A Dummies Guide To Teeth Whitening


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The process of teeth whitening is now generally accepted as an easy way to improve one’s smile without the need to resort to expensive cosmetic dental procedures such as placing porcelain veneers or caps on teeth. The process of teeth whitening was first popularised in America by celebrities who needed to look their best, and hence gave birth to the phrase “the Hollywood smile”.

Whitening teeth is carried out by the use a bleaching chemical such as hydrogen peroxide that liberates oxygen that permeates the enamel layer of teeth and reacts with coloured compounds to neutralise them. Formulations have been developed to incorporate the bleaching agent into a thixotropic gel that can remain in contact with the surfaces of the teeth long enough to get a noticeable effect. The degree of whitening achieved depends on the chemical compounds employed and the time they are in contact with tooth enamel.

This short ebook aims to answer all the commonly asked questions about whitening your teeth, including the following:

› How white can I get my teeth?
› What’s the difference between peroxide and non-peroxide?
› Why do dentists charge so much?
› Is home teeth whitening safe?
› How can I keep my teeth white?

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A Dummies Guide To Teeth Whitening

  1. 1. A Dummies Guide ToTeeth Whitening
  2. 2. This FREE guide is a gift from by courtesy ofNOTICE: You can freely s e n d this e b o o k to any of your friends, family and co-workers if you feel they may find this report beneficial. If you want to publish this report on your blog or website, you can do it, but you should include a link back to www.healthybee.net BUT: You MAY NOT Edit or Sell the Content Herein.Disclaimer: The report is for informational purposes only. 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Teeth whitening – Introduction............................................................42. How white can I get my teeth?..............................................................53. What’s the difference between peroxide and non-peroxide?.......................................................................................74. Benefits of sodium bicarbonate in whitening teeth................105. Why do dentists charge so much?....................................................126. The benefits of take-home teeth whitening kits.......................147. Is home teeth whitening safe?............................................................168. How to whiten stained teeth...............................................................199. The natural choice for teeth whitening..........................................2110. How can I keep my teeth white?......................................................2311. The fastest and safest way to a naturally whiter smile?....26 3
  4. 4. Teeth whitening – IntroductionThe process of teeth whitening is now generally accepted as aneasy way to improve one’s smile without the need to resort toexpensive cosmetic dental procedures such as placing porcelainveneers or caps on teeth. The process of teeth whitening was firstpopularised in America by celebrities who needed to look theirbest, and hence gave birth to the phrase “the Hollywood smile”.Whitening teeth is carried outby the use a bleachingchemical such as hydrogenperoxide that liberatesoxygen that permeates theenamel layer of teeth andreacts with colouredcompounds to neutralisethem. Formulations havebeen developed toincorporate the bleachingagent into a thixotropic gelthat can remain in contact with the surfaces of the teeth longenough to get a noticeable effect. The degree of whiteningachieved depends on the chemical compounds employed and thetime they are in contact with tooth enamel.There are two main types of teeth whitening kits available today,namely peroxide teeth whitening kits and non-peroxide teethwhitening kits. In order to better understand why you should usenon-peroxide teeth whitening kits, you need to take a look at someof the serious side effects of using the peroxide products. *** 4
  5. 5. How white can I get my teeth?It is something of a myth that natural teeth are absolutely deadwhite. The teeth of a young person soon after they have appearedin the mouth can be close to perfect white, and they also have adegree of translucency which adds to their visual appeal, but theystill have a degree of colouration in them.The pigmentation of teeth varies from person to person much likethat of the eyes or hair, but as a general rule our teeth are fairlywhite when we are young but tend to get progressively darker withage. This is due in part to more tooth substance being graduallylaid down inside the teeth which gradually diminishes the size ofthe cavity in the middle of the teeth where the nerves and bloodvessels are, (the pulp), and gradually increases the density of toothsubstance making the teeth look darker.The second reason teeth darken with age is due to absorption ofstains over time due to smoking, or from food and drinks like teaand coffee.Dentists use a shade guide to determine the right colours to makeartificial crowns to match in with natural teeth, and such a shadeguide is very useful when you set out to whiten your teeth as youcan see the amount of improvement. Teeth generally have slightshades of yellow, pink, grey, or brown in them, and the actual huedoesn’t change as we get older, but rather the shade of the huedarkens. The whitest teeth are probably a shade B1 on the usualshade guide, and this is very white with just a faint hint of yellow. 5
  6. 6. Another common shade found in natural teeth is a light greyishone and this would be C2 or C3 on a shade guide.When you whiten your teeth they often go much whiter to beginwith, maybe up to 5 shades, but then gradual settle down and endup about 2-3 shades whiter. So an older person with grey teethdue to smoking may start at C4 and expect to end up as C1-C2.This may not sound that dramatic, but indeed it is an extremelynoticeable difference, and anyone with teeth the shade of C1would be very happy.Similarly someone starting out at B4 with quite yellow teeth mayexpect to reach B1-B2 after a period of teeth whitening treatment.The “rebound” effect is inevitable and is probably partly due tosome dehydration that occurs during the teeth bleaching process.This is reckoned not to be harmful but it does mean that you mightwant to take that into account. Severe dehydration is most likely tooccur with “power” or “laser” whitening carried out in the dentalchair, since a much more concentrated bleaching agent is usedtogether with a powerful light.This dehydration accounts for the postoperative hypersensitivity ofteeth often experienced for a while after power whitening. Thiseffect is much less noticeable with home whitening treatments thatare gentler in their action, especially with non-peroxide systemslike Zero Peroxide.The aim then, of whitening your teeth, is to make them lighter incolour, brighter, and more attractive looking. They should still looknatural though, and not dead white like granny’s false teeth,otherwise they will look artificial too. If you choose a reliablewhitening treatment that aims for up to 5 shades whiter andincludes a shade guide with the kit or treatment, then you shouldbe very satisfied with the final result. *** 6 #
  7. 7. What’s the difference betweenperoxide and non-peroxide whitening?With so many different types of home whitening kits available onthe market today, knowing which one to choose can be quite achallenging task. Till some time back, there were only peroxideteeth whitening kits available to people who wanted to lighten thecolour of their teeth. However, now users also have the option ofusing non-peroxide teeth whitening kits to make their smile evenbrighter. Looking at a comparison between peroxide and non-peroxide teeth whitening kits means that you can make aninformed choice about which one to use.The active ingredient in all peroxide teeth whitening kits is asubstance known as peroxide. It can be present in the teethwhitening kits in the form of hydrogen peroxide or carbamideperoxide. The type of ingredient that is used, and the strength thatit is used in, varies from product to product.Most teeth whitening treatments until recently have been carriedout up to now using a carbamide peroxide gel of varying strength.Research and trials established that a minimum of 6%concentration of carbamide peroxide is required to whiten teethsignificantly, and that an optimum concentration is 15-20%.Unfortunately, at this sort of concentration there is a risk ofchemical burn or soreness of the gums from overspill, sore throat ifgel is inadvertently swallowed, and hypersensitivity of the teeth,especially in those with receded gums or slightly worn enamel.Concentrations of up to 44% have been used by dentists undercarefully controlled conditions, protecting the gums by means of arubbery coating, and often using a special light to enhance thetreatment. Such high concentrations have been shown to causedehydration of the teeth, sometimes irritating the pulp (“nerve”) of 7
  8. 8. the teeth, with frequent post-operative pain or at least increasedteeth sensitivity.Although the carbamide peroxide formulation works well therehave been increasing concerns about the side effects previouslymentioned, especially with the increased use of unregulated kitsfor home use. The EU has sought to address this situation and toban the use of over 6% carbamide peroxide gels for home use.Higher concentrated gels will have to be used under thesupervision of a dentist in the future.This situation has led manufacturers to develop new types of homewhitening kits with non-peroxide formulations in order to complywith the new regulations and provide a safer way that everyonecan use without worry. These newer versions of home whiteningkits typically use either sodium bicarbonate or sodium perborate asthe main bleaching agent, and are virtually as effective as theperoxide types but without the potential downside – danger ofsore throat, chemical burning of the gums, or increased sensitivityof the teeth.Anyone who already has sensitive teeth should definitely not use aperoxide whitening product as it can make the teeth unbearablysensitive. Imagine not being able to have a cold drink or ice cream,or a hot cup of tea for three weeks!Whatever whitening system is used, it is important, in order to getthe best results, to thoroughly clean all the teeth surfaces ofexternal stains first. Also, results will tend to vary depending onfactors such as the age of the person, their diet, and whether ornot they smoke.An older person’s teeth are naturally denser due to increasedamounts of dentine building up inside, as well as discolourationaccumulated over a long time, and are bound to be more resistantto whitening than a young person’s. 8
  9. 9. Any sensible person can use a home kit containing peroxide safely,but there is certainly no need to since a good non-peroxide kit willdo the job just as well using entirely natural and safe ingredientssuch as sodium bicarbonate.Sodium bicarbonate has long been known for its cleaningproperties and in new whitening products like Zero Peroxide iscombined with other natural ingredients such as chamomile andvitamin D to promote healthy gums as well. The era of peroxidegels is past and we now look forward to even safer ways to whitenour teeth at low cost in the comfort of our own homes with thelatest breed of non-peroxide kits. *** 9
  10. 10. Benefits of sodium bicarbonate in whitening teethSodium bicarbonate is also commonly known as baking soda andhas been used for teeth whitening for many years. This ingredient,which is commonly found in most homes, has many differentbenefits such as the ability to neutralise bad breath, get rid oftough stains from fabric and other household items, and is alsovery useful when baking cakes!In addition to all these uses, sodium bicarbonate also has somegreat benefits with regards to whitening teeth. Some of thesebenefits are:Ability to remove stains from teeth: Sodium bicarbonate is a greatagent for removal of some of the toughest stains on teeth. A lot ofpeople have stained teeth due to the consumption of coffee, wine,tea, lots of chocolate, smoking and other food products. Over time,these kinds of stains can discolour teeth to quite an extent andcause embarrassment. While it is possible to get such stainsremoved with the help of professional dentists offering teethwhitening treatments, they do cost a lot of money. However,sodium bicarbonate is a very reasonably priced option forremoving stains from teeth.Ability to remove plaque: Sodium bicarbonate also has the abilityto reduce the build up of plaque on your teeth. In some cases ifthe plaque is not too much, it can be removed entirely. Thus, as theformation of plaque is often responsible for discolouration ofteeth, using sodium bicarbonate can help to whiten your teeth.However, since sodium bicarbonate can be quite abrasive, it is notrecommended that you use this ingredient more than once a weekin its raw form. Frequent use can wear off your tooth enamel andcause damage to your teeth. But in spite of this, you can still makeuse of sodium bicarbonate bases kits for teeth whitening. You can 10
  11. 11. simply opt for non-peroxide teeth whitening kits that can easily beused at home to brighten up your teeth. Most non-peroxide kitsuse sodium bicarbonate as their active ingredient. And theingredient is mixed with other ingredients so that you can use it formany days without worrying about any unwanted damage to yourteeth.If you want to take advantage of the great benefits of sodiumbicarbonate for teeth whitening, choosing a non-peroxide teethwhitening kit can prove the perfect choice - you can enjoy bothaffordability and watch your smile get transformed! *** 11
  12. 12. Why do dentists charge so much?With the appearance of so many home teeth whitening kits on themarket many people are questioning why you need go to thedentist and why a dentist charges so much. It is true that you canget very good results these days with a reputable home kit, but ifyou see a dentist it will cost you much more for a number ofreasons: • You get individual attention, and the dentist can ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening treatment in the first place. If you suffer from gum recession, for example, you might not be aware that you are liable to experience some sensitivity of the teeth following whitening treatment, especially if using a carbamide peroxide type of whitening treatment. • You may have fillings or other restorations in your front teeth that you’re not aware of and these will not whiten like natural tooth substance. Your dentist can spot these and show you how to overcome this problem by whitening your teeth and then redoing the restorations to match. • Your dentist can monitor your progress and make sure your teeth whitening is carried out in a safe way, and be ready to advise in case of any problems. • Your dentist can either do whitening of your teeth in the chair using a concentrated gel plus light activation, or can have made special custom mouth trays that you can use with a slightly less concentrated gel at home. Either way you may achieve a faster result, although the use of peroxide gels is not without potential problems such as teeth sensitivity as previously mentioned. 12
  13. 13. • Your dentist is a professional like a doctor or lawyer and is entitled to charge fees that reflect the years of training that led to qualification. • Your dentist is also a businessman offering a service and has overheads to pay before being able to make any profit. Rents and rates are high and the dentist gets no help with premises or staff from government sources, and therefore has to charge a fee that allows him or her to make a profit.These factors explain why going to a dentist to whiten your teethwill cost you more than doing it yourself, and with the appearanceof safe home whitening kits now, like Zero Peroxide, there really isno reason why you shouldn’t do it yourself and make a big saving. *** 13
  14. 14. The benefits of take-home teeth whitening kitsWith the types of foods andthe kind of lives we leadtoday, many of us suffer fromsome discolouration of theteeth, with some having teeththat are more discolouredthan others. It is only naturalthat over the course of timeour teeth will lose thewhiteness that they have when we are young, as they can becomestained by everything from the foods that we eat and the thingsthat we drink to lifestyle choices such as smoking and,of course, our own personal dental hygiene.There was a time when those who wanted to try and restore someof the former whiteness to their teeth had to consider costly andtime consuming dental cosmetic surgery, which many people couldnot afford. However, these days there are a number of home teethwhitening kits available, which can be used from the comfort ofyour own home.The benefits of take-home teeth whitening kits are many, which iswhy these have become so popular amongst people that want toimprove the appearance of their teeth and get a white, brightsmile. Some of the benefits of take-home teeth whitening kitsinclude:  It is cheaper to opt for take home teeth whitening kits than to go for cosmetic treatments with a dentist.  It is more convenient to use these kits, as you can undertake the whitening process yourself from the convenience and comfort of your own home. 14
  15. 15.  You can enjoy a choice of home teeth whitening kits these days, with something to suit most pockets.  You can carry out the tooth whitening process at a time and place that suits you.These are just of the benefits of take-home teeth whitening kitsand with the products that are available becoming increasinglyeffective and affordable, more and more people are now able toget a dazzling smile and whiter teeth without having to spend afortune or keep going to the dentists time after time.Of course, in order to enjoy the benefits of take-home teethwhitening kits you need to ensure that you choose a kit that offersefficient results and is within your budget. It is a good idea toconsider looking at reviews of various teeth whitening kits beforeyou make your purchase, as this will enable you to see which onesare likely to be the most effective and make your purchaseaccordingly. *** 15
  16. 16. Is home teeth whitening safe?With the availability of so many home teeth whitening kits today,the leading question in the minds of consumers is that whether ornot these kits are absolutely safe to use. The makers of suchproducts obviously claim that their products are highly effectiveand extremely safe for you. However, if the active ingredients inthese teeth whitening kits are of a very high strength, then theycould cause a lot of damage to your teeth as well as your overallhealth.But since these products are in fact very effective in whiteningteeth and cost very little compared to professional treatments, it isquite tempting to use them. In order to judge whether home teethwhitening kits are safe or not, here are some questions to askyourself before buying any home teeth whitening kit.1) Has the product been approved by the EU or the FDA?It goes without saying that if a product has not been approved, it isnot safe for use.2) What is the active ingredient used in the kit?Recent clinical trials have shown that peroxide can be extremelyharmful for health. Even if it is present in mild strength in the hometeeth whitening kit, it can still cause burns, irritation, andsometimes even cancer. On the other hand, non-peroxide teethwhitening kits that use sodium bicarbonate have been proven tobe extremely safe.3) What is the strength of the gel that is used in the teethwhitening kits?While most products use gel strength between 11% and 16%,there are some products that use higher gel strengths. However,the EU has recently declared that all peroxide products that use gelstrength of more than 0.1% will be banned. This, in effect, meansmost of the peroxide kits likely to be banned. And if themanufacturers reduce their gel strength to acceptable levels, the 16
  17. 17. effectiveness of their products will reduce greatly. However, nosuch problems are associated with non-peroxide teeth whiteningkits, as sodium bicarbonate does not have any adverse side effectson health.4) Is the teeth whitening kit manufactured using the latesttechnologies in teeth whitening?Peroxide kits have been around for years, whereas non-peroxidekits are the latest available products in the market. It is believedthat soon all home teeth whitening kits will be of the non-peroxidevariety as these are very effective, while being completely safe touse.In the past, most teeth whitening treatment was performed by aqualified dentist, but gradually over the last few years, kits haveappeared on the market enabling people to carry out bleaching oftheir teeth themselves, using strips of impregnated materialapplied to the teeth, or, more commonly, trays of gel placed overthe teeth.The tray and gel kits used a similar carbamide peroxide gelformulation to that used by the professionals, but at somewhatlower strength. These gels typically contain 15-22% concentrationof carbamide peroxide whereas a dentist may use up to 45% toachieve quicker results, using a carefully controlled technique toprotect the patient from swallowing gel or from damage to thegums.The European Union has stepped in to ban certain types of homewhitening kits because of concerns about possible adverse sideeffects, maintaining that kits with high concentrations of peroxidebe used only under the close supervision of a dentist. This isbecause people using peroxide kits at home run the risk ofchemical burns to their mouth from overspill of gel from mouthtrays and hypersensitivity of their teeth following treatment.This has forced manufacturers to bring out teeth whitening kitswith different formulations that comply with current or imminent 17
  18. 18. regulations. The new types of kit use sodium bicarbonate, orsometimes sodium perborate as their main active ingredient toachieve excellent whitening of teeth without any risk of problemsor side effects.The main points to note for safe use of any home whitening kit areas follows: • Make sure you read and understand all the instructions. • Don’t carry on using a whitening system for more than four weeks without consulting a dentist. It is best to give your teeth a rest after four weeks of intensive treatment but this is usually all you need to achieve an excellent whitening effect. If you should encounter any increased sensitivity it is wise to stop the treatment for two or three days at a time to let the teeth settle, and then resume. • Keep to the recommended amount of whitening gel. Putting too much into the mouth-trays will not speed up the process, but it will make overspill more likely. This is not harmful with non-peroxide kits but you will be wasting gel. • Avoid home teeth whitening kits if you are under 16, pregnant, or have white spots on your teeth as can be caused by some medications in early life. If you do have white spots then teeth whitening treatment may make these more, rather than less, obvious.To get the best result you should use one of the newer, reliablehome whitening kits now on the market, e.g. Zero Peroxide. *** 18
  19. 19. How to whiten stained teethAlthough most of us would love to have the white, bright teeththat so many superstars seem to have in the magazines and on TV,most of us tend to find that as we get older our teeth getincreasingly discoloured as a result of our lifestyles and the food ordrink that we consume. In fact, even superstars often havediscoloured teeth and their sparkling smiles in magazine are oftenthe result of airbrushing.However, these days there are steps that can be taken to whitenyour teeth and brighten your smile ? without going to the hugeexpense that many celebrities probably go to in order to get theirteeth whiter. If you are keen to know how to whiten stained teeththere are a number of options available, some of which are moreeffective than others. When you are considering how to whitenstained teeth you also need to take cost into consideration, assome measures for teeth whitening will be far more expensive thanothers.Some of the option available to those keen to find out how towhiten stained teeth include:  Have cosmetic surgery through a dental professional. Whilst this can be an effective way to whiten stained teeth it can take quite a few visits to get the desired results and more importantly can prove very costly.  Use teeth whitening toothpastes. Whilst there are a number of teeth whitening toothpastes around that claim to be able to restore the whiteness to your teeth, many of these can prove pretty ineffective on serious stains so you could end up with poor results.  Try teeth home whitening kits. These are relatively inexpensive and there are many that can be very effective, although it is important to bear in mind that some are more 19
  20. 20. effective than others. You can use these easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home, which means that you get to benefit from convenience as well as ease and affordability.Of course, the type of treatment that will be best suited to you willdepend on the level of staining on your teeth, so each case mustbe looked at individually. However, it is always a good idea toconsider the more cost effective methods that you can try yourselfat home before opting for costly cosmetic surgery, as this couldsave you a lot of money in the long run. *** 20
  21. 21. The natural choice for teeth whiteningFor many people, the natural choice when it comes to teethwhitening is to find a home whitening kit that is not onlyaffordable and easy to use but is also safe and is made witheffective yet gentle ingredients that will not cause any harm orresult in serious illness. Many prefer to avoid the peroxide basedtooth whitening kits that are on the market because of the linkbetween peroxide and dangers such as gum burns or mouthcancers. Instead, these people decide to look at the best non-peroxide teeth whitening kits in order to get rid of staining anddiscolouration of the teeth.Using home whitening kits has become increasingly popularamongst those who are looking to get whiter, brighter teeth butwithout the inconvenience or cost of having to go to a dentist forcosmetic surgical procedures. However, nobody wants to risk theirhealth even if it means getting whiter teeth, which is why more andmore people are on the lookout for the best non-peroxide teethwhitening kits rather than looking at peroxide based teethwhitening kits.If you want the best non-peroxide teeth whitening kits you need tolook for products that use a combination of gentle yet effectiveingredients, which are blended to not only provide dramatic resultsin terms of whitening stained and discoloured teeth, but are alsodesigned to enhance the health of your teeth and gums whilst stillcoming in at an affordable price.You will find that Zero Peroxide offers all of the above benefit andmore besides, so you could find that this is one of the best non-peroxide teeth whitening kits to opt for. The natural ingredients inthis treatment are designed to boost the health of your teeth andgums whilst speeding up and enhancing the teeth whiteningresults. The whitening process itself comes from the ingredientssodium bicarbonate and polysorbate, which are known for theirteeth whitening properties. 21
  22. 22. You also need to look at the little extras that come with the kit thatyou buy if you want to get value for money without compromisingon quality and results. With the Zero Peroxide kit you get a highlyeffective LED light that emits safe UV rays along with a comfortableand flexible mouth tray, which improves comfort, safety and evenboosts results, so you can enjoy whiter and brighter teeth evenfaster. *** 22
  23. 23. How can I keep my teeth white?White teeth are vital for an attractive smile, and nothing is more ofan asset in our lives these days than having an attractive smile. Weare born with nice white teeth, but we only get the one permanentset that has to last a lifetime. Inevitably our teeth will tend todarken somewhat with age, as they become less translucent, andthat is a natural process we can do little about.There are though, things that can be done to keep our teeth aswhite as possible, and these revolve around two main principles:keeping our teeth clean; and avoiding food, drink, and habits thatwill cause discolouration.Keeping our teeth clean is essential because the layer of stickyplaque that accumulates on our teeth daily attracts and holdsstains right next to the tooth surfaces. The longer the plaque isthere the greater the chance that stains will gradually permeate theenamel of the tooth surface and become fixed and permanent. Thetooth enamel, although hard, is not impermeable. It is made up ofa crystalline structure that will allow penetration and absorption ofsmall molecules.The layer of plaque on our teeth harbours not only stains, butbacteria too, and some of these can cause decay, which in the frontteeth leads to disfiguring areas of white or brown enamel. If thedecay process advances sufficiently to breach the enamel, then anunsightly dark patch results that only your dentist can fix. It isessential not to let decay get a hold in the first place by avoidingtoo much in the way of sweet foods and drinks.The best way to clean your teeth is in a systematic and thoroughmethod, using both a toothbrush and dental floss. If you are usingan ordinary toothbrush you should first try to dislodge plaque atthe gum edge with short, vibratory strokes, followed by longerstrokes vertically towards the biting edge of the teeth. 23
  24. 24. It is best to keep horizontal brush-strokes to the absoluteminimum because, over time they cause a surprising amount oftooth abrasion leading to hypersensitivity. If you are using a powerbrush you simply need to hold it against the teeth for long enoughto enable it to brush away plaque, say 10 seconds at each location.Whichever type of brush you’re using you should start at onecorner of the mouth and gradually work your way round, givingattention to each surface of each tooth in turn.It is essential to look in a mirror whilst brushing to ensure you arecovering all the teeth. Having brushed, it is time to floss using asmall length held taut between the fingers and sliding it upwardsfrom the gum edge to the biting surfaces of the teeth You aretrying here, to scrape the plaque off the tooth surfaces and away,so you do not want to make see-sawing movements, but rather aclean, sweeping movement vertically upwards from the gum edge.This daily routine needs to be done at least once in a day,preferably twice, and may take more time than you realise whenyou start out to first clean this thoroughly. It becomes easier andquicker with practice though, and is certainly worth it!The second part of keeping your teeth white is avoiding habitssuch as smoking because smoke darkens the teeth gradually, (aswell as your skin). Foods that are themselves brightly coloured liketurmeric can stain teeth quite markedly, so you need to be carefulof curries and the like.Drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine are also notorious forstaining teeth, and are the main culprits for most of us. If you drinkyour coffee black, then you are especially susceptible to darkenedteeth. The good news is that these stains do not becomepermanent straightaway so, if you are cleaning your teeth reallywell each day you can remove the stained film before too much ofthe discolouring compounds have actually penetrated the toothenamel. 24
  25. 25. Cleaning your teeth regularly, carefully, and efficiently is the key tokeeping your teeth naturally white. If you want to help them out,you can of course use a home whitening kit on an occasional basis,but use a reputable one such as the Zero Peroxide system.Hopefully this ebook will have answered all your questions aboutwhitening your teeth, and demonstrated that it can be done byvirtually anyone, quite easily, and at very little cost! *** 25
  26. 26. The Fastest & Safest Way to a Naturally Whiter Smile! If you have been looking for an effective yet safe way to whiten your teeth at home but have been worried about the irritation and sensitivity it may cause then we may have found a solution for you.Zero Peroxide is one of the most popular home teeth whiteningkits around and for good reason. As the name suggests it is a non-peroxide formula which means it does not cause any of the sideeffects you may have previously expected from a teeth whiteningprocedure.In brief, Zero Peroxide can give you: • Visible results in as little as 20 minutes • Remove stains and regain that naturally white smile • A naturally enhanced formula recommended by dentists • Fully EU compliant non-peroxide and zero sensitivity gel • Superior clear mouth trays and LED light for faster results • Complete 30 day money-back guarantee Click here to Visit Official Site 26
  27. 27. Home Teeth Whitening Without Side EffectsYou see, this kit uses the power of sodium bicarbonate, which, inthe right dosage, has been shown in clinical trials to produce awhitening effect on the teeth. Better still, the Zero Peroxideformula is further enhanced with natural ingredients such aspomegranate and chamomile to help speed up results and providean all-round improvement in your oral health.This makes Zero Peroxide one of the first teeth whitening kits to gobeyond whitening teeth and provide benefits such as strongertooth enamel and healthier gums which we think can only be agood thing.Why is Zero Peroxide Your Best Choice For FastTeeth Whitening?There are many reasons why we like the Zero Peroxide kits buthere are the main ones:Superior, Zero Irritation FormulaWe have already mentioned how the gel isbased on sodium bicarbonate which has beenproven to work in clinical trials. We have alsomentioned that the formula has beenenhanced with natural ingredients to helpprovide better results and an all-roundimprovement in your oral health.However, the Zero Peroxide gel also includes sodium fluoridewhich helps to strengthen tooth enamel. If you have stronger toothenamel then stains will find it harder to stick to and penetrate in toyour teeth. The result is that your teeth will stay whiter forlonger. Click here to find out more about the powerful ingredients in Zero Peroxide 27
  28. 28. Better Mouth TraysMost home teeth whitening kits supply theboil and bite mouth trays which need placingin boiling water before being put in to yourmouth to create a mold. This was importantfor peroxide kits as it helped to avoid gelgetting on your gums but with a zero irritationformula it is not a concern.Zero Peroxide avoids the hassle and dangers of such a procedureby providing extremely soft comfort mouth trays made from highquality silicone. These are not only more comfortable and less of ahassle than the standard boil and bite trays but they also workbetter with the LED light as the are clear and let more light throughso you get even faster results.Teeth Whitening Pen Included as StandardAlthough we have seen other kits thatoffer teeth whitening pens, most offer itat an additional cost. However, withZero Peroxide the teeth whitening penis included as standard even in the most basic kit.We think this is a very good thing because the pens are so handy,allowing you to touch up your white teeth when you are outand about. This is especially useful if you eat or drink food thatcan stain such as red wine or curry.Easy 3-Step 20 Minute Whitening ProcessOne of the best things about Zero Peroxide is that it is probablythe easiest to use kit that we have ever seen. Much of this is downto the mouth trays that can be placed straight in to your mouthwithout any fuss but it is also because of the speed at which theZero Peroxide formula works that makes it such a fast andefficient process. 28
  29. 29. Simply place the gel in the mouth tray and put it in your mouth,then wear for 20 minutes with the LED light on and then take outand rinse and you are done. This is a massive plus point as even atthe dentist treatments can take up to and beyond an hour yet ZeroPeroxide is a much cheaper and more convenient option.Of course these are just some of the many benefits that ZeroPeroxide offers, there are many more such as the handy travel bagthat comes with the full kit and the hygienic mouth tray holders forsafe and secure storage between whitening sessions. Click here if you need more reasons for why Zero Peroxide is the best teeth whitening product aroundDoes Zero Peroxide Work?From the evidence we have seen,particularly the clinical evidence behindthe whitening power of sodiumbicarbonate, we have no reason to doubtthe effectiveness of Zero Peroxide.The kit is probably the best kit aroundand is clearly very well thought out with every component of thekit included to help enhance your whitening experience.Certainly looking at the testimonials on the product website fromsatisfied customers it would seem that Zero Peroxide offers a real, 29
  30. 30. affordable alternative to peroxide based treatments. Theevidence is that Zero Peroxide not only whitens your teeth quickly,it also improves other areas of your oral health and therefore is afantastic option if you want to start looking younger and feelingmore confident with a whiter, healthier smile.There is also a full 30 day money-back guarantee which is a veryre-assuring because it means you will either get whiter teeth oryou get your money back so either way you cannot lose. It alsoshows what confidence the manufacturers have in the product – ifit didn’t work then they wouldn’t be able to offer such a guarantee. Click here to see the success stories that people like you have already reported by using Zero PeroxideHow Much Does Zero Peroxide Cost?As with anything you tend to get what you pay for and, althoughthere are slightly cheaper kits on the market, none of them seemto offer the same level of whitening and speed of results as ZeroPeroxide. Furthermore, most do not contain the added extras suchas the teeth whitening pen, travel bag, and mouth tray holder andtherefore Zero Peroxide gives you excellent value for money.It should be noted that the full kit will last for around 1 monthunder normal usage (the basic kit lasts around 2 weeks). This isplenty of time to get the results you need as most people willnotice results within the first few applications with fullwhitening achieved after around 3 weeks or so.The cost for the full kit is usually £99.99 – however, at the time ofwriting there is a sale on with 40% savings so you can pick it up forjust £59.99. This provides a massive overall saving of £89 on theRRP but we are not sure how long this offer will run so weapologise if by the time you are reading this the price has alreadygone back up. Click here to claim your 40% discount on Zero Peroxide before time runs out 30
  31. 31. Zero Peroxide Review – SummaryOverall it is clear to see that Zero Peroxideis a very special product.It is proven to be both fast and effectivewhen it comes to whitening your teeth,yet it also goes a step further andprovides other oral health benefits such asstrengthening tooth enamel to keep yourteeth whiter for longer too.There are some clear advantages of Zero Peroxide over other teethwhitening kits, not least the comfortable mouth trays that avoidthe need for boiling water (therefore a better option if you havesensitive teeth) and the fact that the touch-up pen is includedwithout additional charge.There is a 30 day money-back guarantee which is the longest wehave seen although judging by the success stories on the productswebsite you will not be needing it – still, it’s always nice to knowit’s there.We know it is not the cheapest but you do get more for yourmoney and ultimately the difference in price is more than justifiedby the superior results and speed of whitening the kit provides. Ithas also been recommended by dentists so you know it’s safe –even if you have sensitive teeth.For these reasons Zero Peroxide is our number onerecommendation and if you are looking to whiten your teethquickly and safely you will not find a better option anywhere else.Take action now to claim your 40% savings and start getting yourconfidence back in as little as 20 minutes. Click Here to Visit Zero Peroxide and Order Your Passport to a Whiter, Younger-Looking Smile 31