Physician reputations and customer service


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Case studies how physician reputations and customer service impact profitability of a health care organization. Presented by Dr. Sikorski from

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Physician reputations and customer service

  1. 1. Case Studies (Continued)How Doctors’ Reputations and Customer Serviceimpact Brand Recognition and Profitability
  2. 2. What makes up the Brand? The Brand of a practice or a hospital is made up ofmany factors, but the most important one is the people that work there. It’s their daily work, their interactions with patients, and their reputations that affect brand recognition.
  3. 3. Case Study #1 - Patients recognize the “brand” but Google the doctor they want to see HMCOE ran a well-tracked Google advertising campaign for a 50-practice-group for 30 days with ads specifically highlighting the brand. The following month HMCOE ran advertisements specifically highlighting each doctor’s expertise Result: 200% increase of new appointments.
  4. 4. Case Study #2 Increasing Out-of-Network patient volume HMCOE ran a 2 month advertising campaign for a 3- surgeon Orthopaedic practice resulting in 40 new patients, 5 of which were out-of-network We followed up with a 1 month ad campaign specific to the newly improved reputation of each doctor for their sub-expertise. Result: 12 more new out-of-network patients ~$7,000 surgeon’s fees per patient
  5. 5. ROIThat equals to 1766% ROI on a $4500 investment (just on the out-of-network goal at month #2) Total 2 month ROI=(profit-cost)/cost= 2111%
  6. 6. Reason for 2111% ROIEach Doctor had 30+ publicly- displayed positive reviews …from verified patients.
  7. 7. It’s about Patient Demographics It’s a known fact that if a person has $100,000+ salary and is within the 24-45 age group … 80% of this demographic Googles their doctors before scheduling an appointment and considers their social media presence as a “must” – Why? Because customer service & background checks matter to “educated shoppers” who pay out of pocket! They are also the ones with private insurance with out- of-network benefits.
  8. 8. Case Study #3: Are Employed Doctors Proactive? 80% of hospital-employed doctors have never Googled their own names (based on our analysis of 3 hospitals with a total of 250 employed doctors) 20% of doctors at these same hospitals have bad to awful patient reviews. Most of them within past 6 months.
  9. 9. Case Study #4: Doctor’s Reputations versus where patients go for surgery HMCOE analyzed one 700-bed hospital and #1 local competitor – a local ASC owned by 20 doctors with STELLAR reputations (without ANY brand recognition) It took 5 weeks for HMCOE to help 42 hospital-employed doctors raise their reputation levels. Within 1st month: advertising spend decreased by $60,000 and case volumes skyrocketed by 120%. During 2nd month: HMCOE continued highlighting sub- expertise of each doctor resulting in additional 30% increase in case volume.
  10. 10. Case Study #5 – Save your money! Another 50-practice-group spending $150,000 on internet advertising alone + city-wide billboards ($500,000/mo). They now own 80% of doctors within their specialty. Last year they spent $7.8Million on advertising. From the remaining profitable practices in the region 1% refused to join and have started to promote their reputations 5 weeks ago.  Total cost for the 40 independent specialists - $60,000. $1500 per practice. Result: Wait time for appointments increased from 24 hours to 3 weeks. 100% of new patients coming in are asked “how did you hear about us” – 80% answered: patient review site.
  11. 11. Case Study #6 – Continue Saving $ We helped 3 of the 40 independent doctors put together advertising campaigns based on their growing reputations. One of the 3 doctors shared with us his old Google Adwords campaign result: 1 new out-of-network patient for every $700 spent. His new conversion rate combining reputation platform and Google Ads – 1 new patient for every $300 spent. (Each patient on average brings $3500 profit to the practice. Savings per month - $4500)
  12. 12. Customer Service Customer service at a hospital or practice is EVERYONE’s job, including the doctorEven coming in late once can affect a doctor’s and the practice’s reputation
  13. 13. Streamline Customer Service at Hospital / Practice Training per doctor about our technology – 2 minutes Asking a patient “Please write about your experience as it’s very important for me” … 3 seconds. A doctor showing his patient that he cares about their experience … Priceless. Earning thousands of positive patient experiences, controlling poor experiences, and having an extra accountability process streamlined? Brand Recognition
  14. 14. Technology Overview: (screenshot not shown for patent protection) Getting Reviews in Your Office Tablet PC / iPad Review App – allows you to ask for an honest review.  Patients electronically sign off a detailed waiver  2-step verification process verifies their identity & intentions  You get to review the anonymous comment and reply to it if necessary  Publish Reviews to pre-selected Physician Review sites & your website with a click of a button  HIPAA & FTC Compliant Built-in Complaint Form – allows you to answer a complaint as it’s written, before it gets published
  15. 15. Technology Overview: (screenshot not shown for patent protection) ALL PUBLISHED REVIEWS ARE LABELED AS TRUE & VERIFIEDOr don’t publish and keep the reviews for internal customer service accountability
  16. 16. Getting Reviews From Patient’s Home Your patient can log-in directly from your website or An embedded code is sent via email or newsletter  One click send them to the review-form  Patients electronically sign off a detailed waiver  2-step verification process verifies their identity & intentions  You get a request to review the anonymous review  Publish Reviews to pre-selected Physician Review sites & your website with a click of a button  HIPAA & FTC Compliant Built-in Complaint Form – allows you to answer a complaint as it’s written, before it gets published
  17. 17. Already on Facebook? We have an APP for That! Your fans can write their review right there on Facebook! (and you can also review it)
  18. 18. The Technology continued (spread awareness about your Center of Excellence) Dominate Online Presence Mobile-Ready Fully-Customized Reviews integrated! QR integration
  19. 19. The Technology continued(Scan the QR Code onto your mobile phone and…) Make a Call Check out the Reviews Write a Review Get Directions
  20. 20. Your Monthly Report Includes All Your Reviews
  21. 21. Google Analytics and Reporting INSTALLED!Key Benefit: “Now you can measure return on investment factors”• Analyze performance and optimizecampaigns• Track local web traffic from your localnetwork!• Conversion rate tracking• Target Demographic Analysis• Campaign Profit Analysis• Measure ROI factors for local search
  22. 22. Want to Know More? Tel. (646) 648 – 1355