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Healthy india marketing services

  1. 1. ABOUT USHealthy India marketing services. Is a company based on futuristic vision & values such asintegrity, trust & respect which are the pillars of success. The companys management iscommitted to creating lifestyles, which meet or exceed expectations. We would like to introduceour company " healthy India marketing services" to your esteemed organization. HealthyIndia marketing services is an export oriented manufacturer of water purification systems.Being ISO 9001: 2000 certified, the company is committed to using its collectiveknowledge, experience & expertise to develop products, systems & services, which areincorporated into the widest range of water treatment equipments. The expertise required tomaintain such high standard of systems & services comes from ongoing R&D of process &control, manufacturing technology & colloidal chemistry. Healthy India marketing servicesproducts speak of quality, which is strongly supported by NSF certification, which is recognizedworldwide. Healthy India marketing services offers a wide range of products which includesresidential RO basic under sink models with / without tank, cabinet series, water filters, waterdispensers, softeners & RO parts like pumps, membranes and many other associated parts. Wealso manufacture industrial and commercial RO systems of 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000LPH & 2000 LPH. We can also modify the RO systems according to the requirement of thebuyers.With top quality products & sincere services, the company has established its brand reputationin middle east & south east Asian markets.We are determined to provide our buyers with best products at genuine priceswe request you that if you have any requirements please revert back to us with the requireddetails.
  2. 2. Healthy India Marketing Services a new level in water purification with highlyscientific multi level water purification system equipped with:Reverse Osmosis TechnologyHEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES Water Purifiers help in maintainingthe drinking water quality by:• Reducing Water hardness.• Removing chemical contents including heavy metals.• Removing Micro-Biological disease causing organisms.• Bringing down the level of TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) to safer levels.Reverse Osmosis ProcessReverse Osmosis (R.O.) is one of the most convenient and economical methods ofreducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is theprocess by which water molecules are forced, by water pressure, through a semipermeable membrane. Most of the impurities and other contaminants are rinsed tothe drain while the refined water is routed to a special holding tank.
  3. 3. WATER TREATMENT RESULT COMPARISON Caused Reverse Ultra Violet ActivatedContaminates Boiling Filter Ozonation Disease Osmosis Ray CarbonSodium Heart Disease YES NO NO NO NO NOCalcium Kidney stone YES NO NO NO NO NOMagnesium Kidney Stone YES NO NO NO NO NOLead Nephralgia Mental Retardation YES NO NO NO NO NOCopper Indigestion YES NO NO NO NO NOMercury Pain YES NO NO NO NO NONitrate Dysentery YES NO NO NO NO NO BacterialBacteria YES YES YES NO NO YES DiseasePyrogen Fever YES NO NO NO NO NOVirus Viral Disease YES YES YES NO NO YESFluoride Fluorosis YES NO NO NO NO NOArsenic Poisoning YES NO NO NO NO NOIron Constipation, Dysentery YES NO NO NO NO NOInsecticides & Cancer YES NO NO NO NO NOPesticidesSource : Various Research studies and Lab tests.NO Does not removeYES Removes
  5. 5. Material / Element % Removed Material / Element % RemovedBarium 97% Potassium 92%Bicarbonate 94% Radium 97%Cadmium 97% Selenium 97%Calcium 97% Silicate 96%Chromate 92% Silver 85%Copper 97% Sodium 92%Detergents 97% Strontium 97%Fluoride 90% Sulphate 97%Lead 97% PCBs 97%Magnesium 97% Insecticides 97%Nickel 97% Herbicides 97%Nitrates 80% Total Removal 95%
  6. 6. MISSIONOur mission is an unstoppable activecompany and tries to incorporate the best inorder to generate the best. Developing trustworthy relation with our valuable clients andmake them a part of our loyal client base isthe motive of our Company. Mission is tofull fill our villagers needs with the very bestquality, Price and Service in the Industry. Tominimize the Water born diseases and tokeep India’s backbone Healthy.
  7. 7. VISION• HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES creates way to a safer & healthier Lifestyle through its RO Water Purifiers. Industrial activities & urban growth have increased the strain on Natural & Ecological resources.• HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES, a time tested and a reliable name on which people can rely & place their full confidence upon for - Pure Drinking Water.• With several years of experience in the Water Treatment Industry, we offer a variety of Services & Solutions to combat the ever-increasing demand for clean, safe drinking water.• HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES comprises of a dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians & Administrators who are trained in their respective fields to provide Superior Quality Products & Unmatched Customer Service.• HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES offers a wide range of RO Water Purifiers, Dispensers & Parts that speak of Quality, which is strongly supported by NSF, Certification, which is recognized worldwide.• The company is committed to using its collective Knowledge, Experience & Expertise to Develop Products, Systems & Services, which are Incorporated into the Widest Range of Water Treatment Equipments. The expertise required to maintain such high Standard of Systems & Services comes from ongoing R&D of Process & Control, Manufacturing Technology & Colloidal Chemistry.• HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES believes in providing most reliable and cost effective products that meet clients satisfaction and Approvals because the price you pay is the quality you afford to purchase.• With offices based in China, India and Middle East, “HEALTHY INDIA MARKETING SERVICES " has a global presence and can meet its client requirements Competitively & Efficiently.
  8. 8. QUALITY POLICY• We are committed to achieve customer’s satisfaction and delight by providing best products and services in the field of Water Treatment Plants & its Components with effective implementation of Quality Management System.• We will actively pursue our goal of competitive, quality products delivered on time, which will meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.• Our management is committed to provide our employees with the necessary resources and environment to carry out these goals. These resources will be focused on meeting our customer’s needs, and continual improvements.
  9. 9. INFRASTRUCTURE BASEWe have the best infrastructural set up possessinga state-of-the-art production unit backed by hi-tech machines and latest technology. Constant upgradation enables us to face the competition.Apart from this we have the finest research anddevelopment facilities that help us inmanufacturing unrivaled products of best quality.We have the cream professionals working with uswho are experts of their fields and have full-fledged technical knowledge as well.
  10. 10. EXCEL MODEL (OLD POPULAR MODEL)1. Micron Cartridge Filter (0.5 Mic. )2. Granular Activated Carbon3. Carbon Block Candle4. Membrane5. Silver Imprecated with Coconut Shell Carbon
  11. 11. INK POT MODEL (MOST POPULAR MODEL)FullyAutomatic, Leakproof:1. Micron cartridge filter (5 Mic.)2. Inline spun candle3. Carbon Candle4. Membrane5. Post carbon6. 8 Liters Storage Tank
  12. 12. ARIES MODEL (NEW IMPROVED)Fully Automatic , Leak proof“ Filtration Same as above”Extra:1. Flushing for membrane cleaning2. High pressure switch3. Low pressure switch4. Fully Imported5. 9 Liters Storage Tank
  13. 13. TRIM KNT MODEL (WALL MOUNTING)( With U.V.)1. Micron cartridge filter (5 Mic.)2. Inline spun candle3. Carbon candle4. Membrane5. Post carbon6. 8 Liters storage Tank
  14. 14. DOLPHIN NATURAL MODEL (NEW MODEL)Fully Automatic, Leak proof“ Filtration Same as above”Extra:1. Flushing for membrane cleaning2. High pressure switch3. Low pressure switch4. Fully imported
  15. 15. HYUNDAIFully Automatic, Leak proof“ Filtration Same as above”Extra:1. Micron cartridge filter ( 5 Mic.)2. Inline Spun Candle3. Carbon Candle4. Membrane5. Post Carbon6. 8 Liters Storage Tank
  16. 16. WATER DISPENSOR (WITHOUT R.O)1. Hot and Cold Water Supply2. With Refrigerant Facility3. 4 Liters Water Storage
  17. 17. CLOUDFully Automatic, Leak proof“ Filtration Same as above”Extra:1. Micron cartridge filter ( 5 Mic.)2. Inline Spun Candle3. Carbon Candle4. Membrane5. Post Carbon6. 8 Liters Storage Tank
  18. 18. COMMERCIAL PRODUCTSIn the scarcity of desired water available for variousapplication membrane based technology hasemerged as the most versatile and reliable solutionto water management and liquid separationproblems in last few decades. The physicalmembrane separation techniques like MicroFiltration, Nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration, andReverse Osmosis provide the most reliable andeconomic solution. The technology can treat tap ,brackish , sea and waste water to produce specifictreated water quality to suit various applications.The packaged models are standardized from 250LPH to 100000 LPH flow suitable to domestic,commercial and various industrial applications.
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