less sugar.Less sugar means less cholesterol production by our cells and now you just altered themost important contributor to cholesterol production in the body. Yes, again it is thatsimple. So simple it is embarrassing. But wait, it gets even more embarrassing.Ok, so some people may be wondering what happens when we eat cholesterol. Afterall, doctors are taught that it is the cholesterol we eat which gets us in trouble. Are yousitting down? I hope so because here is the kicker. When we eat cholesterol our bodyactually diminishes its production of cholesterol. Huh? Do you mean to tell me that whenI eat cholesterol my body actually slows down its production of cholesterol? Yes, that iscorrect.So let us put some more ideas together. The low cholesterol diet means more wholegrains (carbs), fruits (carbs) and vegetables (carbs), and obviously less cholesterol.Guess what you just did. You just set in motion all the body needs TO MAKE MORECHOLESTEROL! Can I hear a great big Oops!!!!
  4. 4. It is the classic negative biofeedback loop that makes this happen. When one ingestscholesterol since it is a fat it can transfuse right through the cell and nuclearmembranes. Eventually it binds with the actual DNA of the cell and turns off theproduction of the enzymes that make cholesterol. Specifically, the production of theenzyme 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase is significantly lowered. Since this isone of the most important enzymes for cholesterol formation, turning off the productionof this enzyme will decrease the production of cholesterol in our bodies.So that is why low cholesterol diets do not work to significantly lower the level ofcholesterol in the blood. Going through it one more time, when we eat carbs and sincethe majority of cholesterol in our blood is produced by the body; we provide the cellswith what they need to make more cholesterol. And then by lowering cholesterolconsumption this sends the message to our body to make more cholesterol. This isbecause our cells, when they see less cholesterol, will make more of that enzymementioned above (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase). Then more cholesterolwill be made. I refer to this as the double whammy effect.Now you physician readers may be feeling a little uneasy because I have not mentionedthat lowering ones intake of cholesterol in the diet, will oftentimes lower the cholesterolnumber in the blood stream. Yes, this does happen, but we do not see a significantlowering of the cholesterol number. In fact, in a perfect body, and well who would thatbe; you only get a lowering of about fifteen percent. So if your cholesterol is, say, 300,which is not an uncommon number to see; by dramatically reducing the cholesterol inyour diet, you can possibly (and usually not) lower the number from 300 to 255. Formost people, this would not have lowered the cholesterol number enough, and guesswhat? Now your doctor is reaching for medication to help lower the cholesterol numbermore.I often times will say to my patients and colleagues, who never seem to understand myreasoning, because either they do not want to, or truly just dont understand, that if thedietary contribution to your cholesterol number is only fifteen percent, what contributesthe other eighty five percent? Well, it is what your body makes of course. So would it notmake sense to try to modify my bodys production of cholesterol, since this contributesmore to the cholesterol number? Of course! This makes perfect sense, but by startingyourself on a low cholesterol diet, and by eating more carbs, and you have to eat morecarbs, because thats all thats left, again, you set in motion all the things the bodyneeds to make more cholesterol. OK, I think I have said enough about cholesterol andwe will now talk about the solution.
  5. 5. BiosLife Slim, a 100% Natural product, Clinically Proven at Top Institutions around theWorld Including: Columbia University, Cleveland Clinic, Emory University, University ofConnecticut, the University of Sydney, Stanford University and John Hopkins University.All Natural & Safe, non-Prescription Product Listed in the PDR (Physicians DeskReference) Under the Medication Section.==== ====For great Natural way to Lower your Cholesterol, Check this ====