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Business Overview for LaunchMoxie

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LaunchMoxie Overview

  1. 1. Executive Summary Startup Funding Plan Internal Use Only
  2. 2. Affiliate & JV Programs Launch Campaigns What we do: Commission-Based Sales Models Book Launch Site or App Launch Product Launch
  3. 3. Campaign Setup & Management Partner Acquisition List Building (Lead Acquisition) We help companies with:
  4. 4. Performance-Based Marketing Paid Media Aggregation Reciprocal Marketing We do this using: Where you pay commissions (or payout) to your affiliates for actual sales they make. LaunchMoxie helps develop affiliate campaigns including finding you new partners. Where you pay for banner ads, emails or other media to promote your products. LaunchMoxie acts as an aggregator, to combine similar advertisers for more cost-effective rates. Our focus is primarily on Lead Generation campaigns (CPL). Where you promote your products in exchange for promoting something else. LaunchMoxie provides a network of reciprocal promotion opportunities, plus special events and reciprocation balancing.
  5. 5. Content Packaging Branding & Positioning And our core competencies: Partner Acquisition Creative Joint Ventures Marketing Strategies
  6. 6. We focus on these markets: Mind Body Spirit Dating Industry Home Services Publishing, Self-Publishing, Book Marketing Health, Beauty & Cosmetics Natural Hair & Skin Care Green Homes, Feng Shui, Spiritual Living Spiritual & Self-Help Books Conscious Dating
  7. 7. Allison Maslan’s Interactive Life Coach Our clients include: Tapping The Source Franchise Launch Campaign Management Partner Acquisition Affiliate Campaign Setup Launch Campaign Management Partner Management Systems Setup List Management Affiliate Campaign Setup & Management Reciprocation Event Launch (Remodeling Month Atlanta) List Management Lead Acquisition
  8. 8. Real Men Don’t Do SEO And we’re incubating a few things of our own: How Old Is Your Soul? Beauty Secrets from Brazil Webinar series for online marketers wanting to know how to go beyond the “fantasy” world of SEO and social media marketing. Membership site focused on games & quizzes to help users better understand themselves and their life journeys. Webinar series targeted to small and medium sized cosmetics companies wanting to enhance their products with Brazilian formulation secrets. EarthMoxie is a trivia game engine that powers website opt-ins while offering advertising and donation-based marketing opportunities. It’s used as an opt-in vehicle for our launch events. EarthMoxie
  9. 9. Evergreen The LaunchMoxie Evergreen campaign gets your transfor-mation product or service exposed on various websites on a permanent basis, getting you new opt-ins on a consistent basis. The Evergreen campaign is available for only $57 per year per listing. We offer these on-going campaigns: Campaign 2012onTrack A directory of transformation products and services for the new year, 2012 On Track is a website event combining hundreds of transformation experts and their products. This campaign is a 100% reciprocation event, designed to build the LaunchMoxie partner base by providing our partners with valuable exposure at no cost. 1000 Members Our 1000 Members campaign is an on-going CPL (lead generation) campaign that combines advertisers for maximum Return On Investment. We are able to provide leads for companies in the Transformation market for between $1 and $3 each.
  10. 10. Christopher Van Buren Christopher Van Buren has worked in online marketing and media for over 12 years, as a publisher, marketing director, and campaign manager. He is an expert in content marketing, affiliate marketing and online strategies. Chris has written numerous books in the technology, travel and self-help markets and spent eight years as a literary agent, helping authors get their books published. Chris is the President and Founder of LaunchMoxie, Inc. Bill Gladstone (Advisor) Bill Gladstone is President of Waterside Productions, Inc. a leading literary agency for books and information products. Bill is also the best-selling author of The Twelve and co-author of The Golden Motorcycle Gang with Jack Canfield. Marc Bass (Advisor) Marc Bass is the former CEO of MBA (Marc Bass Agency), a Hollywood talent agency representing some of biggest names in Hollywood. Today, Marc is the President of John Rinck, CTO John was a senior architect at Callidus Software, where he built a team of over 20 engineers to solve enterprise-level compensation management. He has hands-on experience with a wide variety of development software. Our team includes:
  11. 11. While client work provides a steady revenue stream and partner expansion opportunities, it’s our own products that offer scalable revenue models for larger growth. We will invest in the build-out of our proprietary products and in launching them successfully. Our plan is to: Expand Our Client Work Our capacity to take on new clients is limited only by our human resources. Our client services are time intensive, but offer reliable revenue streams, partner expansion opportunities, and long-term income potential. Our goal is to gradually move away from doing small reciprocation campaigns (such as book launch campaigns) and focus on duplicating our unique B2B partner acquisition event model, such as our 2012 On Track and Remodeling Month events. Create Infrastructure Business infrastructure must accompany the growth of client work and asset creation. Primary needs include accounting and legal support, sales & marketing systems and support, and office management. Build-Out Our Properties
  12. 12. This is what we expect to see:
  13. 13. More information: Christopher Van Buren [email_address]